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In times of olde, humans live in constant fear of demons known as yoma. These vicious creatures can take the appearance and memories of humans they have devoured, thus blending into society as they freely feast on human flesh. The key to stopping the yoma lies with the tolerated yet feared Claymores - women who are half-demon, half-human, and fully fated to become the demons that they hunt. Meanwhile, in a village, the young Raki has been banished; his only crime was losing his family to the yoma. Raki is drawn to a Claymore named Clare, and together their journey begins. While Clare fights the yoma plaguing the land, can Raki help her in her struggle to retain her humanity?

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Sheex Oct 18, 2007
Score 7.5/10

As a wistful conglomerate of both originality and clichés alike, my feelings about Claymore are, needless to say, quite mixed.  With more ups and downs than sand dunes in the Sahara, the storyline continually fluctuated in maintaining my interest, a sign which generally causes me to drop a series before its finality.  However, Claymore is unique in that the series doesn't stand... read more

VivisQueen's avatar
VivisQueen Oct 6, 2010
Score 7.5/10

It ends in an extended battle with gargantuan monsters and a remarkable death toll. And when I say it 'ends', I mean it 'to-be-continues'. Nonetheless, there is a meaty centre beneath the shallow crust of demons, gore, and flashing swords. Foremost, Claymore accomplishes strong character development, particularly of the intensely heroic protagonist Clare and her fellow warrior women. When all that deep stuff... read more

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