Crush Gear Turbo

Alt title: Gekito! Crush Gear Turbo

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Cross Fight B-Daman

Cross Fight B-Daman

When Kakeru's friend Natsumi introduced him to the fast-paced world of fighting toys known as B-Daman one day, he had no idea his life would change forever! After working a part-time shift at the local Miracle Shoot B-Daman shop, Kakeru gets his very first B-Daman named Dorasian. And soon thereafter, discovers a hidden tournament known as Cross Fight. Determined to become the very best B-Daman player, Kakeru will try to battle his way to the top, but fierce competitors and friends will challenge his every move...

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sothis sothis says...

Crush Gear Turbo and Cross Fight B-Daman are shounen battling titles at their most typical - young kids battle it out with various toys, plenty of tournament-style fighting and such to deal with. Try it on for size.