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Cowboy Bebop

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“Vash, the Stampede” - worth 60 billion dollars to the one who can turn him in. Bounty hunters everywhere are on the lookout for this legendary gunman, not to mention insurance agents Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson, who are tasked with preventing any potential damage that this Vash can cause. But with 60 billion on his head, Vash is not an easy man to find.

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less rounded characters then 'bebop, and perhaps less satisfactory as a whole, but entertaining nevertheless. stylish, amusing and a with a kick ass opening theme to boot.
Same kind of action, somewhat similar main characters. Good mix of action/humor, like Cowboy Bebop.
Both Feature underrunning themes of revenge and forgivness under their lighter exteriors while not as gritty as Cowboy Bebop the level of plot development near the end of the series rives and possibly even outshines it, with repeated viweings of both giving way to new levels tha may of been missd the first time
There's the cool gun fights, humor aplenty, and the western theme to it all. Though hillarious at first, Trigun definitely gets serious, just as Bebop has it's lighter and darker moments. If you enjoyed Bebop, you'll find many of the same elements waiting for you in Trigun
There would be only one description for this and that would be: "Trigun is Cowboy Bebop but just in another climate" It's filled with action from the beginning to the end. And there is alot of fun. Trigun is not so much into bonty hunters liek Cowboy Bebop but it still got the fighting spirit for it. Trigun takes place in western time and got abit older theme than Cowboy bebop ;) If you want a good action series that you won't be able to stop check this one out. And I assure you that you won't be bored.
Trigun is a fantastic anime, with a fair mix of humor, and gun-slinging action. Vash is as deadly with a gun, and as laid back, as Spike from Cowboy Bebop.
Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are these "lone gunman with a past" series. Also, in both it takes a while until the story starts to open up, but when it does it gets your heart ache pleasantly and glues you to the monitor.
Trigun and Cowboy Bebop both feature very unlikely but likeable heroes as they go about doing good and doing it with style. Excellent stories and beautiful animation in each.
Two wonderful stories about two good hearted gunslinging heroes. Spike (Cowboy Bebop) and Vash (Trigun) are two unique individuals with dark pasts. If you love good old fashioned gunfights with a western theme, then look no further. These by far have the best gunfights ive ever seen.

Both series share a similar style, being animated by Sunrise, but they also share the same spaghetti western ideals of the lone gun winning the day and such. There's also a strange likeness between Vash and Spike, one that is impossible to describe but there all the same.

For some underterminal reason, when I think of Cowboy Bebop I think of Trigun in the same breathe. I honestly can't say what the relation is between these two series but I am almost 100% positive a fan of one series will be a fan of the other.
Bebop and Trigun have always went together, i don't even know why, it's just always been like that. These two anime have a major fan base with a very good hero (though i do prefer Vash). They both have some short stories with a bigger story underneath it. But why am i talking, just go watch it, you won't regret it!
Cowboy Bebop and Trigun both have a lead character who can make bad people pay. There are comedic elements in these (especially Trigun) and they both have some good style (Cowboy Bebop with a futuristic Jazz and Trigun with an old Western gun-slinger). Spike and "Vash, the Stampede" are just great heroes. Each episode of these series have some sort of theme and is well done. Also, these anime series both have 26 episodes with some good action. Cowboy Bebop is like a more serious version of Trigun. I enjoyed both series a lot.
Both of these series have a strong, cool, yet somewhat funny main character, with a mysterious past. Both also share a somewhat episodic character of the story.
Cowboy Bebop and Trigun share an atypical hero, an interesting group of supporting characters, a future setting with retro elements, and a nice balance of humor, action, and drama. Both begin with simpler episodes and build to more complex plot arcs and increased depth. In my opinion, Bebop has somewhat superior production values - better artwork and music - though Trigun has its own quirky charm. And both are what I would consider classics, with great appeal for anime newcomers. If you haven't seen them, you've missed out on a lot more than just two excellent series - you've also missed your two best shots to get your friends watching anime, too.
Cowboy bebop is sort of the mellow brother of Trigun, with less extreme action. The characters are more human in their skills, but with much the same style of action, and both have touches of humor in them.
So this is an obvious one, but the 'scifi western' isn't a big enough genre not to point it out again. Bebop and Trigun are also both very slick well made shows, so like one and I'm sure the other will appeal.
Well, I don't know what it is, but these two shows just seem like they go together. Like Milk and Eggs... or something... Can't really explain, but watch it anyway.
Cowboy Bebop is close up to Trigun, in Trigun for exmaple Milly and Meryl "hunt" Vash and Vash hunts Knives on the other hand. In Cowboy Bebop all persons hunt their spirits from the past and of course the fatest bounty they can get. In both series you get to know more about the Characters as the Series continues, their past, their way of life.
Another great series with an awesome story and great gunfights and action. Although Bebop takes place "in space" the main plot usually takes place on some odd planet or setting, similar to Trigun. And Spike always seems to save the day, as does Vash.

The main protagonist of both series are gunmen with a mysterious past. These loners eventually find themselves traveling with a large crew and getting into all sorts of crazy adventures. Trigun has more silly humor and a more light-hearted art style, but i'd actually say that it gets more serious and saddening towards the end than Bebop does.


This can really be summed up quite easily: both Bebop and Trigun have a tall sexy goof-ball hero, and take place in a space western setting. The similarities are vast, as are the differences, though you will surely like one if you like the other.


In Cowboy Bebop, Spike Spiegel just seems to have no luck, which is similar to Vash in Trigun. Both of them seem to be running away from their past while trying to survive the present. There's plenty of old-fashioned shootouts in both series while you are presented with the past of each character. I recommend that you see both series if you like the action genre.


With both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, the protagonist is wacky with a serious side to him, and both are quite lovable. Both animes also have a very westerny feel to them, despite being far in the future.


Just finished watching Cowboy Bebop? How about a series with more cowboy stuff in it? That's what Trigun is like. An excellent combination of drama, comedy and action is what makes those two series similar. If you liked CB you'll love Trigun.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are very similar in their style and animation. Both main characters have a very sad past, and go on adventures with comrades.


Most anime fans instantly know of Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. If you don't, then you have no clue what you're missing out on! These series are two of the best I have ever watched. They have great visuals, the best story lines, and characters that you'll gain a great fondness of.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have characters with hidden pasts and agendas.  The main characters, especially, have tragic pasts that they cover up with their nonchalant personalities.


These anime have many similarities: they're both set in the future, they both have a funny twist, and they both have similar main characters. The list could go on, but the main similarity is that both of these anime are "must see" series.


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have elements that are similar. Spike and Vash are both characters who, on the surface, aren't taken seriously for a good reason; but are both can be serious, have immense talent, and have pasts that come back to haunt them. Both of the series also, to a certain degree, have pseudo-western terminology and include a similar structure in terms of their episodes. Best of all, despite the parallels, they are both able to have very well done stories of their own.


I think if you liked Bebop or Trigun you'd like the other, simply because Vash (Trigun) is like a cowboy, but it seems he has more cowboy in him than Spike. Also, the stories deal with them trying to escape their past that inevitably catches up to them.


The reason for recommending these two seems kind of obvious. They're both in the same genre (sci-fi western), and have a similar atmosphere. Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are both mainly western-type shows that feature showdowns, shoot-outs, and bounties; these things are mixed with comedic moments and bits of drama that create great character development and suspense, which leaves you hanging in the end.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are pretty dark and the atmosphere is very stressful, but that's balanced with humor and irony. Both stories tell about a 'hero'/'outlaw' who has lost someone and is trying to avoid it from happening again. Minor characters have their own importance in both series.


I watched Trigun first, and having finally caught up with my anime and seeing Cowboy Bebop, I am struck by how similar the two anime are. The most immediate similarity is the characters Spike and Vash; both are relatively easygoing and carefree in casual conversations, and are quite able when it comes to fights. As each anime continues, more history is explored and each grows deeper, often in quite interesting ways. While they do end up differing quite a bit in major characters and plot points, if you liked one, you'll surely find something to like in the other.


Vash and Spike are simply an amazing combo; both characters mesh so well together. Both series have amazing action scenes, great music, great characters and great story. Bebop is a lot more moody then Trigun, but Trigun doesn't need it.


Bebop is a great story about a trio of bounty hunters and how they catch bounties and such. Trigun is about a man with a large bounty on his head, and his life is always being interrupted by people trying to catch him or hurt others (and he always gets involved). Both are set in a crude but advanced futuristic setting and are a great watch.


There just something about these two the complement each other. Trigun is great for the both new and old anime fans. Its story starts slow and builds to a more complex storyline. Right from the first episode you'll feel that you've known the charaters for years.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop have a similar sort of mood to them aswell having similar characters. Both funny with serious parts and are worth watching.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Trigun tell the story of a gunslinger with amazing skills, trying to escape a horrible past and start anew, only to find that it´s hard to run away from mistakes of the past, and that it´s better to take responsibility for them.


Both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are futuristic western-type series. That alone should be enough for a fan of one series to like the other, although the series are still quite different in many aspects. Trigun has supernatural elements, while Bebop is mainly realistic. Still, both series have enough similar qualities to make one think fans of one will also love the other.


If so far there are like 40 recommendations for each other,Trigun and Cowboy Bebop must really have something in common...!And so it is: both have a great sci-fi background,a similar design,and,above all,superb characters: they look so damn strong and,at times,funny,that it's hard to think of them just like normal people,handling with troubles and bad guys from their mysterious past.

So,if you liked one,you'll love the other as well,be sure :)


Well, both Trigun and Cowboy Bebop are excellent and noteworthy anime. Every self respectfull anime fan should see them. They're both about bounty hunters involved in big conflicts. They both blend "wild west" style with cosmic journeys. In my opinion they are one of the best anime series ever produced. One equals the other and I mean it. A definite must-see anime.


Both have likeable main characters who eventually must confront their pasts. The feelings you get from both series are similiar, and they are really just two titles that go hand-in-hand.


There has always been some sort of war between "Cowboy Bebop" fans and "Trigun" fans as to which one is better. This is because they're both so similar, and yet so different. Because of the similarities, people want to compare, but because of the differences, people think one is better than the other. However, "Trigun" and "Cowboy Bebop" are so similar and yet not that a person could easily fall in love with both if they weren't so stubborn. So, if you keep an open mind and try not to compare them, you'll love this anime!


The parallels are endless. Both series have a hero with a hidden past who does things his own way. A group of friends joins this hero as he makes things right in his life. If you have seen one series but not the other, you are doing yourself a disservice.


Even with a lot of superficial differences, Cowboy Bebop and Trigun have definitely something that links them to each other. The main characters, Spike and Vash, are like long lost twins, having the exactly same strong and weak points. Perhaps created by the similar animation, colour palette, easy-going atmosphere and the kind of mental struggle the characters go through, these two simply feel the same as well.

I've grown confident that one can not mention Cowboy Bebop without Trigun in the same sentence and the other way round, and hence, if you're a fan of one, you're obligated to watch the other, too.


Both series are a marvel to behold when developing characters and plotlines. They're also done under similar settings - the "space western" feel. Both animes also have awesome soundtracks. Spike and Vash both fit the 'cool-and-mysterious' lead character role well. For the most part in respect to Vash.


Both are about badasses traveling around the world in search of something. But soon relise that their past is catching up with them... Soon they go in search of a person from the very pass they tried to forget.


Both series have a similiar theme even though the time frames are completely different. Vash has a "I'm the man" side yet at the same time he has the "love and peace" side. This also goes for Spike. Both series are about badasses whose past eventually catches up with them.


They came out the same year, are set in futuristic yet western sytle worlds, and have intriguing main protagnists that resemble each other some way deep down inside. Both have similar pacing as well, with many of the early episodes as humorous and seemingly little to do with the main plot other than developing the characters' personalities and then both switch to darker and more serious episodes later on.


The feel of Cowboy Beebop and Trigun is similar in regards to the well animated fighting, weapon handling, and other action scenes, as well as the perfect intertwining of serious moments (drama) and comic relief (comedy). And although it may not show on the first few episodes (and they are still catching!), each anime has a deep engaging storyline as well as excellent character development.


Cowboy Bebop is Trigun, just with some seriousness. The main characters are quite similar, but the storyline is completely different. So be sure to check them both out!


If you liked the Space Cowboy's adventures, I bet you will also like Trigun which has pretty much similar concept except this time protagonist character has a bounty on his head.


With similar styles of animation and tending to focus more on gunslingers for the action of the episodes in both series.  While the main story in each really has a much more serious tone to it everything else will at times become serious but it will also mix in some humour to help lighten the mood.  Though Cowboy Bebop has a kind of space cowboy feel to it and Trigun feels much more like a typical western but both series but both series also feature a similar hero who gets himself into troublesome situations that are sometimes his own doing and sometimes not so much.  So if you liked one then you might want to check out the other.


These series are both episodic stories following extremely good gunfighters with a very mysterious past. While mixing together action, comedy, and a bit of melancholy, they each manage to put together several interesting backgrounds around the main character(s) while still being quite episodic.


Both animes are hilarious, action-packed, and are backed by an amazing story.  Character development is the prominent theme, with characters coming to terms with their past and the consequences of their histories.

One significant difference between the two is the attitude of the protagonists; Vash shys away from hurting people much more than Spike, it seems.

Overall, both made me laugh heartily and moved me deeply.


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun, are a pair, it's something about them that just goes together.

The plots are similar to an extent but I can't put the finger on why they are so similar and good togeter


'If you liked Bebop or Trigun, you'd like the other because they are both good old-fashioned animes with great characters and outstanding story, worth watching!


Both series are high-octane thrill rides, involving guns, explosions, and other forms of mayhem. There is also a recurring trend of them being thought of as bad men, even though they secretly have hearts of gold.


If you're the kind of person who enjoys a good old western theme mixed with futuristic technology spiced with some comical relief, you really need to check both of these out!


Both of these anime have a large amount of comical story lines, which is countered by story lines that are as equally serious. There is also plenty of action and pretty descent soundtracks. Definitely something everyone should at least attempt to watch.


Both animes are very similar and nicely done. The plot is similar, main characters are badass. I think that Trigun is more funny (for the half of the show) and in CB there is more action. If you like one of them you gonna like the other one :)


Chaotic, tumultuous action in a space western setting. Both also have a healthy dose of comedy and a darker undertone that gradually overtakes the story.


Super cool characters with shady history, and layers of layers of character. I guess Trigun is more linear than Cowboy Bebop, but DAMN is it awesome!


Cowboy Bebop and Trigun share an atypical hero, an interesting group of supporting characters, a future setting with retro elements, and a nice balance of humor, action, and drama. Both begin with simpler episodes and build to more complex plot arcs and increased depth. In my opinion, Bebop has somewhat superior production values - better artwork and music - though Trigun has its own quirky charm. And both are what I would consider classics, with great appeal for anime newcomers. If you haven't seen them, you've missed out on a lot more than just two excellent series - you've also missed your two best shots to get your friends watching anime, too.


Both shows take place in a future, features a protagonist with a murky past engaged in lots of gunfights. Bebop has space travel and more varied episodes, while Trigun is more of a western on another planet, though the similarities outwheigh these differences. They both have great casts, great actions, fitting music (especially in Bebop) and similar used future aesthetics. Fans of either would do well to check out the other work.


Both high quality anime that mix comedy and drama from the mid 90s. Hey, in Bebop, there's even one episode (Wild Horses) that is clearly referencing Trigun.


Trigun is less serious than is Cowboy Bebop.  Bebop has gret music.  Both are space westerns with plenty of action.

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Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo is all about style, from the dj-style scratching scene changes to the hip-hop-inspired soundtrack to the eclectic character design. Mugen's fighting style is a funky meld of capoeira and limb-cutting, and Jin is the dramatic foil; he is all steel and old-school samurai style. What binds them together is the desire to test each other's abilities, and a promise to a girl named Fuu: to find the samurai that smells of sunflowers, who plays a pivotal role in her past. Together they travel through edo-era Japan, finding battle and comedy wherever they stop.

my list:

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I'd like to say that the reason I recommend these two animes together has nothing to do with them being from the same director. But it has. I mean...the plots don't really resemble each other, neither the settings...it's the way they move in these. I could watch that drooling wihout no kind of story at all. In no else anime (except in some ghiblis and Future boy Conan) has this particular thing so much caught my attention. Ah, and there are the characters too. The characters from champloo (Mugen and Jin) kind of bring to mind Spike (from Bebop) only split in two separate (and different) parts...
Cowboy Bebop is set in the future during the time of spaceships, Samurai Champloo obviously in the past during samurais. What connects them so closely is the way they are made, both consist of a different story each episode, yet are very amusable to watch.
I'm loathe to state the obvious, but if you didn't already know, Samurai Champloo is made by the same people who did Bebop. They are quite different anime, obviously, but a lot of the same elements exist in both. Larger than life characters stumble through life fighting and starving, while funny and serious things things happen. It's a golden equation. Though Champloo lacks the awesome Jazzy beats that Bebop has, Bebop likewise misses out on the swordplay and stronger humor elements of Champloo. Watch both. You won't be sorry you did.
It is all about the music. Cowboy bebob has the up beat jazzy, bebop music theme, and samurai champloo has the new age hip hop, rap theme. Both these series have action scenes that suck you in with the music that blends flawlessly with the overall feel of the shows. It's just about how the music blends that make there series so similar.
The Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo series do have similar styles. Both have certain music genres and action to get the viewers involved. Also, they have some characters with attitudes. I definitely prefer Cowboy Bebop (a must see) because there seems to be a better variety of unique characters and I feel Samurai Champloo is more "cheesey".
Samurai Champloo marks Shinichiro Watanabe's first full-series directorial follow-up to his 1998 hit series Cowboy Bebop. Samurai Champloo features the same trademark use of slick dry humor and stylistic musical themes, except this time the music is hip-hop rather than jazz. The hip-hop theme pulls this anime out of the traditional samurai genre, exploring a new stylized, modern take on old ideas.

Samurai Champloo, like Cowboy Bebop, is directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The pacing of the two series are very similar. Champloo is also a character-based journey in which the audience is presented with scenes and dialogue that incrementally build up to full, rounded personalities by the end. You can certainly expect the same excellence in quality of animation, if not better, because it is more recent. Mugen's character design (hair and physique) smacks a little of Spike, but Mugen quickly proves to be a far less stable personality. Also, just as Spike and crew are driven by their hunting of various people, Fuu and crew are driven by their hunt for a samurai. The action sequences are just as well-paced, smooth, and gorgeous as you find in Bebop, with the same attention to detail in movement. For instance, the way Spike hops lightly when he’s fighting adds to the realism, and in the same way Mugen's movements in combat LOOK and FEEL very accidental because he stumbles and trips etc. Not to mention you’ve got another experimental mix of genres. Bebop is sci-fi western drama with a jazzy score, and Champloo is a samurai action drama with a hip-hop score. However, unlike Bebop, Champloo has less of a gritty, down-beat feel. I see Bebop and Champloo as twins; they share the same genes, but the former is intense and sophisticated, while the latter is relaxed and easy-going. The colours in Champloo tend to be brighter (perhaps because it isn't partly set in the cold, dark vastness of space like Bebop), the score is up-beat, and the overall tone is rendered more light-hearted by the overt dislike between Jin and Mugen, Fuu’s cute face/personality, and the use of far more comic antagonists. The characters' motivations are also more straight-forward and linear. I suspect, though, that Champloo has more of an exploratory purpose (in terms of setting and background) than Bebop, because there are characters and historical situations beyond the protagonists that come across as very interesting. Overall, Champloo is not as ‘cool’, but if you're looking for a great sequel-that's-not-a-sequel to Bebop, this is definitely one to get.

Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are from the same director, but that's not why I'm recommending them for each other, except to the extent that his influence has given both series a very similar feel. Both are style-driven anime, and in each case that style is created through music (in SC's case hip-hop, in CB's case jazz) and the integration of western and eastern themes and archetypes. In addition, a lot of the basic plot is the same - a group of people struggle to survive on the fringes of a culture. And, finally, both have similar amounts and types of action, although I think Samurai Champloo has the edge there. I don't think a fan of one of these series is guaranteed to like the other, but the odds are good - and both series are so well-known and influential that it's useful to see them even if you don't like them.
Even though both series hardly have any similarities besides that the series are both about a group of wandering people, the humor in both is really similar. Besides the humor, also the characters show quite some similarities.
Truly, Bebop and Samurai Champloo are all about style. I didn't like Bebop a great deal, but love SC, so it all depends. Regardless, I still realize they are very, very good recommendations for each other. Oozing style from the character designs, to the music, to the episodic plotline. Definitely check it out.

Steven Jay Blum!!! Need i say more? I think not! He is the single best voice actor ever and he is not only the voice of Spike in Cowboy Bebop, but he's also the baddest samurai ever (Mugen) in Samurai Champloo.


I really think that all CB fans will definitely enjoy Samurai Champloo for 3 simple but still important reasons.  They have the same creator, which means that they have common plot-lines and style specifics; the characters are absolutely unique: they might have some resemblances but these are truly limited (ex: Spike and Mugen);  and finally, maybe the most important reason, both CB and SC have magnificent soundtracks made with a  gorgeous mixture of styles and rhythm that will (shall) make you feel the unstoppable fluency of this show and make you want more, more and more of it. Cheers and stay cool. ;)


I watched Cowboy Bebop first and then Samurai Champloo, and I still can't figure out which I like better since they are so similar. Both have a good mixture of action and comedy, and both do a good job of developing characters and plots. Oh, and how can I not mention that they both have great soundtracks?


Both shows are about a rag-tag gang of misfits who get into wild and sometimes random adventures. They are also heavy on action and heavy on comedy (whether witty or goofball). They have a large background story going on, which gets resolved at the end, but they don't make every episode dwell on on it. Many episodes are just about putting the characters into a crazy situation and seeing how they react to it and each other. The two shows are similar in art style and both feature great music.


One trait that sets Shinichiro Watanabe’s work apart is his refusal to accept this Japanese conformity. In his anime, all of the characters define themselves by their individuality, fighting for themselves and ONLY themselves in a vast and lonely world. In Cowboy Bebop, the characters were thrown together by chance and stayed together only as long as convenience allowed. Although the anime was for the most part an action comedy, even the hilarious moments were subdued by this profoundly forlorn undercurrent of internal solitude.

Samurai Champloo has a very similar feel; in the series, three misfits who would otherwise have nothing to do with each other are thrown together by coincidental events. The characters then proceed to engage in a variety of episodic escapades, finally culminating in a suitably climactic and suspenseful conclusion. This basic plot structure, combined with Watanabe’s trademark freeform style, makes it easy to draw comparisons between the two works, despite the radically different settings.

In any case, if you liked one, watching the other is practically a matter of course.


While Samurai Champloo is in a completely different type of genre, it was made by the same people as Cowboy Bebop. The main character in Champloo is similar to a cracked out version of Spike Spiegel. If you love Cowboy Bebop, you will love Samurai Champloo - unless you hate pseudo-historical pieces.


Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo are really alike. If you liked one, you'll like the other! The main characters have their own style which makes these two anime very unique. 


Both Champloo and Bebop were made by same author, and have very similar feel to them. Not to mention the main characters - Mugen and Spike have more in common than just their hairstyles and attitudes.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo hold the same sort of fixation on style above all else. And, what makes them more amazing beyond that is the fact that with such a strong fixation, the story comes out unscathed, and fully enjoyable. Both are great to watch if you're a fan of stylish anime.


Both Bebop and Champloo are about a team of two guys and a girl on a quest. Sure, there is a big difference between bounty hunters and a samurai who smells of sunflowers, but either way the journey is hilarious and the back stories are heartwarming.


Correct me if I'm mistaken, but I do believe the creators of Cowboy Bebop we're involved in the making of Samurai Champloo. I really enjoyed watching both shows. Neither of them is exceptionally long and you almost instantly begin to bond with the characters. I love the male comradery between both main male characters each show. I cried and laughed watching both Bebop and Champloo. If you haven't watched them, I highly suggest that you do!


Both Samurai and Cowboy mix up various cultures. They were made in the same convention and were directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. Although Cowboy is set in the future and Samurai is set in the past, both anime take a lot from other time periods.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Champloo have intense action, light comedy, and are set to to an edgy soundtrack. Each series is based around a group of companions traveling together, with each companion having their own ordeal to complete.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo have some similarities. Both have an episodic feel, yet devote some episodes to developing the main characters and having them confront their pasts. Also, both are very stylish in their own way, with music being the major contributor to the style. Now while the two series differ in the specific music - one is more jazz-like and the other is more hip-hop centered - if you enjoyed one series you should check out the other.


The same director is enough to put these series together, because Watanabe's way to create is somehow the same with Miyazaki, who share many ideas in his works. The crew contingent is almost the same, a woman and two men (with some exceptions). The story contingent is also almost the same, one episode - one story, with a great story line which has resolution in the end. You'll find moments to laugh yourself to death and to burst into tears. Besides all the above listed you'll enjoy an awesome work with music in these series. It isn't just a background for the main performance, but a very integral part of the creation.


Both series involve folks involved in unlikely partnerships and operating outside social norms (renegade/cowboy types). They have a similar art style and pacing, high quality production, and cover a single major plot arc.


In terms of style, story, setting, even music, by no means are these two shows alike. While CB is a meditation on the past, time and death, filled with smoke and sax tunes, SC is a story focused on life and the power to move on, spiced up with hip-hop and break-dance moves. Yet, the lead characters in both series share the tendency towards bending the rules, together with a rebelious idealism, being heroic at times yet maintaing their human quality, and thus making the two shows very much alike at their core.


Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo do not only share the same director, but also have many other simillarities. Having watched Samurai Champloo before C.B. i realized it was a unique anime, all about style. Not only as for the music, but also the characters and its sense of humour.After wacthing C.B. it seems to me that Samurai Champloo was its evolution! Of course no one, in my opinion, could say that they are really like, as they are too unique to compare, but I am sure one would enjoy both !


Both series are very episodic in nature and tend to have a mix of both serious and comic episodes. The main focus of both series is the random little side adventures that occur as the main story unfolds in the background. They also both have a high emphasis on musical backing albeit a widely different stye of music in both series.

Both series have a similar feel to them with the main differences mainly being their backdrop.


Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo shares similar settings, even though one is about samurai and the other about sci fi. The main characters (a group of friends) are travelling around (by foot or by spaceship), always poor and hungry, and are very likable. Also, a lot of effort has been put into the music to make sure it sets the mood just right, and it does (jazz in cowboy and hiphop in samurai). Both shows are directed by Shinichirō Watanabe.


What I loved about Cowboy Bebop was that "slice of life", one day at a time kind of attitude that the series had. One main story going through all episodes, but still each episode felt very much like it stood alone. Samurai Champloo is very similar, and I greatly reccomend watching it.


Awesome fight scenes meet addictive stories and quirky characters in these action-packed series. Samurai Champloo and Cowboy bebop follow unlikely (and highly entertaining) companions with mysterious pasts sharing their travels as they own up to their histories and learn about each other with lots of fun misadventures on the side.


For the English dub a lot of the same voices appear. It also has the same feel as Cowboy Bebop except with a Hip Hop influence.


Despite the fact that the setting couldn't be anymore different Samurai Champloo nevertheless manages to capture the Cowboy Bebop "feel." Add a marvelous soundtrack, good story and a breakdancing samurai and you have Samurai Champloo.


Both of these shows center themselves upon the style rather than the story. They each use different musical genres to add to each episode, throwing in the perfect mood's and overtones. If you enjoyed one of these, its almost a given you would like the other.


Animes where the adventure and journey take presidence over a long storyline often produce some outstanding animes. Certainly both Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop managed to pull this off with spectacular results. You don't have to worry about getting confused with a heavy laidened story, but instead can sit back and watch the characters as they endure their endless task of getting enough food to survive. It is a definate that if you enjoyed one you'll like the other despite their completely different settings.

Both series also exhibit an interesting range of characters and music to accompany the series. Well worth watching both.


Mugen and Spike Spiegal both have similar nonchalant, badass attitudes and personalities. Both anime have fight scenes where the music/rhythm plays a big roll. They also have similar story structure, as there's a new adventure every episode or two.


Both of these shows have the same "feel" to them even though they have completely different characters, genre, and storylines. If you loved one, you should love the other and will end up buying both ;- )


Both of these series are based on journey stories. During their journeys, chacters exposes themselves to the audience. With each new destination (or adventure), audience learns about their feelings and histories as well as the development on their social relationships. Therefore, the basic theme for both series is quiet similar (and, at least for me, magnificient).


Both are writen and directed by the ingenious Shinichiro Watanabe. Both have no "wasted" episodes - all have some value, whether it is character or story development. Both have great animation. The only complaint your average fan has is in regards to the hip-hop music in Samurai Champloo, other than that (which if you like hip-hop is actually a good thing:P) they're both great animes :)


Both series have a similar feel with a wandering ensemble cast.  Spike and Mugen remind me of one another, although they are definately not the same character re-written. The plotlines are strong and engaging, though Samurai Champloo feels darker and more brooding than Cowboy Bebop, in my opinion.  They both have great character development as well; the viewer learns quite a bit about the entire casts through each series, and the characters are not flat in the least.  Finally, for those interested, they are both directed by Shinichirō Watanabe.


Amazing animes with a very similar musical style, animation and incredible history. A mix betwen the old, the new.


Style and music is similar. There is a similar set of characters. The episodes have a  closed story most of the time. Most actors are adults.


The defining element of both shows is great character development. Both series also have great music and individual episodes well crafted. The fight scenes are made beautifully. In Cowboy Bebop the episodes sometimes may seem a bit disjoint. However, Bebop has better music and more interesting characters.


Both Bebop and Champloo have incredible animation, loveable characters and a soundtrack that not only accompanies the mood of the series but would also please fans of their respective genres. If you loved either one of them you'll love the other one!


Echoing what has been said, there is a distinct similarity between Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. Both are a rag tag group on a slightly indistinct path. The way the story is told gives you hints of the ultimate goal (finaling confronting someone who has wronged you.. sorta).

Both series have this gentle overall plot filled in with amazingly styled episodic jaunts throughout. Both are beautifully animated, and both even have reoccuring themes (water as a fighting style, anyone?)

All in all, they are both fabulous pieces of work I'd recommend to most anyone.


Both anime are very similar in presentation and style.  Both are heavily stylized with contemporary "self aware" humor, and a colorful cast.  Both are episodic.  Both have a great combination of Action, Drama and comedy.  And both are fantastic watches.


Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop are about a group of tough guys with mysteeeerious pasts doing various odd jobs because they're broke. Each has a strong soundtrack, and the same style of comedy mixed with more serious moments.


Both series have episodic stories with highly stylistic animation with a bit of a juxtaposed soundtrack. Samurai Champloo is a bit more focused on Japanese culture and despite its intentional anachronisms has an overarching atmosphere of samurai Japan. Cowboy Bebop is more futuristic

    If you like action paired with cool music (in this case, swordfights and hip hop) definitely check out Cowboy Bebop (space bounty hunting and jazz) - or vice versa.


Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo share not only creator, but also fascinating story-lines and very deep and coplex characters. Both target more mature audience. Last but not least, both are submersed into our rich culture: curious watche can spot references and allusions in every piece.


Same director for these two animes. Both use music really well in both fight and calmer scenes. Both build very likeable characters who are fun to watch develop and have a quirky sense of humour! They are short series but this is in their favour - many animes lose their fun if they drag on too long! The storyline is Samurai Champloo is a little weaker than that of Cowboy Bebop, but the character development makes up for this!


They both have a very similar feel. Some of the characters are very alike. For instance, if you liked Spike/Mugen, then you'd probably like the other.


They are both similarly alike. Music plays a big part in both shows and it is done beautifully, and will set the mood even if you're not a fan of the music. Both shows have a similar theme "another day, another dollar" where both are always struggling to make money just so they could get eat. Plus, the animation for both shows are top-notch!


It is very evident that Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo were created by the same person.  They're both comprised of a series of standalone episodes with a larger plot always looming overhead.  The stories are played out by a mixed bag of interesting protagonists, stylish action, intense drama, great humor, and a winning soundtrack.  While the formula may be the same, the characters, setting, and style are very different.  Cowboy Bebop is bounty hunters and jazz, while Samurai Champloo is samurais and hip hop.  Both work very, very well together.


Slick, stylish characters. Episodic plot lines. Cool soundtracks. The same amazing director (Shinichirou Watanabe).

Fans of one series should love the other too. This is an obvious recommendation.


Both of these anime have unique soundtracks that fit very well with the series, which makes them all the more enjoyable. Even though they are set in drastically different time periods, the atmosphere of these shows are quite similar and have a good dose of humour to counteract the seriousness of some of the story lines.


its just common sense, anything but lame at first but before long the story creeps up and gets a real serious tone to it while achieveing the most stylistic cool vibe that makes it compelling within 5 episodes you begin to really care for the characters. 10/10 personally never heard of anyone not liking either one of these classics kinda wish i did so i could knock the shit out of em. ENJOY!


Each of them comes from the same director, and are about blending several styles to create a truly unique anime. Spike and Mugen are also cut from the same cloth of ultimate kind of anime badass. The structure of both Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo also follow the same build of having a main plot but building up characters and telling lots of stories through stand alone episodes outside of it.


Both are by the same director.  Both have similar main characters.  Both have the same feel about them.  Both are masterpieces in my eyes.


Cowboy bebop is older by ABOUT a decade, so the animation for Samurai Champloo  will be an upgrade. However both animes have some of the best voice acting in anime. If you're a fan of Steve Blum, the voice of Spike and Mugen you'll love it. All characters are well developed, these animes have their own style, and probably the best anime soundtracks you'll come across. I'dsay they both have a far more English style than anime is known to have.


Ah I just finished watching Cowboy Bebop so I'm still kind of reeling from the emotions. But here's my two-cents on this:

Both stories are emotionally charged. At the end, you feel like 'Ah! Man, don't stop there!' and at the same time, 'That was good. It was a beautiful ending.'

Both groups face the same dynamics. Cowboy has an additional animal+child dynamic going on, while Samurai only has the two guys and girl. 

The biggest difference between the two would be that Cowboy is in the future, with mecha stuff, and space ships and galaxy travel and yada yada.. while Samurai is in the past with swords and kimonos and yada yada. 

Lemme warn you, if you're watched Cowboy because of the mecha, then don't watch Samurai. You'll end up hating me. There's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MECHA in Samurai. Oh, but if you watched Samurai for the sword-fighting, you do get to see a little sword-fighting action in Cowboy. Remember: LITTLE. Not more than a couple minutes in a couple episodes. Meh.

But if you're watching for the feels, then this is the best option after Cowboy. Or vice-versa. 


These two shows share pretty much only two main similarities. The physics aspect of their movements, how it's very slick and lazy looking, and the very episodic yet plot driven presentation.

The casts are very likable with great personalities, and the shows stay pretty smooth in quality of the story per episode.

Definitely check the other.


I we look closely the characters in the two animes resemble each other. Jin - Jet, Mugen - Spike, Fuu - Faye. Even the names are somewhat similar.

Both animes are dynamic, full of action, with a captivating plot, that does not let you be bored even for a second.


The general feeling in both of these is very much alike. Both also have similar kind of focus on the characters and music. One could say that Samurai Champloo is the spiritual successor to Cowboy Bebop. If either left you craving for more, the other one is really worth checking out.


Both shows have awesome story lines with very emotional and well done endings. They have awesome character deveopment aswell as awesome fighting scenes


They both follow the same style of small stories contributing little to the main plot with an epic conclusion, and also music plays a major role in both series. With characters who's pasts are hidden for most of the series and a fragile alliance between them, I'd say only the setting is different from each other.Check them both out. 

watch it online now!

Outlaw Star

Outlaw Star

Gene Starwind and Jim Hawkins make a living on various jobs and bounties. While waiting for their ticket to hit it big time, a mysterious woman named Hilda leaves them with a key to the puzzle of finding a starship of great power, known only as the Outlaw Star. What are these long lost spaceships and what is the Galactic Leyline?

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Like Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star focuses on a group of mercenary-like characters travelling the galaxy in search of opportunities, and both series have an overall story arch that concludes nicely in the end. Cowboy Bebop is the more "down to Earth" of the two, dealing a bit more with character and plot development in each episode, where Outlaw Star has a bit more flair and spectacular scenes. They are quite similar in theme, and if you liked one, you're sure to like the other.


If you're interested in something a bit lighter, and with its own unique take on the idea of a varied cast of characters thrust together in space, I recommend Outlaw Star.

focuses more on the sci-fi adventure side than 'bebop ever did. perhaps clunkier and lacking the visual finesse of the aforementioned series, outlaw star is still fun to watch and features something bebop never did - the immortal space cat-people of the ctarl-ctarl empire!
a tad or even just smidge more light hearted but a nice space series about bounty hunters
Very similar show. A lot of fighting scenes in space in both if them.
Outlaw star really reminds me of Cowboy bebop,.. or maybe it's the other way. Well anyway those series are really a like. Both handles the story of outlaws that lives their lifes as bonty hunters. Though Outlaw start got abit more action to it than Cowboy Bebop, I think. And it feels abit more futeristic than CB too.The art is reeeeaaally good, very detailed and nice drawn chars. This is something I absolutely recommend you to watch. A great series.
Aside from the fact that they're 'outlaws' instead of bounty hunters, and fantasy-ish touch to outlaw star, these series are identical. You'll love the humor, the fights, the characters, and the stories, if you liked Bebop at all.
Both of these series are soo much alike that you would really have to like one if you liked the other. However Bebop I did like a lot more. However if you like bumpin through space with a bunch of crazy crew-people, this is the only way to go.
Though spike surely has a cooler style than gene, they both go through similar adventures, fighting off the mob and scrimping to get by. The gritty animation gives them a similar visual feel, but the audio (jazz for bebop and jpop in OS) serves to give them each a slightly different edge which is refreshing
The similarites between these two series are many. Space fights, gun fights, bounty hunting. You'll love them both, although you'll definately have a favourite out of the two.
Forget that both are space epics. I think that "team" anime is underated, and the togetherness of a space crew tends to make anime memorable. Just as long as its not fudged like in Nadesico. Either way, you will likely enjoy Outlaw Star if you liked Cowboy Bebop, and vice/versa. Caveat, Outlaw Star is not as "quality" as CB, but enjoyable none the less.
Outlaw Star is another classic outerspace bounty-hunter anime, with plenty of Cowboy Bebop-esque action, and humor.
Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star have basically the same idea going about bounty hunting for living expenses. They both have a bit odd character too, Bebop has Ed, a strange girl that acts she is constantly hammered, and Outlaw Star has Aisha, a ctarl-ctarl that cant seem to get things right. I enjoyed both of these series because of these characters, somewhat the comic-relief at times :)
Both Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop start the same, 2 men, picking up a few other people to board their ship, head out in the galaxy as bounty hunters. Outlaw Star is more focused to one point, while Bebop doesn't have the same underlying story.
Both series are about bounty hunters in space that find that they have more similarities than differences that keeps them together as a team.
While Cowboy bebop might be better than Outlaw star in many ways, it's doesn't mean that Outlaw star isn't a great anime. Bounty hunters in space is the general idea of them both, and they both have great, deep plots, good feel and truly funny moments. Both have a great set of characters that makes these animes great even in the fillers. Itäs very much recommended to watch them both.
Both feature bounty hunters, though while in Outlaw star the fight between the Pirates, the Police and the Outlaws (Could be read as Bounty Hunters) is much more appearant.

Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop are both about bounty hunters in space. In fact, both series are named after the characters' spacecrafts. The humour, the action and the story are all very similar (except that Outlaw Star's storyline is linear, as opposed to Cowboy Bebop's episodic nature).

There is a huge difference between the two, however, and it is the soundtrack. Cowboy Bebop's soundtrack fits the series infinitely better than in Outlaw Star.


Outlaw Star is a great alternate representative of the "fast and loose" genre of anime. Outlaw Star, in addition to Cowboy Bebop and other shows such as Black Lagoon, approaches the idea of a cohesive plot in a relatively unique way. There is a persistent main plot line throughout the series which remains defined yet elusive; the part that makes them unique is the mini plots that are incorporated into the main plot. All of the mentioned series use these mini plots to evolve the characters and foreshadow main plot events. Outlaw Star is a great series to watch either before or after Cowboy Bebop.


If you like space, adventure, funny jokes and bounty hunters then both Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star should please you. Although the animation quality differs because of the years in which they were made, if you are watching these for plot you won't feel the difference. Both of these anime have a main plot but are mostly a series of stories that tell about the small adventures the main characters are in.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star deal with space and a group of people on a spaceship who are trying to make it through life and survive. There is also a romance aspect in both series and a sense of adventure.


The similarities between Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star are undeniable. They both take place in space and start out following two main characters but the cast quickly widens as both Spike and Gene start to gain new companions along their travels. While Spike's a bounty hunter and Gene is just an outlaw they are very similar: both are skilled gunman and martial artists who you find yourself constantly rooting for. Jet and Jim are also surprisingly alike in the fact that they are the ones with the common sense and are almost babysitting some of the cast at times. So if you like either of these series you have to check out the other as it's an almost guaranteed good watch.


Both Bebop and Outlaw Star have the same feeling about the construction and feel of spaceships that look like they are made of old steel, bolts and grease. Also both series have a cowboy/western feel.


Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop are really quite similar. Both have to deal with working outside of the law to reach goals. If you enjoy space battles with a good complex story for each character you will enjoy this.


Like bounty hunters in a space-like environment? Who do you think made the big bucks first? Gene Starwind or Spike?


Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star feature a motley crew with a knack for antagonizing others, but also a bit of bounty hunting here and there. Though the two crews have two different goals, the viewer is sure to enjoy every minute of their adventures.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star have a space theme, are action-packed like you crave for every day, and have an interesting plot. These are must-see anime for any fan.


Both series are futuristic and set primarily in space, contain likeable characters such as Spike from Bebop and Gene from Outlaw, have a fair amount of space and ground-based action, and have good plots. I found that both shared a sort of similar feel due to all that they blend together.


Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star have a similar feel and the fighting in both is so cool. The stories are very similar, as well.


Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star both involve a team of bounty hunters. Each series has comedy, crazy action, and lots of space travel.


Released only 9 months apart, Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw eerily share a lot with one another. They both have bounty hunters in space fairing civilizations trying to earn enough money to survive, who end up with more on their plate than they bargained for. But the similarties pretty much stop there.

If you dig either one, you will probably enjoy the other.

While Outlaw Star tends to stick with a more slapstick comedy and cartoon laws of physics in order to maintain a fun atmosphere in the meshed Mecha-Spaceship fights and various situations/character mannerisms; Cowboy Bebop seems to try to stay more true to reality and keep some of the laws of physics in order to create more tense situations during it's ship-to-ship battles and the ever impending responsibilities and necesseties of life driving the characters to do what they need to.

Cowboy Bebop is my favored of the two but Outlaw Star is a lot of fun, and a nice change of pace. If you like Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop should be right up your alley, since it is more of a low key / low profile take on space fairing bounty hunters. And if you like Cowboy Bebop, unless you hate cartoon comedy and look down on slightly less mature content, OS should definitley be watched.


Outlaw Star could almost be considered a Bebop clone, but there are enough elements to set the two series apart. Outlaw Star is an incrediblely fun series to watch, and Bebop is very much the same. If you like one, you'll most likely like the other as well.


Who knew being a bounty hunter could land you in a heap of trouble? In both of these series you follow the characters as they try to make it big, while narrowly dodging the proverbial bullet. Each series with their own unique crew of misfits makes for a colorful combination. Guranteed that if you liked one, you'll like the other.


Both of these shows follow their own ragtag group of space adventurers. At the same time the look and feel of the shows are very similar, and most importantly, they both have that same feel to them, which I can best describe as Wild West in Space? If you liked one, you'll definitely like the other as well!


These series both have intergalactic adventures featuring characters that develop emotionally throughout. Giving them a meaningful plot along with great interaction amoung the characters.


What makes Outlaw Star similiar to Cowboy Bebop? Definitelly the main characters. They are equally cool and outstanding in the crowd of normal people. They also know how to wield guns and fight high-level battles. In both anime the animation are very nicely done and a fair part of the story is comedy that loosens up the serious mood that both anime have. There's definitelly no reason for you not to like Outlaw Star if you liked Cowboy Bebop.


Both series revolve around two perpetual "space cowboys." While Cowboy Bebop may be a bit darker, Outlaw Star certainly makes up for it with it's awesome grappler fight scenes and unique characters.


Both series are about two young and brash cowboys, both looking for a single goal or treasure, which ever you'd like to call it. They're also both accompained by a ragtag group of sidekicks, all of them with their own little quirk, some wise, some strong, some just wacky till the end. Both series are packed with action, drama, and even a bit of romance to throw into the mix. So if you enjoyed this one, you'd sure want to check out the other.


Cowboy Bebop is discovering and dealing with spike's past, while Outlaw Star is Jean,the main character, dealing with his past, adapting and carving out his future. Both contain great space combat and exploring worlds. If you like Cowboy Bebop you will most likely enjoy Outlaw Star.


In both scenario's you have a hero who is less than perfect, with personal issues he is attemting to work around or run away from. They both incorporate space travel as an everyday event and through it manage to come upon jobs to help repair the ship, refuel, buy ammunition and eat. Through the accomplishment of the jobs, the plot develops, showing the watcher a deeper portrait of the charachters lives. Another similarity is that the music in each anime is also very well thought, even though it is a different type of music.

Cowboy Bebop incorporates only actual weapons and fists in the non-space fighting scenes, whereas Outlaw Star uses more sci-fi type mechanical weaponry in the battles. Nevertheless, the anime's has many similarities between them that would make a lover of 1, definately a lover for the other.


If you liked Cowboy Bebop story and are hungering for more, you might also like Outlaw Star. A group of not-your-average-guys keep doing various kinds of jobs in the space.


Both shows are set in a future of space pirates and bounty hunters. Both are undeniably awesome anime.


both animes involve people in space in their own ship fighting, doing their jobs as they have adventures in space


With space fights and outlaw/bounty hunters both trying to make a name for themselves, Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop are 2 peas in a pod.  With that old-style vibe and classic plot, both these anime can't be overlooked.  If one assembled crazy team and space adventure/space fight wasn't enough, then the other must be watched. 


Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop are like siblings; CB being the older sibling. Outlaw Star may not be childish, but it is not as mature as CB. They share tons of elements including a few of the character, a bounty hunter plot line, and bouts of comedic relief. IF you enjoyed one, you should enjoy the other.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star are mainly a small group of bounty hunters/mercenaries who go around in their spaceship looking for ways to earn money.  While most of the fighting in the Cowboy Bebop tends to deal in gunfights with only some spaceship fighting and Outlaw Star is about equal in spaceship and gunfights they both pull of any of the fighting in the series very well.  One of the major differences is that Spike of Cowboy Bebop tends to be much more cool headed and Gene of Outlaw Star is pretty much the opposite of that both characters are extremely likable.


These series each follow stud bounty hunters flying around between planets and often getting into space and gun fights. While mixing together action and comedy, there is still enough mystery behind some of the main characters to give them depth and allow them to progress.


Both of these animes share the obvious characteristics: space, outlaws, tainted pasts, haunted characters, etc. all while maintaining a light atmosphere for much of the show.  Once again, they have an old school feel to them.  There is just something about older animes like this that have such fantastic plot lines and characters to them that you can't help but fall in love.  These animes are like that.  They both leave plenty of room for character devolpment by following individual character lines and all the while following one big plot.


These are actually very different animes but they both follow a similar theme (out in space trying to make a living/ being awesome and doing what is right). Both are enjoyable but outlaw star is much more simple in terms of character development, symbolism etc...


Similar animation as well as similar lead character. Gene and Vash share some "moments" where they act in a puzzling manner but they always seem to come through at the end.


Both shows are about a crew traveling through the cosmos in their spaceship, trying to make ends meet. There is lots of action and comedy to be had in both, but also more character-centred episodes, and neither is wholly episodic. Fans of either should definitely check the other one out.


Both are great space westerns with great characters who develop overtime.  Great actions sequences, mystery, and music, though Bebop is by far way better for music and style.


Space, lovable (punk ass) characters, great story... Space! Animation style is also very similer.

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

Rokuro Okajima is a small-time salaryman who is carrying documents for his company, when the ship he's traveling on is attacked by pirates. Kidnapped, he discovers to his dismay that his employers' main concern is to ensure the documents don't get into the wrong hands, even if it means sending the carrier to the bottom of the sea. Now, with his former life ruined and his kidnappers seeming comparatively friendly, "Rock" decides to join their merry band of mercenaries, and sets out with a new career to the shadier corners of the South China Sea.

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Mercenaries. That's the biggest connection between these two anime, although certainly not the only important one. Both go for a gritty feel, although Bebop is more style-gritty and Black Lagoon dirt-gritty. Bebop is a sci-fi, whereas the other is an action series set in today's world. However, Black Lagoon has enough shiny toys to satisfy even a Trekkie. More importantly, Bebop and Black Lagoon share a mature approach to violence, characterisation and plot. They also brilliantly combine an episodic pace with intricate character development; the small details reveal big things about the people involved. Both also use a slightly gimmicky supporting cast to bring in a hint of quirkiness and humour e.g. the Maid in BL and the fat assassin in Bebop. If you're basically looking for more of what one of these offers, you can't go wrong with the other.


Like VivisQueen said, if not for anything else, you'll like it becouse it also deals with independent mercenaries. But it has a lot more in common with Cowboy Bebop than just mercenaries. Humor, great characters, both main and supporting, action choreography, alternation between character introspection and, well, action. What can I say, I have a really good gut feeling you'd like Black Lagoon if you liked Cowboy Bebop.


Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon give off the same feel of comedic violence, even though they are on the 'opposite' sides of the fight.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon have mercenaries working hard to get some money, but usually end up with their pockets empty. Bebop's crew is a happy bunch of good guys who chase criminals in space, and Lagoon's crew is a happy bunch of bad guys sailing through the south Asian seas. Besides that difference and some minor crew member differences, these series are pretty much the same. ;)

So, one is about badasses in space, and the other is about badasses on the sea, if you liked one, you'll love the other.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon have a group of mercenaries whose members have a troubled past, an uncertain future, and wander on the wrong side of the law.  

Both series tell the story of the characters' conflict of interest and their need to rely on each other to survive. Each has humour, some drama, and violence.


Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon both are about a group of unlikely characters who work together and take on jobs for some cash, and the stories are filled with action.


Both Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon share the same basic premise: throw a bunch of outcasts on a ship and force them to work together. Overall, Cowboy Bebop has a deeper plot and characterization, but Lagoon does a better job of delivering on the action. Both series follow an episodic format as well. While definitely not derivative of each other, these series are similar enough that fans of one should enjoy the other.


Outcasts trying to make money through violence, some humor, some action, some self discovery and introspection (but not too much); Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop fit together like peas in a pod.


Black Lagoon is arguably the raunchy version of Cowboy Bebop. While the story follows the same pattern in both series (a bunch of completely different individuals end up together on a ship and try to sort out their differences while having dangerous day jobs), BL is far more gory, cladden with black humor and ultraviolence. CB on the other hand is a lyrical journey, where violence is poetically entangled in the story. While being stylistcally different, both shows touch deeper themes such as loneliness in the modern world, dealing with the past and one's true identity,


Both series are about a band of folks who work towards a common goal, yet they don't always get along. Both are gritty series, yet Bebop never loses its sense of style. You can't really say that Black Lagoon compares to Bebop in terms of style, yet the two series are similar enough to say that you'll like them both if you've seen one of them already.


Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop both follow the everyday lives of your "typical" bounty hunter, smuggler, and straight up outlaw. Doing oddjobs to make a buck with plenty of gunplay in between neverlooked so sweet. If you liked one you'll like the other.


It's very strange because I don't think I've known two anime series to be so similar yet completely differently based in this Space cowboys meet modern-day Pirates recommendation! I think its largely in part due to the dynamics of the groups - 4 unlikely protagonists, frequently brushing against the law in order to get by in the ‘real world', a world packed full of violence, gun wielding and ass-kicking. Both a great pleasure to watch if you're a fan of action based anime but enjoyed the glimmer of humanity in each.


While, Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon may take place in different settings there are quite a few simliarites. Both typically deal with one major underlying theme throughout the series as well as pieceing together a story across one or two episodes. Both are heavy on the gun action, with more mature themes. Spike and Revy have very simliar character traits of a dark past, and beyond normal combat skills. Either anime is a great watch for an action fan, and both deal with the bounty hunter or mecernary scene.


Both cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon are action anime about bounty hunters (mercenary groups) and lots of guns! Both have interesting and badass characters including female characters that don't take shit from anyone! Both anime are about style and creating a mess no matter where you are! So, if you liked one of them, I suggest you watch the other one as well, and I'm sure it's going to leave a very good impression!


Cowboy Bebop is one of the all time classics. Black Lagoon revives the gunslinger loose knit family that is formed from necessity. Graphics on both are excellent, but what really hooks you is the story lines that both have. Each episode is stand alone, but fits well within the overall story plot. Must see.


Both anime series express a great deal action one first examination but also hide a darker sub-text underneath. Definetly something to concidering if you like the moderately realstic feel and pace given to the action in either including that more hidden daker edge both series have underneath.


Explosive action, witty repartee and a fun and affectionate use of Hollywood movie action cliches - either one of these anime are just a bloody good time - and though Black Lagoon focuses more on the action, that series has its share of character moments and a really wonderful cast as well. If you liked one, don't pass the other up.


Both anime's are episodic, yet action based. They are full of gunfights and packed with one mishap after another.

In each anime, you have a central gathering place where the main characters join up and wait for their next mission, thus creating a episode per mission type episodic feel. There are some scenario's that strech out to two episodes, but the fact remains that they are both based on either a mission they need to complete or a bounty to collect, and in the process there is character development.


Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop are both "adult" action anime, with a face paced and heavily stylized presentation.  Both are a great deal of fun, and high quality watches


Violence? Check! Action? Check! Hot Chicks? Check! Shootouts? Check! Mercenaries? Check! Chases? Check!

So what you're waiting for? If you're a fan of one of these animes, don't miss the other one, there's plenty of awesomeness in both shows.


Black Lagoon is going for a harsh and gritty feel and the violence is far more mature and graphic than in Cowboy Bebop, especially in the second season. But as in Bebop, it always sooths the story. What bebop fans will find appealing is that they are both about a small group of individuals with various pasts living on the edge of the law... and quite often beyond. Every caracter is just trying trying to get by, day by day. The mix of various tributes and hints to popular culture and history is also something the series has in common, the well coreographed action to. The caracters are deep and rich, and full of personality in both series, and the flashbacks to their pasts just as vague. The last word uttered in the Black Lagoon series is bang, said in a way thats clearly a tribute to Cowboy Bebop. The inspiration shines through.


These series are both gunslingers with plenty of action throughout. Each series has its share of badasses, bounties, and fights. If you liked one series, the other one is more than worth checking out.


Very similar feel... bounty hunters, syndicates, armed half-dressed women, lots guns, violence, and blood.. if you just finished one series and you are looking for more of the same goodness, watch the other


The main concepts of these two are quite similar: they feature bounty hunters and their adventures in an episodic manner. We also get to know the pasts of the characters during these adventures.


It's tough to say whether Cowboy Bebop is 'Black Lagoon with a great polish to it,' or if Black Lagoon is 'Cowboy Bebop sanded down to the base with a coarse stone and rolled in mortar.'

That "base" is a storyline involving a ragtag group of guns for hire. Some are veterans, some are fresh faces, all come from their own set of circumstances. Somehow, they managed to get along just enough to hold the group together and make things work. A common formula, but mix in likeable characters, great action sequences, some slice-of-life circumstances, and a touch of comedy, and you get something truly special.

Lagoon certainly has a dark grit to it that Bebop lacks, while Bebop seems a bit more light-hearted (for the most part), but the two shows share certain elements at their respective cores that really help to make both stand out in their own way. As a result, fans of one will undoubtedly find something to enjoy about the other, even if it comes down to a certain je ne sais quoi.


Cowboy Bebop and Black Lagoon are very similar anime with a different setting.   Bebop is space western while Black Lagoon is set in present day.  But the similarities abound after that.  Group of misfit characters? check.  Running a small business together (mercenary or delivery).  check.  Gunfights.  double check.  Lagoon definitely reminded me of Bebop when I watched it, and if you liked one, the other would be worth a watch.


Outlaws doing their outlaw thing for money~

Black Lagoon and Cowbow Bebop definitely have a similar feel to them. Former is a pretty dark and serious mercenary show focusing mostly on the jobs and life of a mercenary, while the latter has a happy feel to it with lots of jokes and comical situations. Both shows have a great cast of characters, all of whom have a background of their own actually talked about in the story.


Characters are similar; they like to utilize problems to make decisions, and yet they group them by producing effects to harm people.


Black lagoon and Cowboy bebop are both great animes that revolve around mercenary companies. To add to the comparison, they both have women that you dont want to piss off. the teams from both animes also sort of fit. you have the bald boss the crazy gun slinging women, and the tech head. cand really say any of them match spike though


Both Shows have a similar premise on that a small crew take up jobs and end up fighting there way through them at times using their own specialties. They both have overarching stories and incredible character development so much that you will never forget them. Same sort of humor and action however Black Lagoon is more dark than Bebop and definitely for a more adult audience. Despite this if you enjoyed one the other will definitely be your thing and worth the time.

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It's the 1930s, and Mafia groups fight for supremacy in American cities. Young Firo joins the secretive Camorra group; a meek street boy, Jacuzzi, finds himself the leader of a gang of thugs; an alchemist is producing a liquor of immortality, and a homunculus tries to retrieve it; and upbeat thieves Isaac and Miria head to New York after failing to strike gold in California. They ride the novel train, the Flying Pussyfoot, across the continent. However they find themselves embroiled in a ruckus caused by gangs, terrorists, serial killers, and others as multiple stories intertwine and unfold on this fateful ride. All are haunted and hunted by the legendary Rail Tracer...

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Bebop and Baccano! are all about style. It’s the thirties: tommy guns, stars from black-and-white movies and jazz. Bebop is more like blues with its sadness and noir films features. Baccano! is a jazz like it was in really beginning, totally improvisation. You don’t know what will happen next. Great cocktail from retro, detective stories, comedy, cruelty and heartbreaks. Both these series was inspired by films like “The Godfather”, “The Untouchables” and so on. You’ll find crime families and gangland killing, fire-fights and pursuits, maniacs and comedy characters in Bebop and Baccano!

Soundtrack is also magnificent, when I watched Baccano! it was like I’ve met a Yoko Kanno’s genius work for Bebop one more time. Although storytelling is extremely different, for Bebop it’s a story per episode, Baccano! is a mosaic from plotlines that fully combined, they are really similar. You'll share an entire range of emotions with each character and find that these creations are somehow cast in the same mold.


Jazzy music, comedic insanity, a myriad of characters, mafia ties, and blood --- both CB and Baccano have all of these elements and more. Baccano is compressed into 13 episodes, so the plot is jumbled at times, but always engaging. CB is for the most part more episodic, so that is the main contrast between these series; well, that and CB has a major character that is a dog.


both of the series can make you a fan by justwatching the opening. Also the animation of both anime are really good, and both baccano and cowboy bebop have the most awesome OST that I've ever seen! They also have a retro mood with a pinch of supernatural/sci-fi. They both balance comedy, drama and suspense really wel, and I do reccomend both without even mentioning the characters!!! Each person will have a different favorite character, I can assure you ^^


One of the shows that got me into anime was Cowboy Bebop, so I was delighted to discover Baccano!

The feel of the two shows is the same, with a very slick cast, numerous comedy moments and a superb blues session type music.

One of the most notable differences is the casts. Bacanno intimidated me a little at first with such a large selection of characters. However, each episode focusses on a different person and the plot winds through carefully to the final episode. Bebop focusses on just 4 characters (plus one dog), so you feel like you get to know them. Each definitely has its benefits...

In summary, the characters are drawn, voice acted and developed perfectly. The storyline is faultless in both series. The soundtrack is something you will want to buy. Both shows are definitely anime gems that shouldn't be missed.


Both are very episodic without being cheesy and hoaky in the process. They take a setting or a theme and put a a interesting spin on it. Cowboy Bebop with its spin on the future bounty hunter and all the interesting characters in the mix of it all. Baccano with this huge group of seemingly unrelated characters that have one special thing in common (can't say for spoiler), and also the fact that it is placed back in the roaring 20s. It makes for something you haven't seen in anime before.


Get a jazz soundtrack, a series oozing style with great, oversized characters and a very witty sense of humour and you just might have Baccano! - or Cowboy Bebop. Bebop is an episodic series with a narrative slowly falling into place, while Baccano employs a nonlinear narrative style and is densely plotted, but if you enjoyed one you should give the other a try too.


i don't know what is is, maybe its the action, or the way the story is, but for some reason when ever i see baccano! i think immediately of  cowboy bebop. they take place in completely separate universes, and even the theme is different, but i believe if you like one, you'll enjoy the other


Jazz, gun fights, awesome characters, and gore. That's what brings these series together so well. If you liked all the action and music in one of these series, go check out the other one.


Both series have fast moving story lines wrapped in a cool retro framework full of over the top characters.


Fast paced action, intriguing characters, complex mysteries, and a mesmerising backdrop that reminds us as much of the bleakness of the 1930s as it does of the frontierism of the old American west. Both series also revel in moments of comedy created at the intersection of the perverse and the absurd.


I agree only partially that Cowboy Bebop and Baccano are similar.

Yes - they are both full of action.

Yes - they both have style.

But, for me Baccano was a complete mess! An anime that didn't even have a set plot. I was often bored while watching it. It jumps from part to part way too often. A complete mess.

While Cowboy Bebop follows a set plot, where we learn about the main characters step by step.

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