Corrector Yui


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  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
  • Shugo Chara!
  • Ojamajo Doremi
  • Petite Princess Yucie

Top 10 Favorite Mahou Shoujo Anime by AmaiTsubasa

Just a few of my fav magical girl animes~~

  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Corrector Yui
  • Death Note
  • Digimon Season 1: Digital Monsters
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Staaaaaars by clacard

Absolut favorites

  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Sailor Stars
  • Ask Dr. Rin!
  • Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu
  • Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin
  • Adesugata Mahou no Sannin Musume

Mahou Shoujo Backlog by juu1ch1

I'm on a long and epic quest to watch all Mahou Shoujo shows in existence. This is what I still have to do (in no particular order). This list is likely incomplete, since some shows aren't tagged...

  • Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Corrector Yui
  • Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
  • InuYasha
  • Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu

Feminist Friendly (Editions Ongoing) by QueenofAntiva

The world of anime an manga is not always the best place for positive female representation. As such, I'm slowly compiling a list of anime that don't completely off-put a feminist...