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In the year 2034, life is as fun and exciting as ever for high school students, office workers and city employees alike. In a typical convenience store, quiet Yuna can't seem to stay out of the spotlight even though she constantly says no; Yuzuki is a baseball star who puts all the boys to shame; Hotaru hides a seductive secret; and energetic Sayu and Saya love nothing more than broadcasting recent events over the school intercom, amongst other stories!

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dreamermj Mar 4, 2016
Score 1/10

Ever seen an a 12-24 episode long anime series then makes a couple of short special episodes (Fate Kalied Prisma Illya does it a lot)?  Well Copihan feels like it's 1 of those specials but seems to forgotten to make it's main series. Not much to say about this really, only 7 episodes that last 6 minutes long there isn't much time to tell a good story, and with thin gags with rather subpar... read more



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