Crying Freeman

OVA (6 eps x 55 min)
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Once a humble potter, Freeman saw something he should not have seen. As a result he was stripped of his name and his freedom, forced to work as an assassin for the Chinese Mafia known as the 108 Dragons. Due to his flexible body and quick reflexes he quickly rose to be the top assassin of the syndicate. Each time he kills, he cries - earning him the name Crying Freeman. Despite being stripped of his freedom by the syndicate they were unable to prevent him from falling in love; can Freeman escape from the syndicate that trained him while keeping his lover alive?

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roriconfan May 2, 2012
Score 5.5/10

Crying Freeman is the adaptation of a renowned graphic novel manga. Unlike 99.99% of anime, it hardly censored the gruesome violence and the extreme sex scenes in it. It even has a never before seen again trait in battles: The characters strip butt naked in order to have complete freedom in movement! For them, armors are just a hindrance if you can outrun bullets.

STORY & CHARACTER SECTION: 5/10 ... read more

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straydog Aug 27, 2011
Score 4.5/10

So I've been on an 80's 90's kick lately so anyone not in the mood for an amusingly cheesey show will probably find it rather if you're in the mood for a show that has deep and moving plot or something like that..move on. GENERAL:
This whole show is like a collection 70's or 80's cheesy action B-movie greatest hits..

So...Stray you say its cheesy..?

Was it violent? Arny would be... read more

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Crying Freeman
  • Vol: 9; Ch: 98
  • 1986 - 1988
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