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Comet in Moominland

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3.295 out of 5 from 355 votes
Rank #2,093


The Moomin family has lived peacefully with their friends in the beautiful and harmonic Moominvalley for ages… until now. After the arrival of acid rain and the strange philosopher Muskrat, who declares the world’s at its end, Moomin, Sniff and Mii travel to the observatory to hear the shocking news: an oncoming comet is approaching Earth. With the comet slated to hit Moominvalley in no time, all of the residents decide to hit the road and search for a shelter. Their journey will be full of danger and discoveries, but the Moomins are known for their courage and determination. Along with their new friends, the Moomin family settles down in an empty cave to watch, wait, and hope for the best...

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Name Role
Yasuhiro NAKURA Character Design
Hiroshi SAITO Director
Kazuo TABATA Producer

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