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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion main image more screenshots
4.587 out of 5 from 43,625 votes
Rank #16

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
Vespa Watching 12   not rated
Veylia Watching 6   3 star rating
vibes33553 Watching     4 star rating
Vicanti Watching     not rated
ViciousWarGoose Watching     not rated
vicotoriaq Watching     not rated
ViiKay Watching     not rated
VincentOtaku Watching 3   not rated
Vindex Watching 18   not rated
VintageOnyx Watching     not rated
violetchimera Watching     2 star rating
violetofdoom Watching 3   not rated
vipkorsel Watching 12   not rated
virion Watching 2   not rated
Viruko Watching     not rated
VirUZI Watching     not rated
visciousneed Watching 4   4.5 star rating
Vitality Watching     not rated
VivienneBlakh Watching     not rated
vixxumi824 Watching 2   4 star rating
Vizimp Watching 1   not rated
Vjeverica Watching 10   5 star rating
vkerr Watching 8   4.5 star rating
vle4 Watching 23   not rated
vls92 Watching 20   not rated
Vodan Watching     not rated
volcryn Watching     not rated
volzha Watching 3   4 star rating
Vongoladecimo3 Watching 3   not rated
VonSlamStone Watching 13   5 star rating
Vulpix Watching 9   not rated
Vyse Watching 2   not rated
wach Watching 5   not rated
Waev Watching 3   3 star rating
wah1 Watching     not rated
WakaIV Watching 3   not rated
waltbrand Watching 14   not rated
wandererbard Watching 9   not rated
WanderingCrash Watching 9   not rated
wannabemangaka Watching 4   not rated
Wardjinn Watching 8   not rated
warfist Watching 15   3 star rating
WarRock Watching 16   5 star rating
WashuTakahashi Watching 12   not rated
watashiwamiudesu Watching 6   not rated
waterspirit14 Watching 25   5 star rating
waterylime46 Watching     not rated
weraa2 Watching 20   not rated
Wesroos Watching 20   5 star rating
wha1e Watching 1   not rated