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When his dream career as a basketball player is shattered due to a severed tendon, Okazaki Tomoya believes that his already depressing life has lost all purpose. To make matters worse, he is plagued by dreams in which he wanders through a land of nothingness. Attending school only through force of habit, Tomoya one day meets a girl called Furukawa Nagisa; and over time, while helping her to reform the school's drama club, Tomoya learns to smile and have fun once more. His dreams have become less dark, as though a ray of hope has appeared; but could there be more to these dreams than there appears to be?

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FalseDawn's avatar by FalseDawn on Apr 2, 2008
Score 3/10

The timing of the Clannad series is a bane for Toei's movie version of the popular Key game. If this had aired a year or two before KyoAni decided to release its own version in 23-episode series form, then this would have undoubtedly had more interest than it received. As it is, I'm acutely aware that even my own experience of this movie is tainted by KyoAni's superior... read more

mahius's avatar by mahius on Jul 31, 2015
Score 8.5/10

The Clannad Movie, a drama with some comedy, romance and something else. I wasn’t originally intending on watching it, since I thought it was just a lazy cut-down recap of the anime, which I’ve only watched the original first season of. I was wrong, this movie seems to be something else entirely, built new from the ground up with a slightly different cast of characters and story. I will note that a... read more

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