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Fav Anime OATby gentleblade

To me my favorite Anime are those with either the strongest and most badass char as protagonist or those with the most dramatic or touching plot. So hereĀ“s my list.

Top 10 Anime That Made Me Cry (Might Contain Spoilers)by multianime01

The list starts from the anime that made me cry the most all the way to the anime that I cried a little bit to.

Masterpiece Anime with Epic Endingsby Bonvantius

Just go watch it, no words can describe...

Best Coming of Age Animesby sm3xyang3l

The characters grow older throughout the anime.

Anime's that make you feel your feels, some with warmth some are just dominatethruster

My favorite anime's are feeler's "per say" . Now not all of these are Sad but they all had moments in them that defiantly were to me.

Overrated waste of time animeby Jajajaja

Just a few where I suffered through the entire series because I was convinced it was good but it really wasn't...