Circuit Angel: Ketsui no Starting Grid

OVA (1 ep x 45 min)
2.133 out of 5 from 32 votes
Rank #5,048
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Mariko is tough yet kind girl who is really into motorcycles. She ends up in a race to settle things between the rich son of bike maker and herself.

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dalmain's avatar by dalmain on Sep 7, 2013
Score: 7.5/10

Circuit Angel is bascially about a high school girl named Mariko that is into bike racing and she's really good at it. She seems like a regular high school girl when she's with her friends, but she's really tough and won't back down from anyone. She gains a rival in Sho, a rich kid that is also really good at bike racing. They have a big race at the end and well you have to watch it. There are other things... read more


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