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Anime for Middle School Kidsby Kolink

SPOILER WARNING: Due to the nature of this list, there are some spoilers. I have marked entries with an asterisk if they contain major spoilers. This list features anime that I personally think are appropriate for kids in the 11-14 age range. ...

Honest opinions and my fav animeby UnicornFatboy

You can find something for everybody i hope,its not ranked

Animes that make you shed a tear or even cryby TheProVietnamese

Basically, its a list of animes that IMO that some should have got a good endings, but are all tear jerking. Whether they have a good ending or not these are all very good anime and some may have a special twist at the end to make you love or...

Growing Upby Radishpudding

From youth to adulthood.

Top 10 Anime That Made Me Cry (Might Contain Spoilers)by multianime01

The list starts from the anime that made me cry the most all the way to the anime that I cried a little bit to.