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In times of olde, humans live in constant fear of demons known as yoma. These vicious creatures can take the appearance and memories of humans they have devoured, thus blending into society as they freely feast on human flesh. The key to stopping the yoma lies with the tolerated yet feared Claymores - women who are half-demon, half-human, and fully fated to become the demons that they hunt. Meanwhile, in a village, the young Raki has been banished; his only crime was losing his family to the yoma. Raki is drawn to a Claymore named Clare, and together their journey begins. While Clare fights the yoma plaguing the land, can Raki help her in her struggle to retain her humanity?

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Claymore 2001 Original Manga
Name Role
Takahiro UMEHARA Character Design
Hiroyuki TANAKA Director
Masanori TAKUMI Music
Norihiro YAGI Original Manga Creator
Masao MARUYAMA Producer
Manabu TAMURA Producer
Toshio NAKATANI Producer

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Claymore Sheex 7.5/10 Oct 18, 2007

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Claymore PhdInCartoons 7.4/10 Mar 5, 2013
Claymore Jehowi 8.1/10 Jan 5, 2013
Claymore Mozuri 9/10 Nov 30, 2012
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Anime I Must Rewatch Tomciux19 63 Apr 13, 2014
The darker side of life polycutie 20 Apr 12, 2014
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drbutcher rated the Claymore anime 3/5 stars
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Six years ago, a catastrophic event ravaged Tokyo. Amaha Masune was found at ground zero, physically unscathed, but without memories and with a child in her arms. Returning to Tokyo for the first time since the disaster, the slightly clumsy but cheerful Masune just wants make a new life and to raise her daughter without interference from the Child Welfare Agency. But unsolved murders are being committed all over Tokyo and a near-miss reveals her identity as the bearer of the Witchblade, a mysterious weapon linked to the disaster 6 years before, that seems to have a mind of its own. Giving in to the Witchblade seems dangerous, but when the powerful Dohji Corporation agrees to guarantee her a life together with her daughter if she works for them, can Masune pass up the chance?

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Claymore and Witchblade are about women whose destiny to fight evil is chosen for them. Both heroines serve a purpose unbeknownst to them but inevitably viewers are taken on this long ride as the women discover their past, purpose and future. If you like strong women who transform into buxom beauties who can kick butt, then you will definitely like these.


Like powerful (you can even say supernatural) main characters with sad pasts? Then you will love Claymore and Witchblade. The main character in each fights for a bright future and tries to remain free. They both lost something in the process of becoming what they are today: memories, family, freedom, etc. You will love the drama, suspense, graphics, and fight scenes.


Claymore and Witchblade deal with a women’s destiny to fight evil. The stories revolve around a supernatural setting involving horrifically sad pasts of the two main women as they fight for a better future. At some points in the series the two main women even look the same on a close up view.


Claymore and Witchblade are both series featuring heroines that are weilded only by women. Laden with monsters and blade-play, either series would probably be enjoyed by someone who liked either.


The main characters are employed by world organizations to keep evil at bay. Both are very strong and do things their own way even when the organization doesn't quite approve and consequences will be waiting. If you liked one check out the other.


Claymore and Witchblade have diffrent stories but the concept it pretty much the same. Strong female leads that have supernaturel powers.

Both animes contain alot of gore, violence and barely any nudity.

If you like one of the two, you will probebly like the other.


both Witchblade and Claymore feature female protagonists whose destiny to fight evil is chosen against their own will. Both shows are very dramatic and with a dark mood, both shows contain bloody, gory, violent, horrific scenes with a lot of intense fighting, action scenes. Both female protagonist have a past covered in sorrow, and they fight to protect their beloved ones or the people that are important to them. So if you liked one of this shows then you will enjoy the other one as well.

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An akuma is a soul which has been brought back to life through sadness and despair with the powers of Millenium Earl. Their mission is to terrorize the earth and all who dwell within it. The Black Order is a group of Exorcists that have sworn to cleanse the souls of the akuma, and collect the substance known as "innocence". This powerful substance can be used as an anti-akuma weapon, and ultimately can help destroy the evil Millenium Earl. Allen Walker is a young Exorcist who has the ability to tell who is human and who is an akuma with the help of his cursed eye. Together with the Black Order, Allen must find all 109 pieces of innocence to protect the world and defeat Earl.

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Claymore and D.Gray-man are both dark and serious, and the characters in each fight demons. The differences are that there is a bit of comedy in D.Gray-man and the characters fight demons with claymores (huge swords), while in Claymore there is no comedy and the characters use special powers.


D. Gray Man, and Claymore share many of the same themes including: Time period, character development, and organization. Not to mention that in both Anime's the monsters are demons who disguise themselves as humans to further their cause of destruction, as they eat their way through hordes of people. Though the action is more nonstop and quick in Claymore, D. Gray Man, doesn't disappoint with the build up into missions, and even the occasional filler.

All in all, if you liked Claymore, you should definitely think of watching D. Gray Man, and vice versa. It's well worth your time.


If you like Claymore, then you'll love D.Gray-man. The Dark Order is a group of people who have what's called "Innocence" and they fight akuma, or demons. It has a lot of the same traits as Claymore. I very highly recomment this anme/manga. :D


There is no denying a somewhat similarity between the parasitic Innocence weapons of D.Gray-man and the abilities of Claymores in Claymore. Neddless to say, there is obviously quite a bit of action between the two, and some minor similarity between Claymore's yoma and D.Gray-man's akuma.

They differ, however, in their tone. D.Gray-man remains slightly comedic and child oriented, while Claymore is more grim and gritty. If you liked D.Gray-man but want better action, try Claymore. If you liked Claymore, but want a lighter tone, try D.Gray-man.


Claymore and D.Gray-man have common features. Both have an anti-demon organisation that hires and trains anti-demon weapons.

Claymore anti-demon hunters have all same equipment and their own personal skills are the key factors for becoming stronger hunters.

D.Gray-man then again relies upon relics that have chosen their wielder. These relics are manufactured to weapons by organisation to suit the wielders perfectly.

Again then both are very entertaining where D.Gray-man is more humorous but both have their own charms. Maybe rather unique character designs in both make these animes so great because you wont meet dozens of overused character designs in these animes.


both of these anime are fighting against demons and also the protagonist possessed unique eyes that can hunt and detect monsters inside the human body which the demon hides.

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Blood The Last Vampire

Blood The Last Vampire
  • Movie (1 ep x 48 min)
  • 2000

In the time of the Vietnam War, an American military base in Japan is plagued with a rash of killings whose assailant is unknown. Enter Saya, a mysterious young woman who happens to be the last of the vampire race, and has been charged by her government agency employer to investigate the sinister killings. With demons and creatures abounding, Saya must infiltrate a school to put a stop to the bloodshed -- unless the monsters get to her first...

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If you like atmospheric demon-horror with good characterisation and good plot as well as the fantastic action sequences, then these two are well matched. Saya and Clare both have internal struggles to resolve and both are silent, rational killers with depth beyond their sword-wielding skills. The animation in both anime is also excellent, with distinctive, detailed styles. Also, a definite gore warning on both.


If you like the inner conflict between the yoma and human self of the claymores I think you may like Blood The Last Vampire, as the main protagonist is half-human half-vampire. Also they both deal with demon-slaying so they both are action-oriented and feature a fair amount of violence and gore.

Of course Claymore has a better plot since Blood is a movie of 40 minutes only.


Both Blood and Claymore have heroines with unique abilities, fighting and slashing demons. These girls have to fight monsters outside and inside alike, as part of them wants to join the monsters in their bloodshed. The only thing keeping them together are their friends.


If, like me, you enjoy a good horror romp, packed full with demons, fighting and bucketfuls of blood, I think you will enjoy both Claymore and Blood: TLV.

Both fronted by a very strong (both physically and mentally), beautiful female lead, their story is immortalised in some beautiful animation with the promise of a second series for more action.


Claymore and Blood the Last Vampire each revolve around demons.  The series are dark and twisted following the struggles of the main characters as they are exiled from the people around them.

Busou Renkin

Busou Renkin

Some things in life are so bad that you'd like to pretend they're just a dream. Unfortunately for Kazuki, trying to save a strange girl from being brutally killed by monsters (and ending up dying instead) is an unfortunate reality. Out of pity, the girl replaces Kazuki's heart with an alchemy-based artifact known as Kakugane, so that he may live on. With this strange device, Kazuki gains the power of Busou Renkin -- Arms Alchemy; a power that will come in handy when monsters (and worse) begin to plague his town! Kazuki soon meets the girl from his “dream” (named Tokiko) in reality, and she tells Kazuki to get on with his life; but with his sister and friends in danger, that might not be possible. Besides, if Kazuki gives up the chance to show off just how manly he can be, how can he hope to win the heart of the alluring older-sister-like Tokiko?!

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If you loved the cool, powerful warrior girl that fights evil, in one of these anime, you will not be disappointed by the other. The stories focus on the fighting girls that have to forsake normal lives and the boys that do so willingly, in an attempt to protect them and make them happy. Claymore is darker and bloodier, while Busou Renkin edges on the humorous at times, but Clare (Claymore) and Tokiko (Busou Renkin) give away the same feeling. They are both scarred beings with foggy pasts, starting to care for a boy that should mean nothing to them.


The seductress known as Power is humanity's mistress. There are those who seek it and there are those who are given it. Yet, power is still power no matter what form it takes and power by its very nature corrupts humanity. This is the tale of heroes and heroines who've been granted power and fight to retain their humanity; such is embodied in Claymore and Busou Renkin.

These series are mirror images of one another. Myriads of comparisons can easily be done between the two. Some of the more common comparisons include the existence of a controlling organization, a skilled and determined female heroine, the involvement of a young and unaware hero, and the ultimate fight to retain humanity. Yet, despite all of these comparisons, the series are distinct from one another much like how two twins are still very different from one another. Therefore, if one has chosen to watch Busou Renkin or Claymore and wishes to watch something similar yet paradoxically different, then one should watch the other.


Both of these anime have the same kind of idea with every person (main character) has their own sword that can do different things. Also, Busou Renkin I belive has more romance, which really enhances everything and puts more tension and it also has a lot of cliffhangers! Claymore I believe leaves you hanging at the end also. I also believe the ideas of two people always traveling together (Clare and Raki vs. Kazuki and Tokiko) is very similar. Believe me, if you like Busou Renkin, you'll like Claymore, and vise versa!


Claymore and Busou Renkin are, at their simplest, tales about a character that has been embedded with a material that will make them stronger so they can defeat monsters, but will eventuially have negative side effects. The character must eventually come to terms with what their life is becoming and make a decision.

Of course, on top of this are some kick ass fights, and plenty of other story elements.

The story lines are handled in different ways and Claymore is slightly more mature, but I am confident that if you enjoyed one, you will gain some enjoyment from watching the other.


One dabbles in comedy and drama, the other has a drop of comedy in a full glass of drama; one has romance, the other... not so much. But what they both have is awesome fights and excitement in the midsts of the drama.

Claymore has a more mature storyline and has a more mature feel overall but if you're a fan of either one, chances are you'll find something to like in the other. And arguably, Claymore might be the better of the two, considering that Busou Renkin can be considered a generic shounen anime. Just keep that in mind.

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Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry

Dante works as a demon hunter for the office of Devil May Cry, and as he is always in debt he doesn't have the luxury to turn down jobs as long as they pay well. His latest assignment is to be a bodyguard for the young Patty Lowe while she receives her inheritance. During the mission he was able to defeat the demons that got in his way and deliver Patty safely, but upon completion of the mission Dante discovers that Patty will be staying with him – indefinitely! Now, Dante must not only hunt demons and coexist peacefully with other hunters, but also handle the responsibility of taking care of a little girl!

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First of all, if you like the half-demon/half-human magical cliché of a character who swings a huge sword, you'll definitely love both Devil May Cry and Claymore. Both of them act cool and cold but have a softer side to them, and they even make some similar decisions (I won't spoil). Both anime contain blood, guts, demons, swords, action, and drama. So if you liked DMC you'd like Claymore and vice versa.


Both contains lots of cool demon slaying and the main character is really cool in both animes. Both Dante in Devil May Cry and Clare in Claymore are the type who kill first and ask later. If you like one of theese you should like the other. P.S lots of blood it to be expected :)


Claymore and Devil May Cry share protagonists that hunt and kill demons but who are part demon themselves. They both have plenty of bloody action scenes involving demons getting hacked apart by huge swords. If you liked one you should give the other a try.


There is no denying that Claymore and Devil May Cry are similar.  The main characters (Claire and Dante) are so much alike in their cool self-demeanor and personalities in dealing with the people around them.  Not to mention that they both conveniently happen to be half-demon/half-human.  They also have a very pronounced soft side that comes through when they are interacting with the children they seem to pick up along the way.


Both contains lots of cool demon slaying and the main character is really cool in both animes. Both Dante in Devil May Cry and Clare in Claymore are the type who kill first and ask later. If you like one of theese you should like the other. P.S lots of blood it to be expected :)

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