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Cinderella Monogatari

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Cinderella lives happily with her family; she has a loving father, a stepmother, two new sisters, and a fairy godmother who watches over her. However, everything changes when her father leaves for business. Cinderella quickly becomes a slave to her new family, carrying out every chore and satisfying every whim of her tormentors. Luckily though, Cinderella has a kind heart and, with the help of her fairy godmother, is able to communicate with birds, mice, and a dog – all of whom become her fast friends. Soon, Cinderella meets a commoner and the two become best friends; but little does she know that he’s actually a fairytale prince in disguise!


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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Cinderella Monogatari Movie Movie   Condensed Version The Cinderella Monogatari Movie is a compilation film released dubbed in English in the USA.
Name Role
Hiroshi SASAGAWA Director
Shuji UCHIYAMA Producer

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List of Favorites MrLolo 27 Oct 18, 2013
Favorite Anime! ikutosviolinlover 7 May 28, 2013

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Both are wonderful anime series. Both have interesting versions of Cinderella as well, complete with cute animals. I strongly recommend watching both series.