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Code breaker made me fall in love. I wanted an anime with action, cool fight scenes and lots of awesome powers. This satisfied my craving for violence while having an interesting storyline and great characters. As an anime I loved it. Then I read the manga. I still love the anime but I realize they kind of destroyed the manga. Not that they were completely different but they seemed to have chopped it up and spliced parts together to introduce all the characters even if in the manga they weren't part of the arc they decided to make into anime. Also it's over 200 chapters; this short anime had nothing on the manga. Its good but in the same way the movies for resident evil were. Enjoy the links to the game but don’t expect it to match it. Choosing to look at it from that point of view I enjoyed this anime, I even watched it more than once. I did however curse the ending so badly that I decided to read the manga (as I hadn't yet) just to find out if the ending was different (because I am so hoping it is). The ending didn’t surprise me but the romantic/humanitarian in me was not satisfied. Then again this anime is not romance based so I shouldn’t expect a happily ever after, still can't blame a girl for hoping lol.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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Code:Breaker for me wasn't all that fantastic but at the same time it wasn't all that bad nothing really stood out to me in amazement but it was still enjoyable to watch. For this review sound and animation will not be commented on as far as I could tell there wasn't really anything wrong with them but again nothing really sparked any excitement.


The story ran along at a reasonable pace, it leaves itself open at the end which is typical of short based anime which sucks while some other animes continue onto their three hundredth episode where the story is either becoming dull as hell or it's using filler for some pointless reason. One of the things i didn't really get was why it was some people were born with these powers and this wasn't very well explained all I got was that some people are born with it and some are not and that's that which doesn't really seem like a good explanation. Another thing which didn't really add up was why sakura was this thing called a "rare breed" There was no explanation for this and it wasn't even explained on what a rare breed was, all that seemed to happen was she could negate special abilities that these code breakers and other people may have.


Most of the chrarcters in the show were good, you had your crazy bad guys, your minions for the bad guys with their twisted motives and your good guys with their sense of justice and stuff. However Sakura kinda stuck out like a thorn in this mix up of good versus evil. She has the paragon good attitude where no one should hurt anyone and that doesn't really work when all the code breakers are all about eliminating evil, not to say that she should have supported everything they do, but it did get annoying for like the hundredth time where she shouted to Ogami telling him not to kill the person and then he went and done it anyway, Burning them to nothing.

One more thing to add onto Sakura is even although she's a fantastic martial artist in her school she kinda sucks when it came do defend herself from the villians in the show, whether if it was just getting captured or getting strangled to death by someone she really didn't do much about it.

All in all Code:Breakers should be on people's list on things to watch for action or supernatural genre types but probably not on the first page anyway.

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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This is a show I procrastinated on for a while. The reason being that I had already tried the manga when it first came out but ended up dropping it. I was originally a fan of the Samurai Deeper Kyo Manga and so I naturally followed the author and tried to get into her next work... even though I usually HATE school life anime/manga with a passion. In the beginning it was good enough to keep my attention and it seemed interesting however after a while it went in a direction I didn't like and I dropped it. Before I started the anime I had been worried that they may touch on some of the things that made me drop the manga. However, when I realized it was only 13 episodes, I became pretty sure they wouldn't get that far in the story anyways, and I was right. The problem with that though is that one of the things I really liked about Ogami and his awakening was barely touched (only hinted at really). What I can say for the anime is that unlike it's predicesor, Samurai Deeper Kyo it's ending in the anime was not an epic failure. This anime does a pretty good job at finishing in a satisfying way, something many anime with manga counterparts do poorly. It gives you closure on the stories situation enough so that it can stand alone without going to the manga. Yet, it still lets you feel like there is more to the story that is available if you want to persue it. Honestly, I hate the manga hard sell that a lot of anime use. So it earns points for that with me as well.

The animation is really good. I especially like the way they animate Toki and Yuki's powers. Although I had no complaints about the quality of animation and I actually liked a lot of the action scenes. I think the only part I can mention kinda negatively is near to the ending when they animate Code Breaker #1's last fight scene they do that weird type of animation like the kind you find in a couple Naruto Shippuden fights like the one where Naruto is fighting Pain. They Over accentuate every movement of a persons body and face and it looks really weird. I don't like that but, aparently it must be popular since in Naruto they used that type of animation during action sequences multiple times later in the Shippuden series. Anyways, to me it was only noticeable near the ending in that spicific instance. The rest of the show seemed to be animated normally.

The Sound is good. I saw no major issues with it at all. I usually don't have much to say about sound though so this is nothing new. I tend to fast forward through the opening but the opening was pretty short in this anime. The voice actors all did a good job and the sound affects all worked for what was being done nothing sounded out of place or wrong.

The characters are okay. By that I mean that some were good and some were not so great. Heres a few things I have to say about some of the characters below:

I did not like Sakura at all. Though in truth I did not like the girl named Sakura in Samurai Deeper Kyo either. I guess this mangaka- likes making horrible characters have the name Sakura. Anyways, I cannot stand Morally self righteous characters. She moralizes tirelessly like a broken record acting as though she has lived in a bubble all her life and corruption isn't all over the place. She is sopposed to be a teenager. If she was 5 or 6 I could possibly see her naively believing in the garbage that spouts tirelessly from her mouth. I wouldn't call her naive though, that is something you call someone who doesn't know what's going on accidently. She is ignorant... meaning She ignores any argument or action that doesn't suit her view. Many times she asks questions that have very obvious answers sometimes even asking after the answer has already been stated but she just doesn't want to accept it. It is very difficult to deal with these types of people and I am surprised Ogami has the pacience for her.

Ogami is the typical bad*ss.He's got a pretty cliche anti hero attitude. I don't dislike him. However, he could have been a little more original. The thing he says nearly every time he uses his power in the anime is obviously sopposed to be epicly bad*ss, but the more he says it, the less significant the words seem. I do like that he owns his own part in the taking of lives but he goes a bit too far with the I am evil I don't deserve happiness type thing. It's like the ultimate manly depression. Anyways, as I said he is not a bad character but for a main character he is a bit lacking... at least at this part in the story.

Toki is a interesting guy. He compliment's Ogami really well in the show. When they are together both characters seem to make eachother look better. He's got a interesting power. Magnitism. I've always found that power interesting. It's cool how they make it look too. He has a big ego but it also really personable. 

Yuki's power is interesting but as far as his personality, he is your typical excentric secondary good guy character. He acts younger than his age and has a thing for a cartoon cat. I've seen a similar character in Karneval... like Identical almost in personality.

Masaomi Heike is really weird but at the same time extremely cliche for a anime character in a few ways. He is the type who always acts dignafied. They excentuate this quality of his in the anime. I am not big on his light power really. Though I do recognize it's power. This guy just has a aura about him like he has a lot of secrets.

Overall, this anime is worth the watch. It won't probably blow your mind but it's still good enough to suggest. Especially for it only being 13 episodes. So if you enjoy school life and/or action anime, you should give this a try.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Code:Breaker could of been so much greater than what it was, for me at least. The story line started off nicely but slowly degraded into a mess, pair that with one dimensional characters and you feel left wanting. A redeeming quality of this anime was the sound and animation, while not the best I have ever seen it did have some moments of greatness.

Overall I feel this could have been a really great series that I would be waiting for the second season to be coming out with baited breath, instead I really don't care about the "cliffhanger" that was revealed in the last episode since it was sprung on you in the last 10 minutes of the first season. 

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Really loved this one! When first begun to watch it was a bit suspicious about, but in the end I've been sad because it had only 13 episodes.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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