Chrono Crusade

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It is the early 1920s, and New York City has a problem of evil proportions – demons. With devil worshipping on the rise, foul spirits and monsters have begun to surface, causing fear and panic in their wake. Combating this threat is the Magdalene Order – a group of religious officials charged with exorcising the evil that is spreading throughout the city. Rosette Christopher is a young nun who takes on missions alongside her contracted partner – a young demon named Chrono. Now it is up to this unlikely pair to wield God’s power – and plenty of holy bullets – to destroy the menace in front of them and confront the demons of their past.

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DistMan Oct 10, 2004
Score 8/10

As always with GONZO, you can expect high class animation, fanservice here and there, action, comedy and dramatic moments -- Chrno Crusade is no different. The story follows the same pattern as Full Metal Panic. It kicks off with some action and lighthearted moments then goes into smaller arcs while there is an underlying plot being developed. The story jumps around like that for 2/3rd of the... read more

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alli120 Aug 5, 2016
Score 4/10

This anime was the first adult anime, that I washed, and it was not a bad start. The ending reminded of Titanic's ending, really, REALLY sad, but good.  I like the story, but I don`t like the ending. If you ask me, then the ending in a anime is one of the most important things. Don`t get me wrong I am not saying, that the anime is bad just because of the ending. There`s a different between... read more

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