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Comic Party Revolution

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2.795 out of 5 from 1,094 votes
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In the world of a Japanese otaku, doujinshi – fan made manga – reigns supreme. Kazuki is a would-be famous doujinshi artist who loves nothing more than to create it, but the usual rushed manuscripts and lackluster sales derail him along the way. Together with the spirited Eimi, loud Taichi, bumbling Subaru and the rest of the gang, Kazuki balances his career as an artist with some good old fashioned fun. But the most important question remains: will Kazuki's talents ever get him a spot in the convention’s coveted Kabe Circle?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Comic Party TV 2001 Same Franchise
Comic Party Specials DVD Special 2003 Same Franchise
Comic Party Revolution OVA OVA 2003 Original
Name Role
Kenichirou KATSURA Character Design
Jun'ichi SAKATA Director
Mitsuhiro TOUGOU Director

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Title Author Score Date
Comic Party Revolution angelsreviews 5/10 Aug 6, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Everything Good Kirua 960 Apr 3, 2013
My Worst Anime ArchDefender 23 Oct 19, 2012
Watched dubs punkypoison 200 Aug 4, 2012
LeeCZ wants to watch Comic Party Revolution
vaikepois wants to watch Comic Party Revolution
Sana is watching Comic Party Revolution anime at 1 of 13 episodes
Sana is watching Comic Party Revolution
darthcranius rated the Comic Party Revolution anime 4/5 stars

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Doujin Work

Doujin Work
  • TV (12 eps x 14 min)
  • 2007

Najimi Osana's goal is to make a fortune in life, but in reality, she hasn't been having much success in her job. Tsuyuri, a doujin artist and a friend of Najimi, takes her to a convention to help her sell her doujin; and after learning that her childhood friend Justice is a very successful doujin artist, Najimi declares that she will make her fortune by creating doujins of her own. However, Najimi has never created anything close to a doujin before, and will struggle through many difficulties. Together with Tsuyuri, Justice, and Sora, they will work together for Najimi’s sake to gain fame and fortune in the doujin market.

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Although Doujin Work is centered more on the training to become a doujin artist and bases its humor on embarrassing situations, whereas Comic Party Revolution focuses on the characters' relations and life goals, both Doujin Work and Comic Party Revolution have a similar plot and deal with the specificities of the doujin world. If you liked one, you might like the other too.


If you enjoyed Comic Party Revolution then you may want to check out Doujin work. Both series are comedic and focus on creating doujinshi for comic festivals, so if you enjoyed that part of Revolution then definitely try out Doujin Work.

Cosplay Complex

Cosplay Complex

Hasegawa Chaco is a bumbling cosplayer in the Oizumi junior high cosplay club. If it weren't for Kosuke Tamiya, the boy she has a crush on, she might not continue to cosplay, as things always seem to go wrong! Lucky for her, she was bestowed with two strange beings, one of which will transform into a costume for her, making her the rising 'ace' of the cosplay club. Now she only has to overcome her bashfulness with Kosuke and win his heart too!

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If you liked the comedic style and light hearted approach to Otaku culture in Comic Party Revolution then you may wish to try out Cosplay Complex. While it focuses on a different aspect of the otaku world, it shares the same tone.

Genshiken 2

Genshiken 2

Genshiken has won its own sales booth at the upcoming ComiFes, and so for the first time they will be participating as a seller instead of navigating through the convention crowds. The club, now with a couple of new members and Sasahara as the chairman, combines the talents of its various members and begins working on its debut doujinshi release. With members having various personal matters to take care of and the deadline rapidly approaching, will they be able to complete it in time?

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Both Genshiken 2 and Comic Party Revolution are comedies centered around the creators of doujin, or amateur manga. If you like stories that include trips to cons, mangaka, and the general nerdiness that goes with both then either of these animes will probably entertain.

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