Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

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Full Metal Panic!

Full Metal Panic!

Gonzo does it again with this action-packed mecha comedy. She's an ordinary high school girl. He's a counterterror agent assigned to protect her from those who would steal the information locked in her mind. OK, so she's not so normal after all. Armored Slave battles and lovers' spats abound as Sousuke and his comrades try to track down the mysterious Gauln before it's too late.

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freakzilla freakzilla says...

FMP and Code Geass both excel in 1 thing: mecha action! Mecha isn't my genre at all, but with the addition of both military tactics and an un-Earthly weapon that isn't too overpowered; even i have to admit that you can find another anime to your liking by completing these two anime.

Miruyuki Miruyuki says...

Bote anime are mecha with also a school life with it, bote are futuring guys and girls in the main and bote are full questions when watching it.

seraphim2000 seraphim2000 says...

If you liked one for the giant mech fights, then you'll surely like the other. The fights the characters go through also mess with their lives outside the battlefield, causing a struggle to keep both sides in check.

rusty0 rusty0 says...

Enjoy Mega epic mecha battles? Like plenty of strategic planning? Backstabbing (although more prevalent in geass)? If the answer is yes, you will find both a plenty in these animes.

wolfangel87 wolfangel87 says...

Code Geass and Full Metal Panic! Are about high school aged students that get caught up in a military type of situation.  With lots of intense battle scenes and giant robot fights these two series are perfect.

hamletsmage hamletsmage says...

Combine Mecha, government conspiracy, the supernatural, and school life. You now have the major points of both FMP and Code Geass. Both feature a rather rich cast of characters and plenty of mecha battles.

Aldnoah Zero

Aldnoah Zero

In 1972, the Apollo 17 mission discovered a hypergate to Mars on the surface of the moon. Soon a war breaks out between Earth and Mars, and Martian soldiers begin to descend from the sky, riding steel giants, intent on exterminating humanity.

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KawaiiOtaku KawaiiOtaku says...

Both are centered around the conflict of two races, the Terrans/Elevens and the Martians/Britannians. Both anime have Mechs, with the Martians/Britannians having more specialised mechs and the Terrans/Elevens having regular millitary mechs.

The MCs are both highschool students who are calm, collected and think rationally instead of emotionally. Slaine and Suzaku share the same similarities as they are on the enemy's side even though their originis are that of the opposite side.

AL57 AL57 says...

Both main characters are somewhat similar (smart). Both are mecha-anime with a world-war as main plot. I think if you liked aldnoah zero you will most likely like code geass, mabye not the other way around though.

theSentinel theSentinel says...

If you like going beyond simple mecha action, then these animes are for you.  Its not simply fighting mechas, but a battle of intellect as well.  Deeper tactical and stratigical combat and warfare.  If you like one you will most likely like the other

2nsane 2nsane says...


Have to think in the show!


Maisuke Maisuke says...

If you've liked Code Geass and animes with similar theme, well, I'm also sure that you would grow to love Aldnoah Zero too. Just like Code Geass, Aldnoah Zero also have action, romance and a bit of drama. But be prepare for plot twists :>

LordKira1 LordKira1 says...

They're both Mecha... but Code Geass is by far the better show. So don't be too disappointed. On the other hand, Aldnoah zero is entertaining and does feature the same rebellion versus the empire theme as CG.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The foundation of alchemy is based on the law of equivalent exchange; you cannot produce something from nothing. As such, alchemy is bound by one taboo - human transmutation. Four years ago two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, broke this taboo when they tried to resurrect their dead mother. During the process Al's body disintegrated and Ed lost his leg. In a desperate attempt to prevent his brother from disappearing completely, Ed sacrificed one of his arms so he could affix Al's soul to a suit of armor. When his missing limbs are replaced by auto mail parts, Ed bears the name of the Fullmetal Alchemist - the youngest ever State Alchemist and dog of the military. Now, alongside his brother, Ed uses his status within the military to attempt to find any way that he can return their bodies back to their original state.

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Anathemus Anathemus says...

There's a lot of similarities to be found in Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood when it comes to the strong feeling of brotherhood shared between the main characters.

They also have to deal with the strong military forces present in their world, the Britannian Empire in Code Geass and the State Military in Fullmetal.

Tokuwa Tokuwa says...

Two Anime like a Game of Chess

Do you enjoy the suspense of a dramatic plot that barely ever slows down? Do you like characters outsmarting eachother on regular basis? Like wicked plot-twists and heavy quality drama? Like the word EPIC? These two gems have it both...

While FMA Brotherhood has an alternative 1900 setting with alchemy as a form of magic, Code Geass has a future scenario with Mechas being the weapon of choice.

In their core, both share complex, original characters and both series main appeal is the suspense-filled plot, that's a lot about strategy and epic battles. They also share philosophical themes: world revolutions, thirst for power, immortality and sacrifices.

Hethran Hethran says...

Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood are two animes that combine epic action with a thrilling plot. Both explore mature themes like human experimentation, genocide, and immortality. They each take place in a country ruled by a tyrannical regime, and the plot in both focuses on political intrigue and has an endless variety of surprising twists and turns.

popdevho popdevho says...

I recommend watching this as they both hold very detailed and well written stories. Both of the anime suggested have a sibling that is looking for a way to help the other brother/sister, because of this they both sacrifice something important.

AzizulHaque AzizulHaque says...

Both animes have a huge amount of action with characters hiding their true personality. Both main characters suffer a huge amount to suceed. Strategies have to be formed (There is also a scene in both animes were there planning a plot with chess). In a way alchemy is like geass which is a nice magic like property. All in all these are must want anime. 

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke

Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke

A breeze flutters the lovely silver hair atop the head of a young man wearing a uniform so black, it seems to be mourning something. His name is Hyoubu Kyousuke. He commands the criminal esper organization P.A.N.D.R.A. and continues to soar on midnight black wings through the dark sky, going so far as to start a revolution for the sake of his brethren who share his psychic powers. The antagonist hero of Shiina Takashi's original work, Zettai Karen Children, is the star of the original story in this new spin-off anime! Fight back against the fate of time itself, and set infinity loose!

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Reasons you might like Zettai Karen Children: The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke...

rycN rycN says...

Badass leader in an "evil" organisation. Both also have supernatural powers, which allows them to do things as they like

Florentina Florentina says...

Similar protagonist, art style,and storyline. Both feature a charismatic anti-hero working at the head of an terrorist organization,both revolving around superpowers of some sort. In fact,it's pretty impossible for the two to not be compared as they simply have so much in common. 

Code Geass+ Xmen =Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke.

If you like one,you'll like the other,I guarantee it.

uniscorn375 uniscorn375 says...

Both of the main characters, Lelouch and Kyousuke are fighting for something they believe in and both of their fathers have an influence on their actions. Lelouch seems to have a more peacful side to him though, whereas Kyousuke is just an all around badass and set on his revenge, something both of the characters have in mind.

Holo Holo says...

There are many comparisons that can be drawn between the two anime. I think the most obvious is the main character, who in both shows, is a very cool, calculated, and confident leader. In many ways, their over-confidence reaches insanity, and so brings them back to a relatable level for the audience.

In addition, there are interesting uses of supernatural power and politcal conflict at play, and often the combination of the two makes for some interesting narrative suspense. Even the art styles are similar in some cases.

Both anime have a high production value and good voices throughout. I would reccomend both.

Uni101 Uni101 says...

Both have so many similarities!

1. A anti-hero wanting revenge for their past, and fighting for a cause against a greater power by forming a terrorist organization with loyal friends/allies.

2. Both Lelouch and Kyousuke do not let go of their belief even though the opposition try to change their mind/thinking.

3. Both Lelouch and Kyousuke aim to change the world which may not be seen as the most ethical way.

4. I got a vibe of a Lelouch and Suzaku friend/hate relationship between Hinomiya and Kyousuke.

5. Both Lelouch and Kyousuke have a powerful supernatural power and use it to further their cause.

6. lol, Kyousuke even does some of Lelouch's classic poses/movements such as the classic outstreched arm sweep. Also he wears a very fitting uniform!

6. Both have a similar art style.

7. Both Kyousuke and Lelouch hold a soft spot for who they want to protect/who they are fighting for.

Log Horizon

Log Horizon

With over 20 million players worldwide, Elder Tale is one of the hottest online RPGs. At least, it used to be only a game, until the fateful day that tens of thousands of players became stuck in the virtual world, unable to log out. For these would-be knights, healers and magicians, Elder Tale is no longer a hobby, it’s a reality, complete with tasteless in-game food, revivals upon death, and boring NPC conversations! With no other options than to accept their fates, the analytical Shiroe, perverted-and-proud Naotsugu, tiny and adorable Akatsuki and other new friends must adjust to their new lives in Elder Tale, avoiding player killers and monsters along the way!

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Reasons you might like Log Horizon...

Nidrax Nidrax says...

Though the general subject of both titles is different, I found some similarities in those. Both main characters are vary inteligent and great strategists and also both gain several amount of power and authority during the setting of the plot. Code Geass as like Log Horizon serve a very interesting, thilling plot that you would follow breathlessly from the begining to the very end.

CrazyGadget CrazyGadget says...

Both anime's feature a stong willful protagonist.  This protagonist is a bit of an anti-hero, but means well.  In both cases the protagonist is a strategic expert.

Wolfis Wolfis says...

Similar style of main charicter(in attitude, intellegence and planning). Both Series have powerful charicters who overall push the story forward. While Code Geass creates more moral greys Log Horizon still introduces grey morality to a lower degree. Both are also very well made from a production and voice stand point.

jakeshuffle jakeshuffle says...

The main character is rather intelligent and also a fantastic tactician using brain over brawn. 

TheWhiteAfrican TheWhiteAfrican says...

Both Shiroe and Lelouch are masterful tacticians, able to manipulate the surrounding battle to suit them and there side better. This lends itself to great shows with an action element that is not overly exploited. Rather, you see how to battle plans are made and the reasoning behind the decisions.