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Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter

Chou Soku Henkei Gyrozetter main image more screenshots
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New Yokohama Center is the famed city of the future, promoting widespread use of AI cars and home to Arcadia Academy – a learning institution founded to educate the next generation of AI car specialists.  Kakeru and Rinne used to think they were typical students at Arcadia, until they discovered that the school is actually a façade for a secret defense agency, and what's more, the two of them are fated to become mecha pilots! Now, the duo, along with other friends, must race and battle in transforming cars to put a stop to the evil organization Zenon's plans.

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Name Role
Yoshinori YUMOTO Character Design
Shinji TAKAMATSU Director
Naoki SATO Music

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If you liked either Zexal or Gyrozetter, then you might like the other because both star hot headed protagonists who try to do their best despite the odds, and have to learn to work in a team in order to fight against villains. Gyrozetter tends to be more episodic than Zexal, but overall, both are shounen genre kid's shows with colorful animation, over-the-top battle sequences and effects, and silly jokes in between.

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