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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

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In 2010, the Britannian Empire enslaved Japan using powerful mecha known as Knightmares; in the aftermath Japan was renamed Area 11, and its people began a hard and terrible existence. Lelouch, a Britannian student living in Area 11, has grown up hating the Empire and everything it stands for. One day, in the middle of a terrorist attack, Lelouch meets a mysterious girl who grants him the ability to control minds. Can he use his new power to fight for freedom, or will his hatred twist his good intentions into mindless acts of vengeance?

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Name Role
Goro TANIGUCHI Director
Kotaro NAKAGAWA Music
Hitomi KUROISHI Music
Takao MINEGISHI Producer
Hiroshi MOROTOMI Producer
Atsushi YUKAWA Producer
Yoshitaka KAWAGUCHI Producer

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion VivisQueen 8.5/10 Oct 31, 2007
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion vivafruit 6/10 Aug 7, 2007

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Th3Laugh1ngMan 9.5/10 Mar 22, 2014
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion RayEightPie 8/10 Nov 9, 2013
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion SANC16 9/10 Nov 1, 2013
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Important Anime Th3Laugh1ngMan 29 Apr 23, 2014
Best of the Best Th3Laugh1ngMan 42 Apr 22, 2014
~25~ dvnrng 37 Apr 22, 2014

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Death Note

Death Note

Have you ever felt like the world would be a better place if certain people weren’t around? Such grim daydreams might occur when watching the dismal daily news, but on one fateful day, Light Yagami finds that these daydreams can become reality. By pure happenstance, he comes across a black notebook entitled "Death Note", whose text within states that whoever's name is written on its pages will die. With the aid of the death god Ryuk, Light takes it upon himself to rid the world of its corruption, ushering in a new era of purity one death at a time. But as Ryuk foretells, Light's actions will not go unchallenged...

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I believe you would like Death Note because even though the plot is totally different, it has similar aspects to Code Geass.  They both present the stories of antiheroes - good guys who are trying to change the present world into a better world, while at the same time trying to hide the fact of who they are.  Both must face ordeals on their path toward their goals.


At first glance there seems to be little that ties Death Note, an intense psychological thriller, to Code Geass, a mecha anime with 1984/Big Brother themes. Upon further inspection, however, one sees similarly inspired protagonists with new power thrust upon them. Each quickly decides to use his newly found power to better the world. While Death Note is more intellectual and complicated, both anime take pleasure in spotlighting mindgames between secret opponents while questioning the main characters' ends-justify-the-means approach to ethics.


Both shows feature a main character who uses his high intelligence to create intricate plans to accomplish his goals and defeat his rivals (who often are just as intelligent and have their own plans).  Both main characters straddle the line of good and evil for the sake of justice, and have no qualms or hesitations about sending people to their deaths in order to further their goals.  Code Geass has far more action but I'd say that Death Note has more violence and mean-spiritedness.


If you thought Lelouch is mean, just watch Light in action - now that's a badass character. Nonetheless they share the same idea of new, better world and share a resolve to achieve this goal by any means. It leads them to tough decisions about those who they love. Also both received superhuman powers and are masterminds.


Probably the most obvious reason for this recommendation is the ambiguous nature of the protagonists, who utilize their manipulative skills, their intelligence and rather questionable means to achieve their goals. Though Death Note is more of a detective story with supernatural elements and a dark atmosphere, Code Geass is a real robot mecha series with much more vibrant colors. Both question morality and feature strong coalitions between the main characters (though in Death Note they are intellectual battles only, while in Code Geass they are physical battles too).


Death Note and Code Geass are both about dark anti-heroes who live by the saying: the ends will justify the means. Character-wise, they are strikingly close. They both have twisted friendships between really similar people who for one reason or an other end up as enemies.


Code Geass and Death Note are both born of the same breed. Their main characters are super-geniuses who rely on strategy and deduction along with a special power (only one in either anime) in order to try and change the world.

Both toy with what's really right and what's wrong, where the lines of morality lie, and show just how quickly strength can crumble (many times over, in fact.)


Code Geass and Death Note both are similar when it comes to the main characters. They believe in themselves above all else. They challenge the world that doesn't comply with their visions and their dreams, and both gain power in supernatural way that allows them to fight what they see as unjust. Both, as well, have tactical traits and skills which makes them leaders.


Both Death Note and Code Geass follow the life of a boy genius in his quest to change the world. Truly suspenseful drama, brilliant plot twists and pure intelligence liken these 2 series.


If you liked Code Geass I would highly recomend Death Note and vice versa. Both shows feature quite a bit more intellectual sparring than your typical shounen anime, and both main characters have very similar personalities (thery're closer to being the antagonist than the protagonist) and abilities (ridiculously powerful but with prominent weaknesses). Also the main concept of 'changing the world' is present in both of these anime. And if that's not enough for you they are both filled with action and a twisted plot that will keep you wondering what will happen next.


The main parallel that can be drawn with Death Note and Code Geass is with the protagonists. Already having a clear ideal world in mind, and a matching strong desire to create that world, both male students are by chance given an inhuman power. Both taking on fake identities for the public, they use these powers to take control and carry out their plans in an intelligent, calculated way. I even get the same uneasy chill up my spine when either of them smile about things going their way.


Code Geass and Death Note have similar main characters. Their world is split in two, and they have two faces - one which they show to the world and one for themselves. They want to accomplish some big goal. If you liked one, you will like the other.


Death Note and Code Geass have a great and mysterious plot which is their key feature. Every time you get an answer for something, a few more new ones are born. This keeps you intensely wondering what will happen next, but can also be considered a drawback since I personally broke my chair when I saw Code Geass' last episode. If you like unforeseen events you will love these and hate these at the same time. If you think that's not possible just watch them!


I found the main plot of Code Geass and Death Note to be really similar. The world isn't divided into bad and good people like most anime; it's really complex and difficult to understand because former friends may be enemies and the main characters become somewhat paranoid (and I even became paranoid at some points). The protagonists (or antagonists) are given a power that can change the face of the world completely. They have similar character attributes (they're both geniuses) and ways of thinking.

The stories really captivated me because of the good animation and character designs. Another good point is that there are not a lot of characters so the stories are easy to follow.


Code Geass has been nicknamed Death Note lite with good reason. Both involve their main character gaining "powers" and using them to change the world to his own vision, using questionable ethics and manipulation.


While Death Note is very different than Code Geass, the main characters Light and Lelouch are extremely similar in the way they act and think.


Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Death Note are very alike yet are far from it at the same time. They are both about an extremely clever boy who receives a special gift (or power, so to say) which he tries to turn the world in to a better place with; though both of their methods can be questionable, their true intension is a better world for all.. Both Lelouch (Code Geass) and Light (Death Note) are slowly consumed by their own power and sacrifices must be made to make the world a better place. These are two very well thought through anime. If you like one I would definitely recommend the other.


Code Geass and Death Note are both stories built around a mastermind sort of character who, when granted a special power, takes it upon himself to improve the world despite causing many deaths in the process. Both anime are centered around this moral dilemma of ends vs. means, as well as the descent of the central characters as they become increasingly drunk on their own power. Having aired at the same time, these two series are pretty much siblings - if you enjoyed one, by all means check out the other.


Both Death Note and Code Geass have a similar lead character and a great story. They are two intense series about the main characters' rise and search for power, although under completely different circumstances.


Both revolve around a highly intelligent young male who happens to possess a unique and deadly power almost by pure chance. Both Lelouch and Light seek to change the world in which they live for the better and use their power and intelligence to do so, countering resistance to their extreme methods with battles of wit. Both anime hover around a gray area, rather than being clear cut as to who is right and who is wrong. It is left to the watcher to decide which side to support and both sides have valid arguments to justify their actions. These anime are good at making you think, though Code Geass has more action in it than Death Note.


Death Note and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion are similar in many aspects. What drew me to them was the strategy implemented by the main characters in each. If you like anime in which the division between good and evil is not too clear, both of these are good choices.


Both Death Note and Geass portray what it means to acquire power, and the ability to control it; the consequences brought about by wielding it as such, and the sacrifices which have to be made in order to achieve one's selfish desires.

While the stories are completely different, both will have you on the edge of your seat in suspense. Whether you're trying to peek around the corner to anticipate the next series of events, or simply enthralling yourself within the complex minds of the many unique characters, you will most definitely find something to enjoy about these anime titles.


In Death Note and Code Geass, you are faced with their main characters wanting to end all wars and evil in order to create a peaceful existence for the good and pure. Both of these characters face tough challenges, enemies, and even close friends who oppose their visions of a perfect world and their means of how they achieve it.


If you liked the intelligent thoughts in ether Death Note or Code Geass, or if you liked Light's or Lelouch's personality, you will love the other.


They are both similar in many ways, such as the similarity between Lelouch and Light. The characters are trying to change their world using their sense of 'justice'; Light with the Death Note and Lelouch with the Geass, both with intelligence and cunning.


If you like either of these series check out the other. Death Note and Code Geass go deeper than the average anime to make you think about your own values and ask you what you'd do in situations where both sides can be right. Both protagonists are also different from the average, as both are fighting against established society. The shows are both serious and more mature than your average anime.


The main characters in Code Geass and Death Note are morally complex, with dazzling intellects that will leave you quite impressed. If you enjoy watching a morally gray protagonist on a quest to achieve a dream by any means necessary, you won't be disappointed.


Like "smart" anime? Then you'd like both Code Geass and Death Note.


Both Death Note and Code Geass work with the idea of controlling people for a greater purpose: to make a better world by your own hand, because nobody else will make it for you. It doesn't matter if you kill one or two people in the process; in the end, it will have been worth it.

It is inevitable that there will be people who disagree with the protagonists' ideas, and that is what makes these anime so interesting.


Death Note and Geass have you questioning whether or not to root for the bad guy. The protagonist is doing something inherently wrong, for what seemed to be a good reason at the beginning before snowballing out of control. Death Note is more of a psychological suspense anime that sucks you in with significantly more inner monologues; there are no secrets about the protagonist's mindset. Lelouch is more of a drama that you can disassociate yourself from, where you can infer the qualities of his character by his actions and brief glimpses into a troubled past.

I think it's only fair to say I had a difficult time relating to either of the lead characters, but drama was kept high throughout both series. Be warned: both of these anime have significant amounts of gratuitous (and often senseless) violence.


Both Code Geass and Death Note involve the use of cunning and strategy to achieve goals rather than brawn. However, to achieve these goals, the protagonists may have to lose some of their humanity in the process. The themes are similar, and people who enjoy one usually enjoy the other.


Both series are quite alike, when it comes to the plot of a young man who wishes to change the wolrd in his view and gains a gift to do just that. They both have a clear goal and will do any thing, and kill anyone, even they own family to make they own wold with them as gods. They are very much alike, so if you loved one you will sure love the other as well.


Both series have a main character who claims to be the bringer of justice, but their methods leave the viewer wondering whether their ideas are truly 'right' or not. Also, there is the supernatural element, where both main characters posess a kind of inhuman power that allows them to become the deciders of justice in the world.


The two series have very similar stories: a genius is given a supernatural power and decides to use it to change the world for the better. However, their methods are of questionable morality, and both the cast and the fans are divided into "for" and "against".


The main character in both series have the great minds that come up with the genuis strategies. They both have a "double-life" as a student or "the friend of justice". Raito and Lelouch both wants to bring "peace" and justice to the world. However, they both do so by using very violet means and may be not considered to be "justice" by some people.


A debatably good, debatably evil utilitarian main character who wants to create a new world coming into possession of a mysterious power and testing it to excess using it in tandem with their already extraordinary intelligence to exploit to it's fullest utility in realizing their goal? Yup, these shows are that similar. The primary difference is the serious, dark, sober (Monster-like) tone and color scheme of Death Note versus the shiny, exaggerated (Gundam Seed-like) mech fighting style of Geass. Also the primary character interactions in Death Note are rivalries and deceptions. Geass is more of the same, but with a few romances as well.


Both Lelouch and Light want to make an ideal world, and will stop at nothing to see their goal reached. While Lelouch uses his Geass to control others, Light uses his Death Note to kill criminals and people that are in his way.


Lelouch and Light both follow their own sense of justice. Both armed with a supernatural ability and unparallel intelligence, they set out to right the world. Anti-heros are becoming more and more popular and for good reason, they are badass!


In Death Note, you have Light, who, through a supernatural being, obtains something, the Notebook, that helps him take over the world in a twisted way. He has someone, L, who is both close to him and is trying to kill his alternate identity, Kira. In Code Geass, you have Lelouch, who, through CC, obtains the Geass. He uses this so that he can kill his father. Suzaku has known Lelouch for a long time, but is trying to kill, Zero, Lelouch's "nickname". These two are virtually parallel in plot, character traits, ect.


I find Code Geass and Death Note to be series of the same vein, perhaps made to compete with each other in late 2006, early 2007.

While Code Geass focuses more on action and mecha battles, and Death Note on criminal intrigue, both series are fundamentally about a mildly sinister protaginist matching wits with an antagonist of equal reasoning ability.


There have been many parallels between the two anime, but both Death Note and Code Geass have seriously genius characters, though Light is more intelligent psychology-wise, whereas Lelouch is more of a master-strategist. Either way, their incredible exploits, which I will not mention due to spoilers, will leave you gaping and saying "holy crap that was incredibly brilliant!". At least it did for me.

Code Geass has a little bit more to offer comedy-wise, though Death Note has funnier eccentric character habits. Like L continuously eating sweets. Though, I must admit that the "epic writing" in Death note was simultaneously compelling and hilarious. I mean, they really know how to glorify writing people's names in a book.

Code Geass has some silly moments, but really, just like Death Note, is an awesome mind-f**k. Both are basically like being hit by a train-wreck from behind. Not only driven by LSD-inhibited monkeys, but completely unexpected. Things are going all dandy and fine, then WHAM! Roadkill. Body parts everywhere, the nearest hospital one hundred miles away.


Code Geass has been described as 'Death Note with giant robots,' and the description does kind of fit the bill. Both of these series star 'villain' protagonists, brilliant youths whose genius combined with a usually distorted sense of morality gets an outlet for their frustrations about the world by a supernatural power with clearly delineated and internally consistent rules. But while Death Note becomes more of a mystery and detective thriller with an epic battle of wits, Code Geass chose a more geopolitical route that required teenagers on the battlefield; that meant giant robots. Code Geass takes the core of Death Note and adds real robot series tropes, and the tropes remarkably add to its awesomeness.


There's a reason why this is such a common reccomendation. Even though the setting couldn't be more different, both storylines is about someone with an incredibly high IQ coming across a new power and using it to make their vision of a "better" world. Both of them also has an "Ends justifie the means" view because both characters commit acts that some would call evil throughout both series you'll find yourself wondering if its all actually worth it.


Code Geass is in fact a mixed of Death Note and some Machin. Why Death Note ? Because the main character is quite intelligent and use his brain for his goal which is to satisfied his blinded younger sister. And of course, instead of having a Death Note and some Shinigami, we can find a "witch" who gave him the power to give an ULTIMATE order which can't be denied, and they are lots of robot fights.Both are GREAT anime MUST-SEE-IT !!


Both Code geass and Death note are way too similar. 2 teenagers getting a strange power and starting to make their own justice until they are consumed by that power. If u liked death note you will defenetly like code geass ...way similar even the main characters. Recomending it fullheartedly.


Both anime are recently discovered gems. I mean it. They are kept in dark and gloomy atmosphere with almost none comedic relief. The main characters are very intelligent and they use their newly accuired powers to change the world. Plot in both series is insanely addicting and when you start watching you just can't stop. I'm sure that both of these anime will be held in few years as highly as NGE is held now.


If you like like shows with a battle of brains, interresting people and good plots then thsese two are worth watching as both have everything above as well some action.


Code Geass and Death Note both have a similarly styled main character: smart, determined, longing to create a better world, and then granted a power to do so. In the case of Lelouch - Geass, the power to give an absolute command to another person, in the case of Light - the death note, the power to kill a person who's real name and face you know.

Both animes will keep you in suspense as the main character puts their plans into play whilst avoiding capture, with plot twists throughout the series. Once you starting watching these, you won't want to stop until you finish them.


In both seiries, the main characters are anti-heors who are trying to overthrough society and change the world into their idea of "better". Each one uses mysterious powers theyve obtained and show incredible stargetic planning to manipulate everyone they need to.


Both anime series deal with the theme of justice. The main protagonist, Yagami Light of Death Note believes that ridding the world of criminals by killing them is justice while Lelouch Lamperouge of Code Geass believes that justice is destroying the evil Holy Empire of Britannia even if he has to get his hands dirty. Are these characters doing the right thing? Is killing justified with justice?


Both Light and Lelouch are sharing the desire to repair the rotten world. Abnormal power given to them by an mysterious individual (Ryuk / C.C.) is allowing them to fulfill it.


Both series are about intelligent revolutionaries who want to change the world into a better place and both protagonists employ means of doing so which could be questioned.

Both series are also filled drama and suspense, betrayal and super-powers, handed to the protagonists.


I think that Code Geass is very simliar to Death Note. While a lot of people might throw Code Geass to the side as another mecha anime it has a lot of the simliar qualities that made Death Note such a hit. Both main characters come across a unique power that drives them to rule the world. Also, they both share the idea that good strategy pays off in the end. Death Note and Code Geass are both more about playing mind games rather than straight action, which makes them so enjoyable to watch


Both series have the same concept - a youth with a vision of their 'perfect world' stumbles upon a supernatural power and embarks on their quest to realise their 'perfect world'. In the process towards the realisation of their vision, they face many moral dilemmas which force us to question - 'is it really worth it?'.

Death Note is set in a more contemporary era, while Code Geass is set in a fictional near future - and Geass definitely has much more action sequences than Death Note. Even so, the main highlight of the series would be the ways the main character in both series manipulate and sway people to realise his goals.

Watch one and liked it? You definitely have to watch the other.


Lelouch Lamperouge and Yagami Light share some characteristics. They both want too change the world at all cost. Not a single death is too much for them. Although there are no Mecha's in Death Note, and no Shinigami's in Code Geass, I am sure that if you liked the one, you will like the other, so jump into the lives of these Anti-Heroes, and see what they will do for their goals!


Both series feature characters who aquire bizzare powers (Lite the Death Note and Lelouche the Geass) and take it upon themselves to use those powers to make the world a better place but are subject to heavy oposition. Both Lite and Lelouche are incredibly smart and must act carefully, fulfilling their objectives while also avoiding being caught. Both series feature engaging plotlines as Lite struggles to remain one step agead to become the god of a bright and ideal world, Lelouche struggles to increase his influence and power to that which he can destroy Britannia. If you enjoyed one, your sure to enjoy the other.


Essentially, Code Geass felt like Death Note-lite in the beginning. Both involve very intelligent, crafty protagnoists.


I think it's quite clear why one should like this anime if he likes the other.

They share many a similarity, maily introduced through the struggeling of the main characters.

Both working towards a goal they see as just, ut at times appear anti-heroic, both have at least four special trait only a selected few have: Intelligence, Determination, Charisma, and last, but not least, a power given to them, almost by chance.

Both animes deal with the corruptedness of the modern world, even through Code Geass doesn't state it openly.

I believe that's more than enough reason to associate these two series.


Death Note and Code Geass focuss on a young genius who gets equipped with supernatural powers which normal humans are incapable to comprehend. Yagami Raitu and Lelouch Lamperouge both decide to chance the world according to their personal sense of justice, but they have to face an equally powerfull adversary who represents the disputable establishment. While Yagamis egoism only allows him fight using others as marionettes, Lelouch soon forms a revolutionary group based on confidence and mutual dependence. Either series contains scenes of great tension, psychological insight and twists, but their most considerable accomplishment may be the demonstration of ambivalance between good and evil.


Code Geass and Death Note go hand in hand. Both are righfully hyped up, which is a great thing as it makes a lot of fans discover an entirely new genre!

If you like one it's unavoidable to not like the other one. Both have the tactical mind games and a similar plot: a supernatural power falling into the lap of a high school student that wants to make the world better for everyone but losing his own purity while purifying the world.

While both work it out differently, since they are so similar it might be best to not watch these two anime back-to-back. But even despite those similarities i definitely recommend seeing both!


I absolutely recommend Death Note if you liked watching Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and vice versa. Two great things about these two shows are. One is they have similar characters. Both have an anti-hero protagonist who wants to reform the word, and the antagonist who stands for justice. What is great about this is that you will be arguing with yourself and everyone else around which side to root for. The second is that the shows' stories and setting are different; and variety is important. Although the sheer amount of recommendations should convince you to watch. If you yet to be convinced please give one a try if you liked the other.


Both series are about a genius human beings who try to change the world inta a better place. The way they act is really suprising and shows how brilliant their minds are.


If your the type of person who enjoys watching an anime from the other side both Code Geass and Death Note happily fill that. Both are exceptionally well made and follow the anti-hero, Light in Death Note and Zero in Code Geass, each having their own agendas to change the way of the world through somewhat questionable methods. Both are brilliant mind games and works with outsmarting the enemy. Well worth watching the other if you liked one.


Both series have SHOCKINGLY similar main characters. Each of them are smart with a very good ability to plan ahaid, yet with a dark side as well. Each series also has similar dark undertones. It's hard to think of any other anime with the level of intensity that these two thrillers bring to the table.


If you want more of that clever, morally ambiguous strategising with lots of cliff-hangers and twists, then look no further. Death Note and Code Geass are twins in that regard. DN may have more developed characters, whilst Code Geass remains very focused upon Lelouch, but in terms of effectiveness they are equals.


I realized the similarities between the two series almost at once. Both series follow extremely intelligent (as well as handsome) young men who are given a special power to carry out their visions for the world they live in. Light (DN) and Lelouch (CG) share many personality traits as well. If you're crazy about Death Note, you'd love Code Geass!


They share the same sort of story on many levels, Lelouch and Light share the same sort of profile. Both are extremely intelligent, both aim to remake the world into a different, better place and both are hunted by the law.

The main difference is that Code Geass is has more action.


Both anime's have a very bright main caracter, Lelouch and Light think things through before they make an act. Both focusses on the story, and therefore the storyline is very good. First thing what i thought after wathing some Code Geass, was how much Lelouch was like Light ^^


Both series are about someone trying to stand for true justice, and to make the world into a better place, to make it into the world that they believe that it should be. Both characters believe that they have the solution to the world's problems, and the right to enforce that solution, without considering the consequences. Both Light and Lelouch are forced to realize these consequences as the story progresses, often to their own regret.


both is about fighting with your mind and intelligence. Lelouch and Light both wants to make a bettre world for everyone and dicides to make it happen. Both Kira and Lelouch have achieved a new power that will help them on the way. Light got the "Death Note" and Lelouch got the "Geass".


Two very similar and yet very different shows that I think complement each other perfectly for the kind of viewer that loves something a little more mentally challenging.

Both shows look at the consequence of one of the "youth of today" getting almost godlike powers, that they use to shape the world into an ideal. Not all of the choices are nice, or ideal, but are more realistic than the perfect happy ending plaguing a lot of shows at the moment.


Both series are about students that lives their normal lives. One day, they get a special power and decide to use that power to bring justice to the world. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


Both series center around a highly intelligent guy, who is granted a special power with which he can manipulate others, and who then tries to change the world, while he has to think ahead of his enemies.


Both series have a intelligent calculating anti-hero as the protagonist, who tries to "save the world" while becoming completely crazy!


+1 ... IMO, Code G is missing an antagonist while Death Note is missing logic and needs a better main char. It seems to me that these could complement each other if the settings were not so far apart.


Both of these Anime have a huge sense of intelligence to the storyline that is unrivaled in my oppinion by any other anime

Both boast highly intelectual character, as well as good vs evil in a stereotypical cat and mouse gam, as well as extreme suspense at the end of every episode making you more and more intreagued into the story and what will happen next.

Extreme excitement all the way to the end, and like any amazing anime has you begging for more when its all over.


I have to say that if you liked one of these anime's you will probably really like the other. Both of the animes have a ton of plot twists and continuous "1 upping" of the protagonist and antagonist. The characters Kira and Lelouch are very similar in the fact that they are brilliant characters and really know how to play their cards. Both of these animes also have heavy plot points on "saving the world" but in the not so traditional sense of that saying. Also, if you like to think, both of these will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out how they are going to get themselves out of the bind that they just got into


Both Lelouch Lamperouge and Light Yagami are young men who may have the best intentions at heart at the beginning of their journey, however their methods are often cruel and cold making them both anti-heros, and in some cases villains.

Both Code Geass and Death Note have the characters engaging in intriguing battles of wit where it becomes a game of intellect rather than who has the most muscle.


Code Geass, at first glance is not "similar" to Death Note, but as you start watching them, you beign to see a resemblance.

Both story lines involve a character that lives an ordinary life, and one day has a life changing power thrust upon them. And as such, they attempt to use that power to better the world in a way they seem fit.

However, their methods may seem unorthodox, and as such are seen as antagonists in the show.

Also, the "mind games"within each show share similar aspects. Death Note, having the main character duke it out with one or more supposed protagonists in a game of intelligence, gives a feeling it's more about subterfuge of the mind. Whilst Code Geass, the main character is more up against the whole nation of the opposing country, mainly the varying nobles that appear throughout the series.

As conclusion, If you haven't watched either of these two shows, or have only watched one, then it is greatly recommended you watch the other


Well, basically the same plot and characters. Both series feature a shounen with his companions trying to create a "better world". If you liked the other, you'll surely like this one too.


Psychological aspects and mind-twisting moments are abundant in these anime, as two teens use their newly given powers to change the world and make it into what each one thinks of as better. The plot and struggles of the character hiding this power are fundamentally the same, giving both a very similar feel that can mess with your mind.


Both series are about an ambitious character who somehow is granted the power to carry out their ambitions, leaving behind their past lives and moving towards what they consider a "greater good".


Both series are about longing for ruling the world and each side will do everything to their dream come true. Main charcters have similar personality and they are great at strategies. Also they both have god complex.

/*For mods only: Sorry for my bad English but I am from Poland :)*/


They're both very psychological, and they're the same in the sense that the main characters both have this special ability, which is unique to them, or in Kira's case, rare. Both of them wish to do something in the world, and both shows leave it to the watcher to decide whether he's in the right or not.


Both protagonists are Byronic heroes who use morally ambiguous methods to change the world. Death Note focuses more on intellectual and psychological warfare while Code Geass is about actual war and politics. If you liked one, you're bound to like the other. Also, both anime are extremely awesome.


Both series are about young, ambitious and very intelligent students, who get powers that allow them to take an attempt at changing the world. Also, both contains many plot twists and interesting storyline.

Even though Code Geass is more action oriented and have some sci-fi and comedy elements, if you liked one of those series, you'll probably also love the second one.


Both the animes are about a smart, bored guy who get a power to change the world to a better place. They are both pretty dark and gives two sides of the coin, where nothing is really right or wrong.


Both Code Geass and Death Note revolve around a central character who recieves an unearthly power. In both series, Lelouch and Light attempt to change the world for the better using this power and both stories deal with the morals and consequences of their actions.


Both of these awesome series are about a teenage boy who thinks he can change the world. With the help with some of their friends or fans they kill to create a new world. Both have a sense of justice and they both go through challenges to make their dreams come true. Talk about kill to protect.



Although Death Note and Code Geass are not based in the same kind of world, the plotlines are surprisingly similar. Both main characters are given a godly gift that gives them the power to control people to their advantage. They also use their power to try to change the world and make it a better place. The main characters are also similar in personality. Both main characters are bored with the world they live in, and when they receive their gifts they are quick to use them. They are also very intelligent and very good strategists. If you liked one, I can guarantee you will like the other.


Both of these animes involve the main characters making extensive of their intelligence. In both a battle of wits ensues between the 2 main enemies. So if you like animes involve a lot of mental thinking and strategies, then either one of these is right for you.


The world is against them, something must be done. They seek justice by their own way and will get it - anyhow what it will cost.

They got genius minds and when they get little utility to help them, they are unstoppable. Of course there is people who don't like their actions....

Maincharacters resembles eachother: two school students who are masterminds, will get same kinded godlikepowers to kill and enslave people for their same kinded goal: to do the world better place of living.


The similarities are ridiculous. Genius kids using their new god-like powers in order to change the world. The Mecha in Code Geass severely contrasts with Death Note's complete lack of action, but the only reason not to watch Code Geass is if you hate DN or Mecha.

Death Note is more thought provoking and entertaining, Code Greass is definitely something DN fans should pick up. If you enjoyed Code Geass but haven't seen Death Note, watch it NOW!


One thing that those anime have in common is the way viewers are introduced to the plot. It is a series of cliffhangers put together so seemless, that you are unable to see the blind spots. Although Code Geass has more action moments, they both share a rich amount of intellectual content, as questions raised by them are often very serious.

If you have enjoyed the "just one more" feeling watching either of these, don't hesitate and go for the other one.


Both revolve around a brilliant boy with a special ability that he uses to change the world - both Light and Lelouch are malicious and will keep you entertained for hours.


Both animes are based around a protoganist who gets a superhuman ability and uses that to fight their own personal battles with the world, thinking of themselves as superior.

Both also involve the intense use of (psychological) strategic thinking and both series use that as a main focus instead of the resulting action. You won't find pointless action scenes in either shows.


The main character of each of these shows is amazingly similar. So if you liked Light you would also like Lelouch and vise versa.  Also there are not very many titles with the anti-hero genre, so these two fit perfectly together.


The main characters of these shows are self proclaimed rulers or gods. They are both brilliant students who see the need for a huge change in the world, and secretly act upon this wish. Using charisma, intelligence, and wit they make clever plans and use people for their cause. Light and Lelouch are extremely similar.


Both shows dealt with the anti-hero thing, and no one in either show is truely evil. The main characters are considered villains to some and saviors to others. Both Lelouch and Light are ruled by their emotions (as anti-heroes usually are), and are extremely intelligent in their own way. They both also seem to have no real interest in women.


same general idea of a genius trying to change the world and make it better, a similar story with the same goals, but different roads to reach them, if you will.


In both animes, a single mastermind tries to change the world according to his beliefs. Lelouch heavily resemples Light. He works behind the curtain, using manipulation and deception.


Both involve genious's, using their intellect to change the world for the better, using god like abilities as their weapon. They are similar because brains, not brawn are usually the major weapons used in advancing the plot and confrontations.


Because of the very intelligent main character, who always will find a way to achieve his aims without hesitation


These two go very well together, while death note could be considered more "mature" than code geass they are both incredu=ibly similar, though the main character of death note being a little more inhinged than Lelouch.


If you liked "Code Geass" you'd aslo like "Death Note" and vice versa. Both anime have very similar main characters, the boys who want to change the world. These guys are clever, they have an extraordinary powers and a great senses of justice.


In both stories the characters are trying to reform the world with their own hands and eventually gain recognition from the world.  Their actions also impacted the planet in many ways.


Both shows depict the world as an unjust place, where all wrongdoers are not punished. In addition, both protagonists (Lelouch and Light) take the task of bringing justice into their own hands, despite they might hurt themselves and those close to them.


Both anime talks about school students under disguise and they want to take over the world (mostly). Both anime have "gods" witch going everywhere where that studend goes. Both anime are smart, with a little humor in it.


Both series are about an anti hero that gains a power that he uses for a good purpose that does not end well.

Both series seems to mysteriously make you root for the bad guy though...interesting.


Both main characters want to change the world by any means neccesary, in Death Note this happens by writing bad peopels names into a notebook, and then they die. For Code Geass, the main character can manipulate peopel to do whatever he wants if they lookinto his eye, and wants to use it to make a better world.


As I was watching Death Note I thought "Oh my goodness! This totally makes me think of Code Geass!"

Both main guys are very alike in the fact that they are so smart that they can do anything they set their mind to (and I do mean anything). They can also be called crazy for the things they do.

Both series also have that dark element to them but Death Note definitely has more of that.


Both of these shows are thought-provoking, "manipulative murder-mysteries" (in the wide sense of the word, since in Death Note they are just individual deaths whereas Code Geass are more about just manipulating people en mass and killing them for convience), where the main protagonist is an anti-hero, "gifted" (or should i say, cursed) with a beyond human power, with which he attempts to make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, the closer they strive towards the light, the further they step into the darkness... resulting in wonderfully intriguing storys which have left their mark on anime-history.

If you want one word to describe these shows, it can only be EPIC!


Death Note and Code Geass both follow a similar principle: High school student gets a strange power, in one case the Death Note and the other Geass, and try to change the world with it. Both weilders of the power have amazing thinking capabilities and are the most brilliant strategists of their world, knowing both themselves and everyone around them far too well because of their personal behavior.


Both anime shows have an interesting, intelligent and troubled main character, who desperately tries to accomplish his goals. Lelouch (Code Geass) and Yagami Light (Death Note) encounters many different worthy enemies. Also, both anime series have a lot of twists and turns, which makes the show very interesting and unexpected.


Code Geass and Death Note have many same facts. One is breaking the rules of God and the main characters aimed tho become God themselves. Tha two animes are also like a DEATH game. You lose you die but when you win you will rule. Watching every single minute of the two causethey are hard to understand if you miss one moment in the two series. enjoy ^^ 


If you like Code Geass, you will probably like Deat Note as well, 'cos they both have same sort of main charachter, who manipulates people arounf him with some sort of special power.


Both Code Geass and Death Note present two factions and their leaders fight for their own definition of the "greater good". In both, there is a single, extraordinary and hidden power that shifts the balance. There's no typical "evil side", as both have their reason for fighting. The relationship between the opposants makes the battle personal.

Fighting for different definitions of the "greater good" is what defines both of these series, both excellent. Code Geass is more oriented toward action, as Death Note concentrates more on the strategies, but in both case both strategy and secrecy are proeminent. Both recommended.


What would happen if a high-schooler with strong ideals was to recieve a power that could change the world? Both shows follow an incredibly smart main character with such power in their quest to reach their ideals, and they won't let anything get in their way to do so. These two shows can best be described as "battle of wits" anime, where the main character is constantly playing mind games with his enemies and often comes up with brilliant stragegies.

These shows are, at their core, two of the same kind, only in a different cover.


Adding another rec to this pile seems a little redundant, but these two series really do match ridiculously well. Both include a well intentioned extremist who comes across a super power and decides to use it to change the world.


Both animes are about people who possess special power, and who want to use that power to achieve their goals, which is making the world a better place to live in.


Each tells a story about a person that gains a power and wishes to us this new founds power to help change the world they see as un just. Using brilliant stratigies to help them along with their plans and associats that others do not know about (or in Ryuks case can't see.). Each of the chacter's acts impacts the world in more ways then one. (and not for the better I might add.). If you liked one then you may like Death the other as well.


Both Light from Death Note and Lelouch from Code Geass have great intellect with two great ways of taking over the world. Both fast paced and suspenseful with a handful of jaw dropping twists.


I don't think there's a better rec for Death Note or Geass than the other - both star brilliant anti-heroes who engage in psychological warfare with the rest of the world, for the sake of rebuilding it to be 'better'.


The main reason why Code Geass and Death Note are compared so often is Light's uncanny resemblance to Geass's Lelouch. Both gain an ability by accident(or by fate if you want to call it that) that can change the world. Both are very intelligent, witted, manipulative, and have a twisted sense of justice that they attempt to justify. The main difference is that Code Geass has mechs and is a bit more colorful while in Death Note, Light is a bit more clever and emotional.(The cleverness factor is up for debate, as many people will argue that Lelouch is more clever than Light) Another important key difference is that while Light is a more overall emotional character, he has almost no emotional attachment whatsoever to any other human.(His father was minimal and ultimately just a pawn in his game) Lelouch, is just as manipulative as Light, but does show a bit more of a charasmatic nature and his unconditional love towards his sister in the beginning of the show illustrates that perfectly.

Another bonus of Code Geass is that it's ending and second season is MUCH better and well done then Death Note's.

Overall, If you like Death Note, then you are almost SURE to enjoy Code Geass. Geass has a bit more humor and action, may not be AS psychological, but it's pretty damn close.


Both of these series have a very strong physiological approach to them with very intricate plots and well thought out plans. Also, in both of them, the main character is given a new power and a chance to change the world they live in.


you would definitely like this one as well as it involves a main character who thinks steps ahead like lelouch and it is really good


both anime showed the main character as an intelligent and rude/strong person who is able to think and act fast in a difficult scene or situation if you like one you will love the other one...!


Well, the main reason would be that both Light Yagami (Death Note) and Lelouch (Code Geass) wants to change the world to something better. Both of them obtains some kind of superpower that allows them to make a difference. So I would really recommend watching both. If you've seen one, then watch the other one.


These two animes are similiar in the thing i love the most. Young inteligent guy will obtain some kind of power, and he balance at "good vs evil" border, that you dont know which side you want to win. Both these animes throw you into confusion like "Who is good and who is evil ?". 


Code Geass and Death Note actually look a lot like each other and they are both awesome. the story line basic is almost the same but in an other way they are totally different. i recommend you guys to watch both of them and have a lot of fun;)


Both Code Geass and Death note feature main characters who are genius masterminds. In both series, the events focus how the main characters use their intelligence to manipulate the storyline and others involved.

Both of the main characters originally intend to use their powers to make the world a better place in their own way; however, neither characters' plan goes the way they expected. In both series there are elements of tragedy that arise from the use of the powers, and both characters' power ultimately leads to their own downfall. Both characters also act in secret and hide their identities throughout the series.

The core elements of Code Geass and Death Note are extremely similar; if you liked one series you are almost sure to like the other.


Both Death Note and Code Geass have a similar main character. Both are anti-hero archetype and are striving for world domination (sorta). Both characters also have a secret power that they use for their deeds.


These 2 series are a lot alike. Lelouch and Light both find an amazing power, have kinda the same goal, they are both geniuses. The main difference is that while Death Note refers to the current world, Code Geass takes place in the future. In my opinion, Code Geass is just as amazing as Death Note! P.S. I recommend watching Death Note, and then Code Geass, though it doesn't really matter...


Code Geass and Death Note have similar main characters that are somewhat of an "anti-hero" type. They use intellect to change the world to their ideals and understand that it comes at a high cost sometimes.


Death Note and Code Geass starts out almost identically. Both Lelouch and Light have big ideals how to make world better place and are granted with powers to make their ideals true. The series are very different from each other but the aspect that made them good is same; two master minds fighting against bigger enemy. If you like Code Geass or Death Note you'll like the another too.


Well the complex is very similar the way of fighting is in both Anime's by the mind and mostly all fights are decided by the mind alone.


I would recommend code geass to any one who like death note (or the reverse) but only if you liked the idea that there is a very inteligent student who plans to destroy the government and rule the world on his own. I say this because both the series have a totally different setting but the one thing they have in common is the protagoinst


These two are fairly similar in concepts. - 'Character gains special power and uses it to his advantage to rid world of evil.'

Even if you do not like one, give the other a watch. You may find (like me) it's more interesting and appreciate it more than you expect.


Code Geass and Death Note are the only two animes that I didnt want to watch, but instead, I HAD to watch them.

DN and CG both had only limited runs, they knew the story line and cut themselves off without dragging the story on too far. Both take a serious look at what a person might do when presented with extraordinary power.

I love both of these series because they naturally insert the typical Japanese anime humour, but dont allow it to control/ruin the entire show. The serious elements of the show make them fantastic.


Both shows have their mental twists that make the viewer say, "I can't believe what he's become."


Death Note and Code Geass are almost a twins. Both characters, Lelouch and Raito are very intelligent people who got a chance to change the world.

They rule, cheat, trick and manipulate a lot of people, even closest family to aquire their goal. They're ready to spare people lifes either.They both loose control of everything and fall down.

However, action in Code Geass happens in whole world, it have nice battles and more 'emotional'.


If you enjoyed Code Geass or Death Note, I'm sure you'd enjoy the other, because the main characters are true masterminds and both storylines take several twists. Although the plots are totally different both provide drama, thrills and excitement with similar elements.


They both resolve around a battle of wits, instead of a battle of pure strength. Also Lelouch and Light can be compared to eachother, so could L and Suzaku i guess, but not as much as light and lelouch. The animation style on these two are both really awesome.


They're both really over the top and have a similar energy to them. They also have some really great music and funny dramatic talks that really suck you in.


The main characters of Code Geass and Death Note have intentions of eliminating people to take over the world. They are both highly intelligent, and they have some sort of power to eliminate people. If you watched one of these series, then you will really like the other.


When watching Death Note for the first time I constantly related it back to Code Geass. The main characters are both driven by the desire to create a new world.A world where there is peace. Although Lelouch keeps changing his reason for fighting his overall objective remains the same while Light will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Both characters are highly intelligent and possess a genius level intellect. They both face strategic and physiological obstacles. If you watch Death Note and Code Geass they will both give you seriously amazing plot lines and a epic story to match. Plus a few twists along the way. I recommend you watch both and get a taste of some suspense.


Both of the Main Characters are actually the bad guy in the show, and everyone is trying to catch them.


I think you would like Death Note because of the similar idea. You see the 'bad guy' in action along with all his reasons. Just like Lelouch, Light is a genius who has obtained a unique power and believes he can change the world with it ; and just like him he is ready to do anything in order to achieve his goal.


Both anime are similar in the fact that two school boys are discusted with the world, and they both obtain the power to change it. In the beginning they both have the same goal; to change the world for the better. As Lelouche stuck to his goal and ultimately helped the world, Ligh, the star if Death Note, ultimately hurts the world with his evil discions.


All Avid Death note fans will definitely like Code Geass and vice versa.

Both feature a Chess like approach to the strategic battles in Code geass whereas life and death in death note.

If you like one definitey watch the other


Both Death Note and Code Geass showcase protagonists of questionable morality who acquire supernatural abilities and use them to further their particular agenda. In addition, both of the protagonists are intelligent chessmasters who formulate ingenious plans to outmanever their foes, and both face antagonists of similar intelligence to their own. Lastly, both stories have innumerable surprising plot twists as the protagonists and antagonists try to outmaneuver each other.


Death Note and Code Geass show the life of a young man, who was given some kind of “power” (Lelouches Geass and Lights Notebook). They both start to use the power while the original owner has an eye on them. They attempt to bring justice and peace to the world.

Light and Lelouche share many characteristics. For example, both are pretty good at “manipulate” people into doing exactly what they want. Both are very good strategists. Both anime are kinda dark, but still realistic. They demonstrate how people can change by gaining a power that let them be/play “god” and judge others. While watching both, you’ll may wonder if you should actually like the MC or hate him.


If you've sympathised with either of the heroes at some point during your watching, chances are fairly high that you'll like the other anime. Both of them involving bad-ass antiheroes with supernatural abilities, intrigue and  world-changing storyline.


If you liked either Death Note or Code Geass, I highly recommend the other one to you. Both of the main characters are anti-hero's, and they both use their superior intellect and a cool power to persue their own means.


Both shows are about teenager who tries to be god of a new world. Both of them are students with high intelligent, so it's not hard for them to manipulate with other people. Kira and Lelouch are trying to create a world without badness, because they have their own purpose for doing that. Kira and Lelouch chose very cruel way of doing that.  Even though Code geass has more action, it's really similar to Death note.


Both of these series are similar in how the main characters think and hide themselves. The shows are very mature and makes you constantly question who is right and who is wrong. Great shows both.


They are both similar in many ways. The similarity between Lelouch and Light. The characters are trying to change their world using their sense of justice, but have to do it in secret. Light as Kira with the Death Note and Lelouch as Zero with the Geass. They are both students of high intelligent. 


These two shows are similar in a sense that the man character wants to make the world a better place for the future. The main characters in both series are both very intelligent and are very entertaining to watch.


They are both anti heroes series, the best of there kind, both are a must watch and seriusly, if you liked one it would be really wierd if you don't like the other, so give it a try.Well the differense is death note is more intense, more mind tricking then code geass, but code geass has more action and other elements included:)


The main simalarity between Death Note and Code Geass lies in the protaganists. Both Lelouch (Code Geass) and Light (Death Note) are made into the villain in both animes, however a villain who many watchers may root to suceed. They are both fighting for what they believe to be a noble cause, and go through anyone in their way, be they friend or foe, in order to achieve their goal. Both are brilliant evil masterminds and whether you love or hate them, they are both undeniably entertaining to watch.


Code Geass and Death Note are two peas in a pod!  The similarities are quite astounding with the main characters have a great power thrust upon them.  While each uses their high intelligence to use that power for their own causes the dark world of human nature comes into play


If you liked Death Note or Code Geass, you'd like other because Death Note = Code Geass. It's not copy of each other but it's very very simmilar. They has many things in common. The stories and characters of both animes are very simmilar. The difference is that Code Geass has more action.

As Yagami Light wants to destroy all the evil in the world, Lelouch wants the same. They both wants to make a new world and be the God of that world.

There's more things in common between these animes, but I won't write them because I don't want to spoil you.


Both the first and second season of Code Geass display an anti-hero whose main objective is good. They both are (relatively) normal people who attain great power and use it in some harsh ways for the end result of good. Also, the main theme of both is really a battle of wits, so if you liked one, you'll like the other.


In both of the animes the main character possess a ability that makes them superior to other humans and they both use their abilities to change the world according to their own moral opinion.


These are the greatest anti-hero and psychological animes ive ever seen!. These shows are so similar is basically them against the world. If you like strategic animes you have to watch code geass and death note!.


Lelouch from Code Geass and Yagami Light from Death Note are similar characters. They both obtain a certain power and they both attempt to reshape the world with it to make it as they believe it should be.


In each of these anime, we follow the disastrous story of a young "anti-hero" (Whom is a boy in both cases.) who acquire one day, for no apparent reason, a powerful ability. (Which by the way justify the respective name of the two anime.) Then, assisted by the ones who "unintentionally" gave them their powers (Ryuk in Death Note and C.C. in Code Geass.), they use their new gained ability in addition to their already "higher than average" intelligence and logical mind to defy the authority in order to change the world they live into something better. (At least, from their point of view.)


It was clear to me somehow almost right away, after just a few epizodes... These two series have something very much in common. The main characters, Light and Lelouch are both young and bright boys with noble intentions which get somewhat twisted and complicated along the way... The background and story are different, however I couldn't help but feel these two anime being the most alike from what I've seen so far. I'm totally rooting for Lelouch


The world needs to be changed, and you know how to do that. The problem is you do not posses the power... for now. You know that world is rotten, yet you are unable to do anything about that... but on some day you received The Power. Now - people who made others suffer - should be prepared, you will judge them.

You will change the world to a better place. Even if you need to destroy it first

....that would be your plans if you were Light Yagami or Lelouch ;)


I recommend Death Note with Code Geass since both main characters have a lot in common, like how they got powers from someone or something.


these two awesome animes are not similar, but they have something in common: their main characters are antiheroes, very clever ones.

Lelouch and Raito have two sides, a good side and a bad side, and in the end, everyone figures out it.

If you love psychological anime with strong minded main characters you'll love both of these.


Sick and Twisted leads. These animes have lead charaters that will leave you shocked and disgusted. The mind games are abundant. Excellent engrossing stories.


Both of these anime center around a anti-hero. The main character's have many similarities but with that said they have their differences which make these anime stick out from the crowd of crap.


Well both are psychological and have really awesome plots though both are different, Both main characters are extremely intelligent keep you seated thinking about what they are gonna do next.


Both Death Note and Code Geass contain a highly intelligent protagonist with the ability to change the world to his will. Both Light and Lelouch attempt to use their powers to "create a better world". They also obtain their powers from an outside, supernatural source.


While Code Geass is more action based than Death Note, both stories have an almost too similar story line with strategy geniuses for main characters. Lelouch and Light are very similar characters except one has a mecha to do his bidding while the other has a god of death. If you liked the mind bending storyline and very interesting characters of Code Geass than you'll definitely enjoy Death Note and visa versa.


AMAZING! HAs great story line like code geass. Light Yagami is similar to lelouch. BEginning middle and end will make u want MORE



both have an extreemly intellegent male lead that want to change the world. i love how in death note the main character light trys to become a god with the opwer he obtains.


The leading characters of both shows are very alike. They both want to change the world to their ideals and they both have the power to do so. Can't recommend either of the enough! Watch them!


both are about the ends justify the means, power currupts, etc...

I just wanna say they are both pretty awesome.


Code Geass and Death note are quite similar in the Intelligence level of the main character, though the difference is probably that Lelouch from Code Geass deals a lot with emotion, while Light is always sure of what to do. Also Death Note's happenings happen way faster than those of code geass.

Both animes are very alike, even though death note is better in my opinion, Code geass is definately worth watching


Even though the setting in the series is not similar, there's just something about the main characters in both Death Note and Code Geass that is strikingly similar: They're highly intelligent, cunning, and posession of great power, which they intend to use for their own purpose, be it good or evil. And most of all, they're sodarn likable!

Chances are, if you loved one of these, you're going to love the other.


Light Yagami and Lelouch Lamperouge are kinda "separate at birth" characters. The difference - and it's not a little one - is that while Light fails to rescue himself, Lelouch in the end redeems himself. Twist-plot at their best in DN, a little bit confusing sometimes in CG. Psychologically speaking DN is superior to CG, but it lacks in action. If you are someone who likes god-like characters than both can please you very well...


Both of these shows are extremele similar. The main characters are both just sadictically manipulative, and they both create some very intricate plans during their attempt of rising to power. They are very fun to watch and I am sure you would enjoy them both.


Both Code Geass and Death Note both have similar leading characters in that they both manipulative and immoral methods of achieving their grand goals. They are similar also in that the leads create intricate and interesting plots which entertain viewers greatly.


Both of the main characters have that screwed up but intresting personality of thinking doing evil things to try to make another evil thinggo away  is ok in itself. They both think there the boss of the world they both of have tools of hell and they both have admierers. They both are undercover in a sense


Both Light and Lelouch share so many similarities it is unbelievable. Each is given a supernatural power (Light can kill any person if he knows their name and face by using a notebook; Lelouch can can mind control any person by direct eye contact) and each is highly intellectual. Both animes hold an extremely intense plot that makes full usage of every episode with no fillers. Both animes also have a high emphasis on morality and choice, especially as you watch both main characters be forced to make morally questionable decisions for the "greater good".


Between Lelouch and Death Note, you'll notice the similarity between their darkness, both are antiprotagonists. Evil main characters.


In Code Geass and Death Note. Both of the Main Characters come across a power they can use to change the world. Light Yagami Finds the Death note which is a Book Of death, You write their name down they die. Lelouch finds a girl who has a power called Geass which is a power to Command someone and they have to do it. They Both use this power to change the world. They both have Characters vs eachother for what they believe in. Light vs L (or Kira vs L), and Lelouch vs Tsuzaku ( Zero vs Britania).  Im sure you WILL most Definetely Like code geass if you like Death note. Just because Code geass doesnt have that thriller, and it does have a bit of romance in it doesnt mean Its not good :) so please watch both. 


Both anime show a protagonist who gets some "super-power" and starts fighting "for a better world" with it. Both heroes are genius and use their mind to win with their opponents. If you liked one you should like other.


from the laugh itself, lelouch and light share the same creepy laugh. The story and the intention of both the protagonist are also similar. One is to get rid of crimes in an extreme way/power, one is to get rid of Britannia by also using power. 


Both animes involve a very intelligent man who obtains the power that can be used to change the world. They want to create a new world in which everyone will live peacefully, but others think the way they want to fulfill this is wrong and so a battle begins. Along the way you don't know what is good and evil anymore. The power consumes them and they slowly become mad. If you're into mindgames I can really recommend both of them. If you liked one of them, you'll definitely like the other as well.


Both anime deal with the main characters obtaining supernatural powers. Both of the main characters are masterminds in that not only are they changing the world for the better, they're manipulating the people around them so they don't learn about their powers.


Raito And Lelouch are very simmilar. They have God complex, and they are anti-hero. They are trying to take over the world.


Both main characters are highly intellectual strategists that keep you wondering what their next move will be against unbelievable odds


Both Lelouch and Light (Death note's main character) are super smart and are given some little power. They impose their view of the world no matter what with brio, bringing that little power to the max, climbing to the top but anonymously, only under the trait of a character. The way, they outpass the government in place is jubilatory.

I you liked one or these character you have to watch the other anime.


these two are in my top 5 anime are the best anime ive ever watched

death note is a psychological anime thats why i loved it, it has a good plot very good designed characters nice graphics

code geass is a psychological anime too it has good graphics good plot it has giant robots

lelouch and light are very smart characters and are my favourite characters

just is something i dont like about these animes THE ENDING very sad ending


and for the baka that not like death note and code geass i have two words to say to them GO TO HELL


The protagonists of these series both possess a great deal of cunning and intelligence, which they leverage in an effort to reconstruct the world to fit their ideals.


they are extremely similar...both feature a protagonist who wants to better the world and attain a "power" which they proceed to use towards said goal. They both can be quite depressing at times though...


Both 'Death Note' and 'Code Geass' have a 'game of wits' feel to them. The main character of both have a big goal in mind and will do almost anything to achieve it, and they both use their wits to defeat their enemies.


The similarities between the two main characters in terms of intellectual skill and a need to make the world stand as it should in their eyes brings forth a cunningly clever storyline.


Well those two anime are about a boy that gains a power and tries to change the world and make it a better place they're both antihero and they're both cool xD


The main characters are very similar in their dark ideals. It's truley beautiful story telling and even if you don't like mecha you'll enjoy this series. 


The main characters in both series is a brilliant man. Through dark deeds they want to do good. Both are entertaining in the way things complicates for their ideas and how they always seem to dodge the bullets.


Both Kira and Lelouch think in a similar type of way when it comes to tactics. Both are freaking smart. So if you like one there are high chances you'll like the other.


The protagonists in these shows are masterminds, and their cunning plans will keep having you looking forward to see what they think up next!


Both of these animes are in my top 5 animes for similar reasons. If you were to put into a specific filter "anti-hero", these 2 animes along with the second season of code geass which is better than the first. Both have amazing storylines and you can decide who the protagonist is and who the antagonist is. Don't think Code Geass is just another Gundam cause you'll have another thing coming to you.


Lelouch's character rivals that of Yagami Light. Very well plotted and garenteed to emotionally connect with the viewer. Serious god-complex and will not stop until the world is changed.


If you liked Death Note or Code Geass, you'd like the other because both have an anti-hero that tries to make their world a better place with some kind of superpower. The plans these anti-hero's make are ingenious, unique and entertaining. Code Geass is more action packed, while Death Note focusses more on Mind-Games.


Both have the same metaplot: a "normal" guy try to become a kind of god to turn the world better with some kind of superpower and an unique way of thinking. However the story of Death Note is much deeprer, and there is a lot more action in Code Geass. I recommend to watch Code Geass first. Death Note is superior in story.


They both have anti-hero's, complex plots, and strange powers! Even if they are different, they both make you think and have people trying to make the world they want.


They are both trying to conquer the world with superpowers killing all the stupid people in complicated ways.


I believe you would like it because they both have the main character as someone who tries to do good for the world but ends up being the bad guy.


The themes are similar, both want to change the world and they have supernatural powers to do so. Moreover, the main character is "evil" so you get the same feeling you're rooting for the wrong person.


The anti-hero in each anime tries to rid the world of evil in order to be God of a new, perfect world. Both Light and Lelouch are given the power to do just this, and there are people trying to stop  Light and Lelouch from achieving their goal. However, this is where they differ. Lelouch is an anti-hero, but he cares for his friends and beloved sister up until the end. Light does in the beginning, but becomes truly insane and kills anyone, not just criminals.


Both of these are absolutely amazing and deserve your attention. I was blown away by the story, the depth of characters, and pretty much everything. Even though the setting is completely differnet, both Protagonists share the same traits. A must watch.


Both Code Geass and Death Note share key compenents that make them extremely interesting. They are based more on the intellect battles between powers, instead of the actual physical power. They both have people who intend to change the entire world, with their smarts alone. They are both about geniouses who pull strings from the shadows to change everything, while having different endings, they both are trying to change the world for the better.


They both employ Genius tactics that come to play only when you see no hope, and both share the supernatural trait of controlling ones actions, albeit to differen't extremes.


This is one of the best animes out there. Light and LeLouch are all the same. I wonder what would happen if they met each other? Anyways, Light and LeLouch both are secret killers who obtain a power that only select others have. They use it in a way to bring justice. But the story line is totally different, though the general concept is the same.


Both have a protagonist who's trying to change the world with a newly obtained power. The main characters each have to hide there identity as there are people close to them working against him.


Both are very good thrillers, although Code geass is more balanced between the psychological, action, drama and comedy, while Death note focuses more on the psychological content. In fact I would reccommend watching Death note first, the pace and action that happens in Code may cause Death Note to seem a little slow in comparison. Both contain the dark/anti-hero protagonist. If you like stragetic-genius type protagonists bent on changing the world, and willing to do so by any method, then try these out.


The main character's morals are pretty similar and both gain an incredible type of power that leads them into control.


The main characters (Light and Lelouch) are extremely inteligent and plan every move so that in the end they can achieve their goal. They both have a good purpose for going through this psychological fight and have enemies which are trying to avoid their success. Both plots make you want to know what's gonna happen next as the mystery and suspense is very intense. These anime are like puzzles that make you want to put all the pieces together.If you liked one than you have to try the other. 


Code geass and death note are both very psychological and the main protagonists (light and lelouch) are antiheroes, both protagonists are very cunning and intellectual and are able to plan every little detail out.


the main characters both want to change the world (Lelouche wants to change it for his sister, while Raito does it for humanity(?) )


Lelouch is very similar to light. Both shows are a battle of wits with both main characters gaining a special power.


Both the anime has the same kind of main charecter; suddenly gaining super power. and then going crazy. Thats the best way to put lelouch and Yagami. Both talented and crazy.


Both involve a protaganist who can be Good or Bad depending on your view. Both have a deep, interesting story ilne with many many twists that will leave you at the edge of your seat


Both of these anime involve a charatcer who is second to no one in the strategy realm. In Death Note the main character uses a notebook to accomplish his agenda. In Code Geass the main character uses a rebel army to work towards his agenda. In the end both the main character's efforts result in something other than what they were expecting to happen. Death Note ends kind of awkwardly while code geass ends solidly.


Death Note was my favorite anime of all time, and still is. However after finishing Death Note I looked for something similiar to it and found Code Geass. I didn't have high expectations at first, but as soon as I watched the 1st episode I knew it was going to be amazing. And it was. I can say that if you like one you WILL like the other


both have awesome main characters who you will like and hate and there are some awesome strategies, both lead double lives


If you are looking for a manipulative, undoubtely intelligent, morally ambigious main character who is using a supernatural ability try to change the world for the "better"... Well, in that case either one of these if a good option.

If you like one, there is no good reason to not watch the other.


These two animes are so similar it is ridiculous. Both the protagonists are given a power by a god-like figure and use it to change the world. Both main characters are very smart, and tackle the challenges they face in a very similar way. If you enjoy one, you'll definately enjoy the other, they're just too similar for you to not get what you find in one anime in the other.


they are both similar having the same outline of a guy who  acquires power and uses it to reach his goal. The ending is a lot different though. But if you love one you will love the other.


Death Note and Code Geass are both anime which involve alot of thinking, trap setting and its almost like a war of the minds.The Main Characters in both animes are very similar becuase of their desire to create a better world using ways which are not very pure. Both characters dont't seem to have disregard for human life. They were both amazing animes.


Both great animes, with psycological themes that will pick at your brain. Both backed by supernatural elements, and powers to control, i find it hard to comprehend how and deathnote fan wouldn't like this anime (and vice-versa).


The characters have both the god complex and has almost the same speech. However, Code Geass is more a military battle whereas Death Note is more a battle of wit.


The only thing i will add is that the protagonists think alike.

Only difference between them is that Lelouch is trying to save Japan and Light is trying to save the world.


Both series have a main character with a massive intellect in a battle to create a better world. Both have a supernatural aspect to them. And overall, are great pieces of art.


I find the heroes/main-characters and their tragic story in both of these series to be very, very alike.


  • Hero vs world
  • Evil geniuses
  • Mystic powers
  • Psyhologic analysys opponents
  • Strategic planning
  • World domination conquest


Both are notable for their ruthless, intellectual protagonists. Death Note is darker, with a true anti-hero.


Both absolutely brilliant anime's. As soon as I finished watching Death Note I was searching for animes similar to it, and then I watched Code Geass. Both are ranked 1 and 2 in my favourite animes of all time.


Code Geass is obviously designed to leech off the success of Death Note, while adding more mainstream themes (like high school drama). It doesn't do too badly though, it's worth a watch.


Code geass and Death Note have many common features in them. Both series have Main charcaters who want to change the world but are powerless, but with help of some supernatural entities Ryuk in death note and C.C. in codegeass, they get power to change the world. Both main characters are violent with their methods with little regards about human life of badguys.

But road to change the world isnt that easy, they face countless foes, have some backstabbig and both have some tragedys

If u liked one series ull like other one aswell


So many people have recommended these two already but I have no choice but to agree with them.  The main characters have similar views on how the world should be and they have powers to change it to their liking. The stories are a bit similar too, but not too much. Talking about the atmosphere ... Death Note is definitely darker than Code Geass, Code Geass has it's rare moments of humor and it's nothing unsuitable. At least not in my opinion.  I think these two are definitely worth the watch.


Both are about a young boy who is incredibly smart and bored with the word, until they become the chance to show their intelligence. Both can think up the most amazing plans and you need to be fit in your brain to follow either of them.


It seems like there are few similarities between these two series, but both delve into the psychological aspects of obtaining a great power. Lelouch has his Geass, which allows him to control others, and Light has a Death Note, which allows him to kill anyone as he long he knows the name and face of the person. Code Geass goes more in depth with the political aspect. Both series have incredibly intelligent and attractive male leads. A major difference in Light and Lelouch is that Light is very athletic while Lelouch is not. Both series have an amazing plot that will have you on the edge of your chair. If you enjoyed one, I defintely reccomend watching the other!


The main reason i like both shows is the main character.

If you like Stubbornly intelligent and intelligently stubborn, fighthing in his own way, highly narcissistic and selfish, thinking big, devilishly clever characters

there you go :) Both main characters are like this. Lelouch is maybe a bit more emotional compared to Light/Kira but nonetheless, they are hardcore :)


Awesome stories of the climb to power, but in very different ways. Fantastic character development means you sometimes don't know how to feel about the main characters, and the plot makes you desperate to find out what happens next


The stories of both anime’s are created through the way the main characters in both want to change the world. These characters are also really similar too each other due being perceived as extremely intelligent through Lelouch Lamperouge being this master mind chess player, and Light Yagami scoring 100% on his exam. Both characters also have these supernatural companions that give them the power to change the world in Code Geass it was C.C. that gives Lelouch the power of geass, and Death Note it was Ryuk that gives Light the power of the Death Note. Both characters have obstacles that they must overcome to reach their final goal. In both shows these main characters really show just how smart they are when getting over the many obstacles that they face. So if you liked one of these characters and how they dealt with their problems, you will like the other.


If you enjoyed the character of Light Yagami and the way in which he out smarted his opponents with his intelligence then you will thoroughly enjoy Code Geass. Although the story of Code Geass is completely different the characters of Light and Lelouch are extremely similiar and I found myself enjoying both anime thoroughly. This reccomendation also goes if you enjoyed the character of Lelouch and are looking for an anime with a similiar character. In which case i would highly recommend Death Note.


Death Note And Code Geass are both animes that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end, if you liked one you'll like the other. 


Both Lelouch and Light are almost the same character. they are both people with a god complex, a big ego,a high school student, manipulative, have a secret identity,is a teenager, has reason for killing people,is manipulative, and at the start of the anime has way too much time on their hands.


In both of these series the main character gets a supernatural power which they start to use to mold the world to their liking. Plenty of devious plotting ensues and even a single mistake can be fatal. Everyone around the main characters is a mere chess piece to be used to reach goals.

Death Note and Code Geass will surely drive you to the edge of the seat. If you enjoyed one, you will love the other as well.


They are anime with very different plots and are in different genres yet seem so similar. Both features main characters with a very powerful ability, both want to create a perfect world and both are very intelligent. Both are amazing and i think you will love it.


Both Lelouch and Light are extremely cerebral characters. If you like one big chess game as a TV show, both will suffice. Some of the best characters written that i've seen


They were my kind of mind thrilling heart racing genres. Death Note is my favorite and Code Geass: R1 & R2 is my second favorite. They keep me thinking and I have seen Death Note enough times in the subbed that now I can watch it in Japanese without it. Makes it easier to learn the language. :P https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFa8V4Ljq9Kgv92wiATUZ1w


This is a very common anime that most have heard of, but if you have not seen it and enjoyed code geass then i would suggest Death Note. It has alot of the strategy and mind games going on just like in code geass.


I love both series and their main characters, since lelouch (Zero) and Light (Kira) are kinda simmelar. Both series involve a lot of thinking and action, and are about out smarting the enemy. I recommend both!


Death Note and Code Geass are very easily the two best animes I've ever seen. Light and Lelouch are similar characters, although Light's mind goes a bit sooner than Lelouch. They both are trying to change the world they live and and are the perfect anti-heroes. They gain a sort of super power that allows them to start  a rebellion or sorts. Death Note is a mystery, a game of cat and mouse in secret. Code Geass is much more out in the open but just as psychological. I highly recommend you watch both of them. 


Both are one of my TOP anime. Lelouch and Light both are smart guys that use their minds in impressive way.

watch it online now!

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

In the near future, the outbreak of a terrible disease called the Apocolypse Virus places Japan under the military rule of a global organization called the GHQ - a group tasked with checking the spread of the virus and administering vaccinations. Apathetic high school student Shuu Ouma lives in Tokyo, spending his days editing videos and trying to be left alone. But things change when he meets the beautiful pop idol, Inori, who is on the run from GHQ soldiers. While trying to save her from her captors, he acquires a mysterious power called the Void Gene that allows him to pull items or weapons from anyone under the age of seventeen. Now, Shuu must decide whether to join the efforts of the well-funded radical terrorist group "Funeral Parlor" and fight against the GHQ, or shrug off his newfound power and resume his normal life - assuming that either the GHQ or Funeral Parlor's charismatic leader, Gai, will let him.

my list:

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They both center around rebellion, mecha and lots and lots of explosions, have loveable characters and epic music.

If you like one you're bound to like the other.


Im basing this on the first episode of Guilty Crown, which was nearly identical to the first episde of code geass:

Boy meets mysterious girl. Girl gives mysterious crazy superpower. Boy owns.

Both series also center around a rebellion, and both are futuristic (in that they have mechas). They both also have a fairly dark feel to them as well, though Code Geass (so far) slightly less so.


Guilty crown takes after Code Geass so much, the plot is similar, the nightmares/crafts are identitcal, the first episode as well. The style is dark and rebelly. I like the style GC more, but Code Geass si older and so mure original


Code Geass and Guilty Crown are similar on many different levels. first off total domination of the ruling government, and a group fighting against said superpower. A person reciving a strange power, while slowly figuring out the 'specs' for them. the use of mechs, and their looks. Lastly the way the episode's cliffhangers leave off are the same style entirely, just leaving you wondering how the character will worm his way out of his current prediciment.

What sets them apart is, in Code Geass, the protaganist is out for revenge and is all too eager to jump on the chance to kill his nemises. While in Guilty Crown, the protaganist is dragged unwillingly into a fight he could care less about.

If you enjoyed one you should give the other a shot.


Postmodern world setting with mechs, check. Japan subjugated to outside rule, check. Organized rebellion against established authority, check. Mysterious girl gives boy supernatural "Power of Kings," check. Boy joins rebellion, check.These anime have such highly similar plot elements. If you enjoyed one, please give the other a try.


Guilty Crown and Code Geass are very similar. They are about someone who seems hopeless but gets a gift to help them make a difference. Both Lelouch and Shu have difficulties hiding their identity. If you liked code geass or guilty crown you will deffinetly like the other.


The Only Differences between Code Geass and Guilty Crown are:

Guilty Crown: You've been given the Power of the Kings. You can now do by your lone self what a thousand men could never hope to accomplish. Also, here's your hot magic girl.

Shuu: Ah, um, ow... *sob* I miss my boring, ordinary life.

Code Geass: You've been given the Power of the Kings. You can now do by your lone self what a thousand men could never hope to accomplish. Also, here's your hot magic girl.

Lelouch: Oh? Then please bear with me as I CONQUER THE WORLD. All those who wronged me, yes, they shall pay.


Whatching guilty crown just made me think about code geass. There are sertain similaities, but the main part for me was the feel of the series, and they much align. One thing though, Lelouch is, in all ways, awesome. The main at guilty cross is not so much, but I see room for more character developement, and he's starting to show that he can when he wants to.


Well, I saw TONS of similarities in Code Geass and Guilty Crown. Like, all the characters were basically the same (although I must say I personally like Guilty Crown's design more...). It's like rewatching Code Geass with a somewhat different plot! =) Not saying that's a good or bad thing cuz that's up to you but I'll name a few other similarities.

They're both set in the near future. There's mecha. A girl appears and a boy is given a superpower and he just becomes badass. (although I personally think Shu is more "realistic" in his character development) There are a few suggestive scenes. (not many though~) They're both about rebellions and you mainly see things from the rebellions' point of view

I also personally think Code Geass is WAAAY more complex than Guilty Crown (which is somewhat predictable sometimes...), but if you couldn't get enough of Code Geass, watching Guilty Crown just might subdue that urge for a bit of time. =) 

Wish you a Happy Watching! ^-^


The similarities between Code Geass and Guilty Crown are astounding...and annoying.

 Both revolve around a terrorist group of some kind. The only MAJOR differences between the groups are the roles of the main characters. The Black Nights have the protagonist, Lelouch/Zero, as their leader while The Funeral Parlor has Gai, a secondary character, as the leader of their terrorist group. Shu is just an important asset to The Funeral Parlor.

Basically, Lelouch is a crazy BA terrortist  and Shu is a wimpy kid that got love struck.

Another "coincidental” similarity is that they both happen to meet beautiful, mysterious girls that happen to grant them a power in a secluded area. The power in Guilty Crown that belongs to Shu is called The Void Genome and the mark on Shu's right hand happens to be called The King's Mark. In Code Geass, Lelouch obtain the power called Geass, which is also known as The Power of the King.

If you listen closely, you'll also notice that C.C and Inori have the same tone of voice. 

There are a couple of other character similarities between some of their minor characters. Rivalz is somewhat similar to Souta and Shirley is somewhat similar to Hare.  Well, at least to me they are. Whatever, they are both loveable characters. Putting aside the similarities, I actually enjoyed this anime because of some of its similarities to Code Geass. It's just that sometimes, it gets to be too much. If you enjoyed Code Geass, then you'll most likely watch this. It has pretty girls, some super powers, it's filled with action, and awesome mecha. 


after watching episode 17 of guilty crown i got the same feeling that i have been searching in anime ever since i watched code geass. hard to explain but the dark twists and the plot and such just give me the same feelings


Both Code Geass and Guilty Crown have similar elements in their shows, but their main characters couldn't be more different. While Lelouch is a cold and calculating person struggling with emotion at times, Shu, in Guilty Crown, is overcome with emotion at points desiring to be more calculating and charismatic. 

Sure, both shows have some sort of robots, powers, and stories of Japan struggling from external powers. Yet, each are their own unique story. Both are due their respect- if you like one, I suspect you will enjoy the other.


I think since the main characters and conflicts (such as government corruption etc.) are similar in many ways, anyone who likes Code Geass will love Guilty Crown and vice/versa.

Both have great plot lines and animation... I give the two a 5/5


Both have the mecha genre, and also have lots of suspense that keeps you guessing and wanting more. Also keeps you desperately cheering for the characters to succeed.


In many ways these two animes are dot-on similar. While Shu doesn't grow nearly as diabolical as Lelouch until the end of the series, in both animes you'll find the same futuristic themed action and loveable characters.

Both animes have great soundtracks as well.


in both anime a normal school kid found itself in an unfortunate situation where  they acquire new powers, but thos powers can also be misused. in code geass the kid is more involve into the military whereas in guilty crown it is more about a disease and the resurrection of a fearsome enemy.


Both shows are political where an individual meets a girl and ends up with a power to affect the world they live in. Each of the two have mecha that play a part, but are not the focus of the show.


They definitely have the same feel as each other, especially the way in which they both manage to balance the mix of despair and hope together in a post apocalyptic type scene is first-class. I think its how the main characters in both stories' struggle to do what they percieve is right despite being misunderstood by theire friends/ allies in the process is what gives them the edge on most anime of similar genres.


They Both revolve around the central character and his struggles with his new-found power, also they are both set in the future with awesome mecha =D


They are not only made by same people and very simillar in every possible way (except that main protagonist of guilty crown is a loser while protagonist of code geass is a fine smart guy)

also, have you noticed that guilty crown acronym GC is code geass acronym CG backwards?


Both deal  about the same topic for example rebellion and the first episode is also quite similar to each other.

So if you liked one of those it's quite impossible that you dislike the other one.


In common

Main character is a Japanese student who accidentaly gets involved with something and ends up getting a mystical power to change the world with.

Both deal a lot with what is right or wrong and what means are justified to achieve your goals. They're also very critical of the government and to some extent of society.


Code Geass focuses more on strategy. Main character is a self-confident mastermind that uses much psychology and strategy to get what he wants. Also it contains mecha's as an important component where Guilty Crown has them but are much less important to the storyline and action.

Guilty Crown has a great way of using the visuals to persuade of more emotion. The majority of the series has a positive vibe to this and combined with the great opening video is very enjoyable in that. Code Geass is a lot more persistently dark in this area.


Both animes feature rebellions and mechs. Also both animes have the main character meet a mysterious girl who gives them a mysterious power that changes their lives and the fate of the world


Both have stories that are more difficult than most to guess. There is a nice amount of romance in both though Guilty Crown centers around it more than Code Geass does. The main characters of each end up being very alike though they come from different backgrounds and start out as opposites (one is happy for the power while the other is scared of it).


Central character with good intentions. Check

Central character utilizes bizarre power to accomplish goal. Check

Central character falls prey to power. Check


Both are tragedies and surround one main guy wanting to protect those close to his heart. Both Lelouch and Shu were given a power which allowed them to reign over the rest and the internal conflicts they have within themselves make them seem alot more human than the evil persona they present to others.


Both Code Geass and Guilty Crown were similar animes in the sense that they had a futuristic theme (mecha), a story centered on rebellion, and a main male character that was given powers by a mysterious girl.

I like Code Geass more than Guilty Crown, but still, both of them are great animes!


On its own, Guilty Crown is its own anime up to the twelfth episode.  Afterwards, the similarlities between the animes become considerably more prominant.  From this, in hindsight, it is almost a direct parallel to the Code Geass series until the ending.

The main differences lie in the main characters: Code Geass has a smart and rather cunning protagonist, but on other side of the looking glass, Guilty Crown has a slightly introverted and emotive protagonist.  Given the difference of situation in the story line, and the plot grows from there.  Consequently, Code Geass focused on more strategical-twists compared to the more emotive-twists in Guilty Crown.

They are both good and contain elements of each other.  However, Guilty crown is more tighly woven and emotional than Code Geass which is more encompassing and quick-tactics.  Depending on your preference depends on which may be more enjoyable.

I would recommend these together as they are an interesting contrast between similar but perfectly unique animes!


Both animes have a mecha element to it, more so in Code Geass than Guilty Crown. Both also tell a great story, about an every day kid becoming one person who can change the world. Finaly, both of the main characters get some sort of superpower.


The protagonists for both of these anime are high school males who after an encounter with a mysterious woman join a resistance against the government. Both men are gifted with a distinct power which they use to their advantage to fight for their cause. Both Lelouch and Shuu are forced to face the harsh realities around them as they suffer various losses in their struggle to create peace.


Mecha - thats the one and biggest thing in common that both series have. Both series are heavily based on Mehca fights with good amount of action and destruction.

Both series main characters are leading a peaceful life untill the fated encounter which changes their life forever by giving them unfathomable power. Both the series feature state of war and deaths, of which Main char is sick and wants to get rid off for once and all.

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Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Mobile Suit Gundam 00

In the 24th century, the planet's fossil fuels have been completely consumed, forcing humanity to use solar power as the primary source of energy. A huge solar energy system orbiting the planet was eventually built, anchored to the Earth and providing it with power through three orbital space elevators. As a result of the expense of such a large-scale project, most the world consolidated into three factions: the Union, the Human Reform League, and the AEU. Despite their common reliance on the fragile orbital elevators for energy, however, humanity still continues to constantly fight wars and build up arms. A paramilitary organization called Celestial Being, equipped with incredibly powerful mobile suits called Gundams, fight in order to force humanity to unite and eradicate armed conflict.

my list:

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Military drama with mystery and high-caliber production values. Gundam 00 replaced Code Geass after its run was over. They are both from SUNRISE. If you like Gundam 00 then you will probably enjoy CODE GEASS and vice versa.


Both are alike in that they have intricate political conflicts, mecha action and deep characters that will bring out great feelings of hate or love.


Flashy animation, mecha fest with plenty of action packed sequences, political intrigue galore: Gundam 00 and Code Geass in a nutshell. Both titles focus on the efforts of the leads to change the world in one way or another, these efforts having quite drastic consequences along the way. Gundam 00 follow a group of characters and takes place in space as well as on Earth while Code Geass has a clear main character and takes nationalistic desires as the primary plot device, fans of one are likely to enjoy the other.


Gundam 00 sets in a real universe, just like Code Geass, it is a real robot anime. Both are stress in people's relationship and character design, if you like to see beautiful characters, this is the best choice for you.


These anime share the theme of trying to achieve a morally good goal through means which are not so clear cut. There are also instances in both Gundam 00 and Code Geass where a major character makes a decision motivated by selfish personal feelings which has unintended consequences on innocent people. And, of course, the Mecha battles are always a plus. Basically, if you liked the themes in one of these anime, you'll like the other.


Both are thought-provoking animes that step out of the ordinary mecha stereotype. Both show off intense mecha battles (more strategy involved in Code Geass) and high-production value. Mecha fans will be deeply satisfied with either.


If you liked Code Geass or Mobile Suit Gundam 00, then you'd like the other because they both have the main characters fighting to bring about a world of peace even if it is at the cost war. Tho in Code Geass the main character seems to be evil for using his powers differently, you could say the main character in mobile suit gundam 00 is evil for using his power to provoke violence. So in other words both main characters are good and bad in different aspects.


Both shows center around mech based battles that serve to shift the world in profound ways through poltical means. Both main characters are part of "terrorist" organizations that attempt to change the world for better abeit using morally questionable means.


Both anime have mecha elements with mobile suits. What uniqely connects the two is the strategical aspect both possess. Further more they also deal with political affairs, that concern the future of humanity. In order to make sure the destinies they choose lead to prosperity for the whole world.


While on two different wave lengths, both parties are fighting for freedom. The emotional highs and lows and tears and sometimes silliness make an addiction worth recording. Surprises and twists throughout and of course both involve the use of Gundams. Great comparing ém.


juz love it!!! their works on mecha is amazing. their character also great.... storyline also great... tiptop


Both have the main characters going after an idea of the irradication of war and the common goal of world peace. Mecha battles are great in both and both have many twists in the story line so if you like one, youll definitly like the other. Both will keep you watching episode after episode!! Both of these animes are great!!! Watch both if you can! :)


Both Code Geass and Gundam 00 are very much about the moral grey areas of society and it's rules. Both series focus on a small number of people trying to change the world for the better and using similar methods to do it. Both involve more than just mecha. The styles of the anime are similar, both plot wise and technically. If you enjoyed one, the other is most defiantly worth a try.


Seekers of giant robot porn look no further.  These politically charged war epics will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.


Very similar, made by the same producers the anime. Mecha, very involved. Antiheros, World fights, lotta action. yeah...


Both are similar in soo many ways from the strategy t the mecha to the complex characters and intriguing story plot


Both animes feature rebellion and mechs, however Code Geass has more plot twists while Gundam 00 is centered around mechs more


These two animes contain brilliant mecha action, as well as a story about war. The plot and ideas behind these two anime are completely different, but both are intriguing.


Code Geass and  MSG 00 both have loads in common.

Both series feature heavy action packed mecha's and both series evaluate strategy over mindless actions. CG and 00 both rely on strategy and planning heavily with characters lovable. Both series feature organisation having same ideology i.e. world peace at any cost (Black kinghts in CG and Celestial Beings in 00)

If you liked one, U'll love other

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

The universe of the future is divided between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. After a year of war, ZAFT attacks the neutral colony Heliopolis to steal five prototype mobile suits. The mission is a success, but a young man named Kira stumbles upon the fifth Gundam, and he may be the Alliance's only hope...

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Both are excellent political sci-fi mecha series. They also have similar colour-schemes e.g. pink-haired princesses, bright uniforms, colourful chunky mecha. But with the superficial aspects aside, the strong themes of injustice, superiority of one nation/race in relation to another, and the paradoxes and pains of freedom fighting make these anime virtually siblings. I would say Code Geass handles the complex issues e.g. 'when does freedom fighting end and revenge begin' with slightly more intelligence. This is shown particularly in the differences between the protagonists: Lelouch (CG) is a far more complicated character than Kira (GS). But overall, I would say at least in the beginning, one will remind you very much of the other.


Beyond simply featuring mecha, both shows address many similar themes, such as racism and the value of human life versus strategic gain. The motivations of the main characters are also largely similar-- they fight largely in order to protect those that they care about, though their means and approach do differ.


If you enjoyed the political clashes in Code Geass you will enjoy the complex political background in Gundam Seed. Apart from both shows featuring mecha they both have two friends as main heroes, who, due to political circumstances, become rivals and are faced against each other to protect those for whom they care about or their beliefs. If you liked the mecha design and battles of Code Geass I believe that you will like those in Gundam Seed. Gundam Seed has more battles and features equally stunning mecha design, although the animation is of lesser quality in comparison to that of Code Geass; still, it maintains high standards.


Both Code Geass and Gundam Seed are mecha anime based around two protagonists who are best friends on opposite sides of a war. Kira and Lelouch are both traitors to their own kind, and both conflicts are of the nature that the two sides are neither entirely good nor entirely evil. Although Seed is more action-oriented and Geass has more of a philosophical side to it, if you liked the base concept of either of these you should enjoy the other as well.


Besides the obvious similarity in the use of giant robots, both Geass and Gundam SEED place these epic battles between titanic machines against a political and moral background. The greatest similarity lies in the parallels between Lelouch and Suzaku's relationship and Kira and Athrun's.

If you enjoy watching two best friends placed on opposing sides in a war, then this is a series for you.


Both revolve around a war, in which two best friends are pitted against each other. Throughout the two series, questions of morality and war are explored.


In Gundam Seed and Code Geass there is a very indefinite line between good and evil. Which side on this war is right? The two main men of each series are friends from school, but enemies on the GIANT ROBOT battlefield. If you liked these uncertainties in this anime, you should absolutely watch the other.


Reccomended for fans of Giant Mecha!! Who doesn't love angsty (and somewhat insane) teenage boys fighting battles of political and physical heights?! These anime are not only about fast paced head to head mecha battles and saving the world; they're also about the drama within teen life!! If you like one, you're sure to like the other.


Both Gundam SEED and Code Geass use the mecha theme to create the main fighting scenes, but of course Gundam takes place mostly in space while Code Geass is on Earth.

If you like Gundam SEED, chances are you'll like Code Geass too, or vice-versa. Both take on a military-like tone, and also go into detail about military strategy, making it easy to get into. The main difference is the primary characters in respect that none of the characters in Gundam SEED have "supernatural" powers.

It's a great anime to watch, especially for all the mecha fans out there :)


At first glance you would immediately see the distinct similarity between the two--both revolve around mecha and political warfare. Even most of the characters from one series seem to have a counterpart with the other.


I would recommend Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Gode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion because both Animes contain the same style of fight scenes, warfare and awesome Sci-fi robot fights.


my thoughts of This anime are that i think it was awesome. If you like Code Geass with the those Knightmares then watch Gundam Seed as it is based on those yet they are called Gundam seed mobile suits. Aswell the geass that Lelouch held is like the Death Note from the anime Death Note. The Death Note is a little notebook which you altar people's lives in. EX: Write down (Name) (Date of death) and when. Which I thought was pretty awesome! Fullmetal Alchemist gave me a feeling that i thought was the same as this and that it as well is a great anime.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Simon lives a boring life in the underground village of Jeeha, where his main job day in and day out is to dig tunnels. His close friend Kamina, however, longs to bust out of their oppressive existence and reach the surface world where open skies and adventure await! One day, during his usual digs, Simon discovers a robot with a big face buried amongst the rocks. No sooner has he shown Kamina his mysterious find when two beings from the surface crash land into Jeeha Village - one is a gun-toting woman calling herself Yoko and the other is a terrifying mecha piloted by a Beastman! Seeing their chance to escape village drudgery, Kamina rallies Simon and Yoko to defeat the invader using their new robot, Lagann. However, upon breaking out onto the surface world, Simon, Kamina, and Yoko encounter enemies more powerful than they could have envisioned. Their fight for adventure just turned into a war for the survival of the human race - will their lust for freedom hold out against such terrible odds?

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The story line in both anime has some similarity but in special they both have mechanical action or better sayed they have Mobile Suits action,balance between drama and comedy is perfect equal, If you liked action,drama comedy in this one , you\'d surely like the other.


Both animes are about a seemingly hopeless fight between the rebeliants and a powerfull enemy who rules the country. Either in CG or Gurren-Lagann we can watch the moves of a great lider, who is the only one keeping the rebel in a row. Although they have many similaritis ther are also very different what prevent you from feeling bored and saying "I've already seen it...".


I thought a little on this one ( it was pretty obvious though I didn't notice). They both have rebelions fighting in robots against a goverment that has ruled for a while. The difference in the goverments though are one is made of monsters.


These 2 titles share the drama that goes along with war. Lives are lost and sacrifices are made. Both Simon and Lelouch carry the burden of starting and finishing a rebellion in the midst of a tyrannical empire. Although the main antagonists' reasons for fighting are completely different, the progression of the story for each anime is quite similar.


Obviously, both series are similar in that they involve mechas. In the first half of TTGL, the similarities between the two series are reletively subtle. However, the second half shows extreme similarities, particularly regarding turmoil in leadership, partnership, and politics. Both series are a ridiculously good watch and I really think that if you like one, you'll like the other.


On one hand, you have a series that thrives on coolness, pure badassery and more coolness with some ham and a whole lot of absurdity. That's Gurren Lagann. On the other hand, you have Code Geass. Not just coolness, but ham as well and cheese. Lots of cheese. Which in turn leads to absurdity. How they mix seriousness with such bouts of comedy (Intentional and unintentional) is what makes them fun to watch and liken to each other.

From massively planned out plans of such cunning to the point it's mind-boggling to tactics that simplify to attack and attack some more, they are different and yet similiar. They both have style and flair in what they do and a plot that's about a group of rebels/humans who vie for a better world for them and those around them by fighting against an empire whose power outclass their own by far. And mecha, which only goes to further show the absurdity of it all.


Seekers of giant robot porn look no further.  While both are epic sci-fi sagas, Code Geass has a political bent while Gerrun Lagann is all about massive carnage.


While the plotlines may seem very different, Gurren Lagann and Code Geass have very similar themes. Both of them revolve around battles against a bigger power. Both protagonists hope for change. Simon and Lelouch are alike in the way that they desire to fight to bring peace. Both animes contain action-packed battles that focus more on just the fighting and center as well on the characters themselves. Speaking of characters, there is a lot of development in both animes and the characters are down to earth and relatable. Both Gurren Lagann and Code Geass leave you breathless with amazing music and beautifully crafted storylines. Both of them are definitely worth a watch.


Fight the power! is probably a good tag-line for both of these anime. Young rebels take on the current regime with their ever-evolving mechas. Both protagonists have a faithful group of sidekicks, some rather ruthless antagonists, and a story-line that is more about freedom than romance.


Both have great impact on audience, are superior to other animes and the main character will make you shed manly tears.


Both of these animes have so many twist and turns that when you thought you had it figured out, another scenario comes into play, and when you though you have that scenario figured out, another scenario would play. Undoubtedly they are both extremely well written and though out animes, and if you are looking for a mind blowing and unexpected experience, one that keeps your blood pumping for excitement, and the eagerness to find out what will occur in the upcoming episode, than this is the route to go with.


CG and TTGL both have a plot heavily based on Mecha fighters,with TTGL featuring mecha's that will blow your world (literally).

In both series the Prot gets an unbelievable power in start which will change their life forever. Geass in CG and Spiral Power in TTGL, Both use this power to rebel against the monarchy ruling them for ages.

Both Punch heavy action doses, Badassery moments, Tearjerking deaths and touch of Romance

watch it online now!