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Best Coming of Age Animesby sm3xyang3l

The characters grow older throughout the anime.

Anime's that make you feel your feels, some with warmth some are just dominatethruster

My favorite anime's are feeler's "per say" . Now not all of these are Sad but they all had moments in them that defiantly were to me.

Overrated waste of time animeby Jajajaja

Just a few where I suffered through the entire series because I was convinced it was good but it really wasn't...

Recommended Animeby Kikio

This list is based off what I feel will give you great satisfaction. Mostly deeply told stories.

My Top 5 tear jerker anime 😭by amanda575

These anime made me cry and not like a a river. They had turned for the worst on me out of know where, when I had stared to watch them. Then it was to late .....I couldn't un see them or un break my heart that was crushed into little...

Heart Breakersby Hawaii

Heart breaking anime. WARNING! They will pull out all your tears!

Anime that have been English Dubbed Series Editionby Annie201

Anime Series that can be watched in English.