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In a world that is trying to cope with artificial soldiers left over from the war, Agate Fluorite transfers to the prestigious Cluster Edge Academy – a recognized starting point for leaders of the past and the future. He’s naïve, optimistic, and from no apparent background; but more than that, there’s something very different about Agate: he has the power to make “miracles” happen. Meanwhile, the artificial soldiers working with former Cluster E.A. student Chalce rebel at news of his death. Led by Chalce's younger brother Chrome, they attempt to destroy the remaining artificial soldier plants and take on the military in his name. In their journey to understand and become human, they cross paths with Agate and his new Cluster E.A. friends, and are pulled into the havoc caused by the military who want Agate's power. It is only a matter of time before one side discovers the truth behind Agate…

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  • A Young Man Named Agate image

    Episode 1

    A Young Man Named Agate

  • Beryl’s Blade image

    Episode 2

    Beryl’s Blade

  • Cold Bullets image

    Episode 3

    Cold Bullets

  • Enter the Ebony Chrome Team image

    Episode 4

    Enter the Ebony Chrome Team

  • The Miraculous Race image

    Episode 5

    The Miraculous Race

  • The Professor and Fon image

    Episode 6

    The Professor and Fon

  • The Student Council Election image

    Episode 7

    The Student Council Election

  • Ghost of the Mansion image

    Episode 8

    Ghost of the Mansion

  • Individual Sentiments image

    Episode 9

    Individual Sentiments

  • Agate’s Cries image

    Episode 10

    Agate’s Cries

  • That Which Chalce Bestowed image

    Episode 11

    That Which Chalce Bestowed

  • Wind Toward Tomorrow image

    Episode 12

    Wind Toward Tomorrow

  • A Letter to Ema image

    Episode 13

    A Letter to Ema

  • Chrome and Agate image

    Episode 14

    Chrome and Agate

  • Frightened Eyes image

    Episode 15

    Frightened Eyes

  • Beneath the Wings image

    Episode 16

    Beneath the Wings

  • Ties to the Heavens image

    Episode 17

    Ties to the Heavens

  • Wandering Artificial Soldiers image

    Episode 18

    Wandering Artificial Soldiers

  • A Time of Decision image

    Episode 19

    A Time of Decision

  • Sorrowful Angel image

    Episode 20

    Sorrowful Angel

  • The Last Request image

    Episode 21

    The Last Request

  • Prelude to Ruin image

    Episode 22

    Prelude to Ruin

  • The Fires of Judgment and Toward Tomorrow image

    Episode 23

    The Fires of Judgment and Toward Tomorrow

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on May 1, 2012
Score 4/10

You have probably noticed how anime after mid 2000 turned a lot to a 12 episode format. The reasons can vary, but watching a series like Cluster Edge, I almost excuse the industry. THIS SHOW IS SO SLOW.

Most people usually don’t notice a thing called pacing but this show is so bad at it, even the majority figured it out. The producers just had to fill a full season with a story that easily fits in... read more

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