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Summer break is now over; the second semester has started for Tomoya, Nagisa and the others, and little has changed. Since Tomoya's relationship with his father is still troubled, he continues to live with Nagisa and her family, even if it means getting roped into organizing a baseball team for the family bakery. Life at school continues as normal with Sunohara as carefree as ever; however, when his sister Mei voices her concerns about him, the series of events that follow place a strain on Sunohara and Tomoya’s friendship. Whether it's saving a person from themselves or passing on a message from the past, one thing’s for sure: no matter how tough things get, good friends will always be there to help out.

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  • A Farewell to the End of Summer image

    Episode 1

    A Farewell to the End of Summer

  • In Search of False Love image

    Episode 2

    In Search of False Love

  • Hearts Out of Synch image

    Episode 3

    Hearts Out of Synch

  • With the Same Smile As That Day image

    Episode 4

    With the Same Smile As That Day

  • The Season You Were There image

    Episode 5

    The Season You Were There

  • Forever by Your Side image

    Episode 6

    Forever by Your Side

  • Where She Belongs image

    Episode 7

    Where She Belongs

  • A Courageous Battle image

    Episode 8

    A Courageous Battle

  • Along the Path image

    Episode 9

    Along the Path

  • A Season of Beginnings image

    Episode 10

    A Season of Beginnings

  • The Founder’s Day Festival Promise image

    Episode 11

    The Founder’s Day Festival Promise

  • A Sudden Happening image

    Episode 12

    A Sudden Happening

  • Graduation image

    Episode 13


  • A New Family image

    Episode 14

    A New Family

  • In the Remains of Summer image

    Episode 15

    In the Remains of Summer

  • White Darkness image

    Episode 16

    White Darkness

  • Summertime image

    Episode 17


  • The Ends of the Earth image

    Episode 18

    The Ends of the Earth

  • The Road Home image

    Episode 19

    The Road Home

  • The Tidal Breeze's Mischief image

    Episode 20

    The Tidal Breeze's Mischief

  • The End of the World image

    Episode 21

    The End of the World

  • Small Palms image

    Episode 22

    Small Palms

  • The Event from One Year Before image

    Episode 23

    The Event from One Year Before

  • Under the Green Tree image

    Episode 24

    Under the Green Tree

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Sheex's avatar by Sheex on Apr 20, 2009
Score 8.7/10

I have, with quite good reason, always been skeptical of anime sequels. Too often I find myself watching and enjoying a series, only to be disappointed by a sequel whose only redeeming quality lies in its use of the franchise name. This most certainly was the case with Clannad, as the series ended both poignantly and with a certain level of closure. Try as I might, I could not envision a follow-up... read more

nathr94's avatar by nathr94 on Dec 5, 2014
Score 9.5/10

This is a cruel, cruel anime. It will toy with you, systematically building you up then smashing you down with the cleverest story writing I've experienced in a long time. The effect this show has had on me is profound. I had not cried for almost 8 years until I watched the second half of Clannad After Story throughout which the broadest range of emotion is felt. That is the extent to which the show brought... read more

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