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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

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Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven

Like most boys his age, the young Renton thinks of nothing but reffing – riding trapar waves on a board – and idolizes Holland, the leader of the renegade group of reffers named Gekko State. As an orphan of a famous hero, he lives a boring life with his grandfather until the beautiful Eureka crashes, literally, into his life. Now, with the help of his newfound friend and crush, Renton finds himself living amongst the crew of Gekko State. The errands are hard and the bullying is fierce, but with Eureka by his side, Renton just might find the courage to tough it out and even save the world!

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Both shows feature a ragtag gang of heroes who go up against an evil empire in order to save the world.  They also feature a young girl with mysterious powers who may very well be the key to their salvation.  Also, the mecha combat is identical except that in Code Geass, they can't fly.  But everything as far as movement and how they look and how they fight is just about identical.  Code Geass can be a bit more violent and mean-spirited at times while Eureka can be more romantic.


Besides featuring the same opening theme artist and being mecha anime, these two have a very different approach to the mecha scene. They are great in giving the viewer enough story and action while not drowning either in one side for too long. If you liked one, try out the other.


Two of the best mecha anime out there. If you enjoyed the action of Eureka Seven then you should deffinatly check out Code Geass.


Eureka 7 has the same building stones as Code Geass: mecha action, a supernatural mysterious power and most importantly a good story to keep everything together. Combine that with a few nervosities in the characters that don't go to the extent of Evangelion-like breakdowns; and a very nice interaction between the characters.

This brings you to two anime that differ completely in plot, powers and even mecha style; yet manage to leave a similar feeling of success and satisfaction.


These are pretty similiar went they come to Mecha, but what makes them really good is that they have a wonderful story line in both of them they also have really good sad and joyful meanings it actualy moved me.


Boy eclipsed by father's fame: check. Mysterious girl helping said boy do new things: check. Story that you don't realize is as epic as it really is until late in the series: check. A lot of cool mecha: check. If you liked one of these series, there is no reason to not check out the other.


Both of Code Geass and Eureka Seven contain similar elements. A girl with mysterious powers, a government with little concern for it's people, rebellion, and mecha. Both of the protagonists are given the chance to change their world for the better, and both are up against formidable foes.


Both these anime as main plot have history of young boy, who wants fight against almost totalitarian goverment beacuse of his love (Lelouch fights for his lil' sister and Renton for mecha pilot girl, serving in famous militia "Gekko-Go"); in both series there are also mad dictators as main villains, as well as portraited in interesting ways resistance groups. Despite of fact partly similarity of soundtrack, you'll find more things in both anime, which make you content, or not.


Both of these shows have likable casts that experience misadventures, romance, hardships, and fight with fluid, stylish action as the main resistance movements against an oppressive government. Both shows deal with themes of discrimination, sacrifice and overcoming pain dealt from things out of their characters' control. Either of these shows will have you hooked until the very end.


Both series are easy to recommend due to being very friendly to introduce to mech anime and can appeal to both guys and girls alike unlike other mech anime (hello, Gundam) in which we never see female characters even piloting the mech. 

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist

Once upon a time, two brothers passed the happy days of their childhood by studying alchemy, which is governed by the equal transfer principle: an eye for an eye -- you can't get more than you give. But these brothers tried to defy that law, and a horrific accident resulted. Now, the older brother, Edward, is called the Full Metal Alchemist because of his metal limbs, and the younger, Alphonse, is a soul without a body, trapped within the confines of an automaton. Together they search for the power to restore themselves, to find the lives they lost so long ago...

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Both are a battle of witts, courage, and determination to reach there goals. No matter what the cost, except for the lives of there friends.


Both shows show the strong sibling relations and how main protagonists fight for their brother's / sister's sake. Both have conspiracy involved


Both Ed and Lelouch have a strong sibling relationship in which they will do anything for their brother/sister's sake. They battle through many opposing forces such as the military, unjust people, and sometimes even the people close to them.


In both Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass, politics and the shifting of power between people and governements are paramount to the storyline. Coldness and strategy meet passion and love in a believable scenery. I recommend both.


There's a lot of similarities to be found in Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist when it comes to the strong feeling of brotherhood shared between the main characters.

They also have to deal with the strong military forces present in their world, the Britannian Empire in Code Geass and the State Military in Fullmetal.


Both Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion start with a protagonist who wants to use his powers to change something in his world, and both continue as the young man's journey takes him to ever-darker places. If you enjoy shows that examine the real consequences of one's actions, then try either of these on for size.


Code Geass and Fullmetal Alchemist involve a power struggle between the people and the government that is shifting.  The whole entire back drop of each series revolves around politics and the family connections the main characters have.


I recommend Fullmetal Alchemist with Code Geass because there's sometimes a battle of life and death in both and they have a lot in common.


Both of these anime involve the protagonist working to attain some goal that might cost him everything. Both anime laugh in the face of conventional physics, bring along a cast of interesting characters, and involve secret government plots. Both anime also have fairly large worlds for the protagonist to roam.


Both the series feature some huge action packed scenes, The unwavering will of Main characters to reach there ultimate goal no matter how much they have to suffer. They wont budge even if they are treated like thrash in society.

Both series feature some unbelievable powers ,like geass in Codegeass and Philosphers stone in FMA and both series have a awesome storyline.

Highly recomended to watch other one , if u liked any of two.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

In the future, a devastating event known as Second Impact has destroyed Tokyo as we know it, giving rise to Tokyo III - a city under siege by mysterious lifeforms known only as Angels. Mankind's only line of defense are the Evangelions, a set man-made machines piloted by a trio of fourteen year-old teenagers, Rei, Shinji, and Asuka. The fate of Japan and the entire world now lie with these three children, though they might not have the power to save the most important thing of all: each other.

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Both series fight in robots... well kind of.

And they're both about psychological issues.

In the first episode of CG they show the main character's mind in the same way they portray the mind in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And they're both really great!


Both series feature great robot battles, superpowers and world-changing plots. The protagonists battle with their inner demons and face a heritage they wish to have nothing to do with.


Both shows have larger than life dramas with "mechas"; howver, they both also concentrate heavily on the personal relations between characters, allowing for viewing experiences that are never stale. The major theme within each show also revolves heavily around collective conscience versus individuality.


Each sporting their own unique type of mech, both Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Neon Genesis Evangelion are excellent transitions.

A show with giant robots can always end up being a huge bust because of just that. However, you find a nice balance between both animes that gives the mech an important supporting role, but ultimately the story and action lies with the characters and the storyline.

I enjoy a good head twister with an abundance of "oro" moments. Predictable animes that rely on the "cool" factor easily burn out. Neither of these anime sport such plots with the story leading you in all directions.

The last note is that for some reason, a good majority of animes have "the couple that cannot be." These two are no exception as they each strive to show the emotional sides of the characters. Call me a sucker, but I love any good story that makes me want something from a character real bad whether it is to realize a love, act on a love, or forsake a love. Whether or not the character makes the choice I want him/her to most of the time I am satisfied, and if you liked either NGE or CG:LotR you will most certainly be satisfied with the latter.


Code Geass and Neon Genesis Evangelion give you kinda like the same feeling while watching it. Both contain fights with some sort of robots (CG: Knightmares // NGE: Evas). Also they share some psychological aspects and definitely the "WTF moments". If you like one of them you'll surely like the other as well.


Both stories are great and epic, hard to see two anime of this kind!

Mecha are very well involved in both stories, but still they aren't the only base the story is made on.

What about characters? Very different in one anime from the other but for sure the same way deep as only a few of other anime series have.


Both of these anime take place after the destruction of Japan (whether literally or politically). Both involve the use of Mecha to fight, usually in large-scale battles. Both anime also involve school-age kids piloting the mecha while dealing with teen-angst.


A conflicted protagonist with father issues . . .

A mysterious girl . . .

A hot-headed girl who pilots a red mecha . . .

The protagonist's father with dubious morality . . .

Assimilation plot . . .

Yep, there's no denying these similarities between Shinji and Lelouch, Rei and C.C., Asuka and Kallen and of course Gendo and Emperor Charles.



Teito Klein is a former slave who attends the Barsburg Empire's military academy. Having no memory of his past and the power to wield a rare ability called Zaiphon, Teito is constantly under the scrutiny of his peers - except for his best friend Mikage, the only person he connects with. After seeing and remembering the man who killed his father, Teito tries to kill him and finds himself on the run from Barsburg's military might. Now, with the evil beings known as Kor after his soul, the Barsburg Empire after his blood and only the legendary Seven Ghosts to protect him, Teito must unlock the memories of his past before he ends up as a sacrifice for Verloren, the sealed God of Death.

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Ok, as yet there are no Mecha in 07-Ghost... nor, I think (at the time of posting), are there likely to be. That is, if Studio Deen aren't in the business of ruining plots.

So, now we've got that out of the way: I'd still recommend Code Geass to viewers who enjoyed/are enjoying 07-Ghost, and vice versa. As for the paralells between the two series... where does one begin?!

Both series have a powerful, heavily military-focussed "Empire" (Barsburg or Brittanian), trying to take over the world. Both have rampant imperialism, loyal-to-the-death soldiers, and so on, and this is a major theme. Additionally, both empires are portayed in a somewhat good light in the first episode, although this quickly changes- our protagonists fight the oppression, if in slightly different ways.

But other than the similarities between the content of the two series, I'd also recommend them based on the cliffhanger-type nature of the ending of each episode, and...

I'm trying to find a word for the general feel of them. It's not quite "feel-good", that would be wrong. But both anime certainly have their high points, their Crowning Moments of Awesome, and their heartfelt blows to the main characters when it all goes wrong. There's a real sense of empathy there, and above all, that's why I think you should watch this anime.


If you like Code Geass or 07 Ghost, you will probably find the other serie also very good. They have same kind of drawing-style, and same sort of main-character: a boy/man with some special powers. They both also have futuristical vehicles and a bit same kind of plot.


Ill begin with the obvious, which is that both anime have very beutiful and similar animation, throughout both you are hard press to find anything that isnt pleasing to look at.

Although 07-Ghost and Geass have some big differences between them, one being based on mecha, the other not, their are similarities with the general theme of their plot and do center greatly around their central characters.


The animation styles are very similar in both Code Geass and 07-ghost. The main characters have some strong similarities (clothing choices not withstanding), including a mysterious power. The intricate storylines are both enjoyable, and if you like one, you'll like the other.  


In both series, the protagonists struggle with an almighty empire that has played a significant role in their past.

The two have similar animation and powerful music that add to the scenes.


I think the similarities lie withing the combination of both being very serious but at the same time funny. Both have ver intereting characters which are also somewhat twisted within themselves. In both animes there are mysteries and riddles to be solved, though while in Code Geass we kind of watch a "negative" protagonist and in 7 Ghosts a "positive" one.

Both animes are high in their drawing qualities and are full of action. I may note that I loved the openings and endings of both a lit, too.

Differences: 7 Ghosts is playing in an anchient styled time & world while Code Geass is a very developed future.


If you liked 07-Ghost, you'll probably like Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Both are very military-focused, and the storylines are both steeped in secrets, double-crossing and dodgy authority figures.

Also, the central characters are both young men, schooled in the confines of, or in close proximity to, a military setting. Both are disillusioned with their 'leaders', and are spurred forward to break ranks and dismantle the imbalance/corruption that their authority figure represents... at great risk to their lives.

Both have pasts which gradually reveal a great deal of the inner-workings of their journey, including childhood trauma and subsequent secrets.

Black Cat

Black Cat

An organization known to the dark side of the world as Chronos claims to desire world peace, employing the top thirteen assassins in the world known as 'Erasers.' They each have a weapon customized to fit their style, all made out of orichalcum ore, the strongest material available on Earth. Number 13, Train Heartnet (codenamed Black Cat) is the most famous and revered of the thirteen Chronos numbers, but in the light of a tragic event he has come to question his path in life. Together with Sven Vollfied, a struggling bounty hunter and a living weapon named Eve, Train takes up a job as a bounty hunter - all the while running from the other Erasers and Creed Diskenth, a crazed man whom wants him to join the Apostles of the Stars, a group made to destroy Chronos.


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Aside from the obvious fact that both animes use the same animation style, the story holds a number of similarities as well. Most noticeably the fact that both are about a small group of talented individuals going up against a larger, more powerful group (not exactly an uncommon sentiment in anime but both pull it off relatively well) and also the main characters possess unique abilities that, while not directly combat-oriented, do give them an advantage if used properly.


It's common yet unexplainable that such lone wolves as Black Cat and Lelouch really exist. If you are interested in the progress and outcome of stubbornness give these a try.


Both anime tell the stories of two people with similar childhood traumas. And although the stories may be similar at the start, the outcome is very different.


Both series involve the main character as a very misterious person who is hard to understand. They both take lives and try to protect the ones they love. In both series the characters use their clever wit, unqiue styles and firepower to escape difficult situations to progress towards their goal.


If you enjoy the concept of corrupt governments, both Black Cat and Code Geass definitely play up this aspect of life. In addition to this theme, the characters in both of these anime "gang up" in small factions in order to rebel against large governments where they hardly stand a chance. Both Code Geass and Black Cat have a twist however - the main characters have special supernatural powers that help them along the way. Over all, though they have differences between them, these two anime are similar enough to have the same feeling of repression of the underdogs that makes the viewer simply want to support them.


In Both black cat and code geass: Lelouch of the rebellion the main chacter wants to take revenge on somebody which is the enemy.There is alot of action and adventures in both of them. so i you like code geass you'd also like black cat.


Code Geass and Black Cat are similar in several ways. They have a similar animation style with bright, vivid colors, have main characters struggling with childhood traumas, include way too many insignificant and underdeveloped characters and move extremely fast through the narrative. Both anime suffer from the same flaws and excel at the same things. If you're a fan of fast-paced, action style anime, then you can't go wrong with either one.

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