Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 Picture Drama

Username Status Eps Rating
AkaXIII Dropped 1  
AkuSokuZan Dropped 1  
Alaska Dropped 9  
alpha449 Dropped    
Animefangirl21 Dropped 5  
AnimeLover8202 Dropped    
Aradeid Dropped 8  
audreybear Dropped    
bergdoll Dropped 9  
BerlinAzita Dropped    
brokentribe Dropped    
Claay Dropped 1  
Dagnu Dropped 2  
DeathBySunlight Dropped    
dj8900 Dropped    
Douche Dropped    
Drep Dropped 3  
FalconPunch Dropped    
Haganai Dropped    
jjp12345 Dropped    
JTeezyFasheezy Dropped 1  
kodr Dropped    
leiitoo97 Dropped 3  
MetalHarpey Dropped    
moonlightblue516 Dropped    
neograce Dropped    
ranma5 Dropped 1  
Ruki3000 Dropped    
Sickadiscustus Dropped    
StrikeFreedom1980 Dropped 2  
subdigitals0 Dropped    
Tchubara Dropped 1  
tenboherce Dropped    
TrialsOfMnemosyne Dropped 1  
xypers Dropped    
Zessaika Dropped 7