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Crest of the Stars

Alt titles: Seikai no Monshou

Crest of the Stars main image
4.062 out of 5 from 3,339 votes
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In the distant future, mankind has mastered space and spread empires across the galaxy. While many choose to colonize distant planets, others choose to remain amidst the stars, ultimately giving rise to a new brand of humanity known as the Abh. Both genetically and culturally different from their Earth-dwelling peers, the Abh soon find themselves engaged in a bloody war that rages across hundreds of planets and set out to restore peace by means of conquest. Enter Jinto, a nobleman and ambassador of the recently acquired Hyde system whose duty is to represent his peoples' interests and rule on the Abh's behalf. In order to be officially coronated to this position, a cold-but-beautiful Abh princess named Lafiel arrives at Hyde to escort him back to the empire's capital. When they are suddenly attacked by an anti-Abh liberation front, however, the festivities are cut short, and the two must flee for their lives against all odds.

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Banner of the Stars TV 2000 TBD
Crest of the Stars: Birth TV Special 2000 TBD
Crest of the Stars Movie Movie 2000 TBD
Banner of the Stars II TV 2001 TBD
Banner of the Stars Movie Movie 2001 TBD
Banner of the Stars III OVA 2005 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Seikai no Senki (Light Novel) 1996 TBD
Crest of the Stars (Light Novel) 1996 TBD
Seikai Trilogy 1999 TBD
Name Role
Keisuke WATABE Character Design
Yasuchika NAGAOKA Director
Katsuhisa HATTORI Music

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Crest of the Stars SmugDude 8.5/10 Jun 13, 2007
Seikai no Monshou SmugDude 8.5/10 Jun 13, 2007

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Title Author Score Date
Crest of the Stars SoryouRei 6/10 Dec 23, 2012
Seikai no Monshou SoryouRei 6/10 Dec 23, 2012
Crest of the Stars spicedwolf 9/10 Jun 21, 2012
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Awsome anime i have watched, alphabetical Rince 13 Mar 16, 2014
Top 10 90's Anime LindLTailor 10 Feb 27, 2014
Owned Anime animefan1776 211 Dec 31, 2013
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Space - Anime's True Frontier JoeAnimated 0 Feb 21, 12
Crest of the Stars chamomille 0 Dec 29, 09

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Venus Wars

Venus Wars
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Set in the 21st century on a recently terraformed Venus, Venus Wars is the story of a war between two opposing nations, and the effect it has on a group of teenagers. Dark and gritty, with an air similar to that of Akira, it focuses on coming of age during the midst of a planet's devastating war.

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It's war. Young ppl have to grow up in this environement and manage to survive. In Venus Wars they start rebelling against authority and in Crest of the Stars they joined the army and are now in charge of a space battleship. It's not easy to live through the war. Many emergency situations and bad events happen and make it harder for the lead roles to get by.