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Crest of the Stars

Crest of the Stars main image more screenshots
4.055 out of 5 from 3,317 votes
Rank #601

User Stats - Stalled

Username Status Eps Rating
0utl4w Stalled 6   not rated
2007digitalboy Stalled 1   not rated
3Rotor Stalled 4   4 star rating
88hainesde Stalled     not rated
abrva Stalled 7   not rated
ACiDNiNE Stalled     not rated
aldy Stalled     not rated
almozayaf Stalled 6   5 star rating
an1m051ty Stalled     3 star rating
Ancola Stalled 7   2.5 star rating
Andrensath Stalled 2   4 star rating
animefanewok Stalled 9   not rated
AnimeKariChan Stalled 2   not rated
animelover1477 Stalled     not rated
AnnanFay Stalled     not rated
AnnieMae Stalled 4   not rated
Apollo Stalled 10   3 star rating
Arachlia Stalled 5   4 star rating
arachni42 Stalled 8   not rated
arimakenshin Stalled     2.5 star rating
ArtyGilgamesh Stalled 13   not rated
AtlanteanAngel Stalled 3   not rated
AxelBlue Stalled 3   4 star rating
azurenimbus Stalled     not rated
badlands Stalled     3 star rating
beanieboy007 Stalled 4   not rated
benawii Stalled 8   not rated
berburry Stalled     not rated
BladelessSword Stalled 2   not rated
BloodRaven Stalled 2   not rated
BlueBerry Stalled 1   not rated
blueobsession2745 Stalled 2   not rated
Bousan1969 Stalled 6   4 star rating
Buba Stalled     not rated
Caerigna Stalled 5   3 star rating
CaosAdInfinitum Stalled 6   not rated
Carlson Stalled 4   4.5 star rating
Carreau Stalled     not rated
centrix Stalled     3 star rating
Cephalopod2 Stalled 11   not rated
charmingknight1 Stalled     not rated
Chasamune Stalled     not rated
cheesecake Stalled 13   1 star rating
cherrywolfchan Stalled 3   not rated
cidel Stalled     not rated
Cloudarius Stalled 3   not rated
CommanderKarasu Stalled 2   not rated
Compaqmac321 Stalled 1   not rated
Condemd Stalled     not rated
convivialist Stalled     4 star rating