Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The war between the monarchical Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance has raged ceaselessly across the galaxy for over a century, with the fleets of both powers having fought countless battles. Currently the conflict revolves around the strategic Iserlohn Corridor, one of only two passages of space through which the two forces can access each other. Here the Empire has built the nigh-impregnable Iserlohn Fortress, whose deadly weaponry has thwarted repeated efforts by the Alliance to capture her. Phezzan, a neutral mercantile state, controls the other corridor. The long war has resulted in an indecisive stalemate, but there are two men from the two worlds who will change everything: Wen-Li Yang, a gifted strategist from the Alliance who wants nothing more than to retire and be a historian; and Reinhard von Lohengramm, a man from the Empire whose ambition knows no bounds. Their loves, struggles, triumphs and failures play across an interstellar stage of intrigue, war and death.

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Reasons you might like Legend of the Galactic Heroes...

MonkeyZerg MonkeyZerg says...

If you enjoyed the political machinations and personalities that drove the epic events of Code Geass, then be sure to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Galactic Heroes is a slower paced, grander affair, and while it offers aged visuals and less exciting battles, it takes its time to flesh out its world with deeper character and history. Those who invest into its 110 episodes and films will not be dissapointed.

DeathGodX DeathGodX says...

League of the Galactic Heroes and Code geass Characters are very similar in ways, both Lelouch and Prince Loghengramm are trying to make the future better, while Yang Wenli and Suzaku are trying to improve the present, while both anime present the goal of Unifying the world/universe in there storylines, both anime have very compelling storylines and if you loved one there should be a 99.9% of you enjoying the other!!!

RustySpider RustySpider says...

This is the far superior version of Code Geass. Less flashy mechas & action, but infinitely more intelligent writing & far more believable characters.

Funkgun Funkgun says...

Ambition, and epic science fiction are in both of these titles. The main lead is a man driven in both series. 

If you enjoyed the aspect of sweeping desires and the men who drive them then you could enjoy both of these equally. 



Kamui has returned to Tokyo with a traumatizing past, but he is not the only one. Many people are returning to Tokyo for the same reason: they play a part in the End of the World. The Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven now must fight for the destruction or safety of the world. But is this troubled Kamui really the key to saving the world?

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Reasons you might like X TV...

mexigogen mexigogen says...

Even if you forget the fact that these are both works of CLAMP the similarities are still striking. If you liked the character designs and the anti-hero main characters in Code Geass, you're probably going to like X TV too. 

xiscoolerthanyou xiscoolerthanyou says...

Both X TV and Code Geass have that dark, tragic feel to them and in my opinion the protagonists, Kamui and Lelouch, are quite similar. Both have people that they want to protect (Kotori and Fuuma for Kamui, Nunnally and Suzaku for Lelouch), and both series pit best friends against each other in battle. Also, both series have character designs by CLAMP, and you can especially see the similarities between Kamui and Lelouch; yet also, Nunnally and Kotori bear similarities in personality and looks. Both series are must views!

CuthienSilmeriel CuthienSilmeriel says...

Both X TV and Code Geass are about a young male lead who is gifted with supernatural powers and holds the fate of civilization in his hands. Also both Lelouch and Kamui suffer hardships and heartaches, as well as difficult decisions. These anime have a very similar feel and while the plot lines vary greatly the characters of Lelouch and Kamui are very similar; both show a cold exterior whilst actually being quite caring inside. Both anime aren't afraid of a high death count either.



A man awakens in an unfamiliar room, with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. His wounds have been bandaged, and his face is covered with a mask that he cannot remove. With nowhere to go, he decides to stay with his rescuers and help them when needed, waiting for his memory to return. Though his courage, skill, and wisdom quickly gain him the villagers’ respect, the same traits soon land him in hot water with the local feudal lord. Not one to back away from injustice, the path he must follow will lead him to confront his enemies, and his hidden past.

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Reasons you might like Utawarerumono...

Cetonis Cetonis says...

Now here's an awkward recommendation. Although they clearly stem from entirely different genres, both Code Geass and Utawarerumono follow their main character as he rebels against the ruling regime and becomes an influential leader in his own right, with all the strings attached. If you enjoyed the army-building aspect of one, with the recruiting, politics, managing and so on, you may likely enjoy the other as well.

Arodec Arodec says...

While these shows might not have many superficial similarities, warfare soon becomes a central theme in both of them. Utawarerumono focuses more on the cause and effects of it, while Code Geass focuses more on the battles themselves. Another similarity is that they both put a lot of focus on the characters involved in these wars, often more so than on the war itself.

JAhU JAhU says...

At first it may seem that those two are completely different anime, yet if you check it twice you'll find that both of them have those large scale battles and plenty of strategy/tactical stuff. Both shows have a masked man as a main character. Whats more, both of them lead a rebellion and their position as the leaders is brought upon them rather suddenly. On the other hand Hakuoru (main hero of Utawarerumono) and Lelouch (protagonist of Code Geass) are driven by different motives. In both anime it is quite interesting to watch where their motives lead them. So if you like umm... strategical anime with plenty of action and don't mind some mecha (in Code Geass case), then those are two anime for you.



Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowel were best friends who lived by the law of the street, until one day they picked a fight with the wrong people and their life of freedom was suddenly taken away. With no one to turn to and nowhere to run, the choice to join Millenion, the city's most powerful syndicate, seemed like an offer they couldn't refuse. Now, amidst heartache, tragedy, and utmost betrayal, Brandon must take up the gun and help Harry climb the ranks of Millenion to succeed, in order to protect the people he loves, even if it means killing countless others in the process.

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Reasons you might like Gungrave...

freakzilla freakzilla says...

Gungrave might have much in common with Code Geass. Even i'll admit that. Than again, there's more to an anime than the plot or genre. What brings me to Gungrave is all the rest! The dark gritty atmosphere in which feelings or remorse and betrayal amongst friends shakes up the entire storyand makes people reflect at themselves. And not just the characters, i'm talking about the viewers as well.

In the end i can't help but linking them together based upon those feelings. You should try it out, both have a lot to offer!

Szwagier Szwagier says...

Ok I admit this seem like a weird combination at first.

Gungrave have heavier atmosphere and much more realism (even with all the  monsters roaming around through the second half). It's prolly because Gungrave is a tale spread through a long period of time - character slowly grow to get into their place. CG is more childish with teenagers in giant robots roaming around and echi/comedy parts added there.

That said... I still believe this shows are really similar. Both are about ambition and revenge, about betrayal and heavy price it comes with. Both animes feature two close friends as main characters, that eventually becomes mortal enemies. Even the character types have strong similarities - Lelouch and Harry are ambitious, manipulative bastards while Brandon and Suzaku are loyal and hardworking types.

Basically if you want lighter Gungrave in different setting go fo CG. If you want heavier Code Geass with mafia flavours go for Gungrave

badazz5001 badazz5001 says...

Bot series revolve around anti hweros who get unbelivabole powers and use them to take revenge agients pepole who betrayed them and try to change the world. both also have prety simmiler animation and charecter design and both have simmiler action scens



Dr Kenzo Tenma is a genius surgeon working in post-Cold War Germany who has a bright future ahead of him. He is admired by his colleagues, loved by his patients, and due to marry his boss' daughter, the beautiful Eva Heinemann. One day, when two patients in desperate need of emergency surgery are wheeled into his hospital, Tenma faces a terrible choice of saving the orphaned boy who came first or the mayor of Düsseldorf, whose recovery would raise the hospital's profile and boost his own career. Against the demands of his superior, Tenma does what he believes is right and saves the child. However, his decision not only damages his prospects, but unleashes a chain of events so horrific that it might have come from the depths of his worst nightmares. Laden with guilt, Tenma begins a journey across Germany in search of a formidable young man who will challenge his morals, his love for life, and his very sanity.

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Reasons you might like Monster...

UltimateShinobi UltimateShinobi says...

Both anime are physchological thrillers.They both have a good dosage of philosophy, Lelouch is trying to take over the world and the main character of Monster is trying to stop the world from being taken over.

AceAttorney AceAttorney says...

They Both have excellent, brilliant written plots, and are very similar, without you feeling ripped off because they seem copied.

This is the anime i would recommend the MOST to anyone, it is SO underwatched it isnt even funny.

hamletsmage hamletsmage says...

Both of these anime have an anti-hero, someone that goes against society to take down a greater evil. Both include some rather interesting side characters, a bizarre sibling bond, and a society in need of saving. If you like suspense, psychological drama, and tactical protagonists, these two are for you.