Chi's Sweet Home

Alt title: Chi's Sweet Home - Chi's New Address

TV (104 eps x 3 min)
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One day, a young kitten was on a walk with her mother and siblings; but soon she became separated from her kin. Struggling to find her way home, the kitten soon ran into a young boy named Yohei and his mother; and out of pity, the duo takes the kitten home with them. Unfortunately they discover that they are unable to keep pets in their home, and thus begin a quest to find her a new place to live. From playing with shoelaces to being washed, the cute kitten named Chi will have fun and get to know her new family – though all she really wants is to make it home to her feline mother.

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  • Chi, on the Prowl. image

    Episode 1

    Chi, on the Prowl.

  • Chi, Taken Away. image

    Episode 2

    Chi, Taken Away.

  • Chi, Runs Away. image

    Episode 3

    Chi, Runs Away.

  • Chi, A New Decision. image

    Episode 4

    Chi, A New Decision.

  • Chi, Getting Ready. image

    Episode 5

    Chi, Getting Ready.

  • Chi, Imagines Things. image

    Episode 6

    Chi, Imagines Things.

  • Chi, is Remembered. image

    Episode 7

    Chi, is Remembered.

  • Chi, Moves. image

    Episode 8

    Chi, Moves.

  • Chi, Smells Things. image

    Episode 9

    Chi, Smells Things.

  • Chi, Goes Exploring. image

    Episode 10

    Chi, Goes Exploring.

  • Chi, Goes Climbing. image

    Episode 11

    Chi, Goes Climbing.

  • Chi, Frets. image

    Episode 12

    Chi, Frets.

  • Chi, Has an Idea image

    Episode 13

    Chi, Has an Idea

  • Chi, Introduction pt.1 image

    Episode 14

    Chi, Introduction pt.1

  • Chi, Introduction pt.2 image

    Episode 15

    Chi, Introduction pt.2

  • Chi, Challenged! image

    Episode 16

    Chi, Challenged!

  • Chi, Goes Into the Yard. image

    Episode 17

    Chi, Goes Into the Yard.

  • Chi, Gets Even. image

    Episode 18

    Chi, Gets Even.

  • Chi, Welcomes. image

    Episode 19

    Chi, Welcomes.

  • Chi, Frolics About. image

    Episode 20

    Chi, Frolics About.

  • Chi, Goes Outside image

    Episode 21

    Chi, Goes Outside

  • Chi, Gets Dizzy image

    Episode 22

    Chi, Gets Dizzy

  • Chi, Returns image

    Episode 23

    Chi, Returns

  • Chi, Is Invited In image

    Episode 24

    Chi, Is Invited In

  • Chi, Leaves Pawprints image

    Episode 25

    Chi, Leaves Pawprints

  • Chi, Is Stopped. image

    Episode 26

    Chi, Is Stopped.

  • Chi, Gets Mad image

    Episode 27

    Chi, Gets Mad

  • Chi, Makes Friends image

    Episode 28

    Chi, Makes Friends

  • Chi, is Fallen in Love With. image

    Episode 29

    Chi, is Fallen in Love With.

  • Chi, is Followed. image

    Episode 30

    Chi, is Followed.

  • Chi, is Carried. image

    Episode 31

    Chi, is Carried.

  • Chi, Runs Around. image

    Episode 32

    Chi, Runs Around.

  • Chi, Keeps Waiting. image

    Episode 33

    Chi, Keeps Waiting.

  • Chi, is Impersonated. image

    Episode 34

    Chi, is Impersonated.

  • Chi, Goes Through. image

    Episode 35

    Chi, Goes Through.

  • Chi, Doesn't Sleep. image

    Episode 36

    Chi, Doesn't Sleep.

  • Chi, Makes Sure Of. image

    Episode 37

    Chi, Makes Sure Of.

  • Chi, Tastes. image

    Episode 38

    Chi, Tastes.

  • Chi, is Confused. image

    Episode 39

    Chi, is Confused.

  • Chi, Celebrates. image

    Episode 40

    Chi, Celebrates.

  • Chi, Wanders Aimlessly. image

    Episode 41

    Chi, Wanders Aimlessly.

  • Chi, is Told a Story. image

    Episode 42

    Chi, is Told a Story.

  • Chi, Makes Her Debut. image

    Episode 43

    Chi, Makes Her Debut.

  • Chi, Looks Up at the Sky. image

    Episode 44

    Chi, Looks Up at the Sky.

  • Chi, is Treated. image

    Episode 45

    Chi, is Treated.

  • Chi, is Washed. image

    Episode 46

    Chi, is Washed.

  • Chi, is Opened Up. image

    Episode 47

    Chi, is Opened Up.

  • Chi, Brushes Her Teeth. image

    Episode 48

    Chi, Brushes Her Teeth.

  • Chi, is Tested. image

    Episode 49

    Chi, is Tested.

  • Chi, Gets in the Car. image

    Episode 50

    Chi, Gets in the Car.

  • Chi, Speeds Off. image

    Episode 51

    Chi, Speeds Off.

  • Chi, Goes Home. image

    Episode 52

    Chi, Goes Home.

  • Chi, Rolls Around. image

    Episode 53

    Chi, Rolls Around.

  • Chi, Runs About Here and There. image

    Episode 54

    Chi, Runs About Here and There.

  • Chi, Dives. image

    Episode 55

    Chi, Dives.

  • Chi, is Admired. image

    Episode 56

    Chi, is Admired.

  • Chi, Trims the Bamboo Tree. image

    Episode 57

    Chi, Trims the Bamboo Tree.

  • Chi, Wishes Upon a Star. image

    Episode 58

    Chi, Wishes Upon a Star.

  • Chi, Gets Wet. image

    Episode 59

    Chi, Gets Wet.

  • Chi, Takes Refuge from the Rain. image

    Episode 60

    Chi, Takes Refuge from the Rain.

  • Chi, Pursues. image

    Episode 61

    Chi, Pursues.

  • Chi, is Sucked Up. image

    Episode 62

    Chi, is Sucked Up.

  • Chi, is In Sync. image

    Episode 63

    Chi, is In Sync.

  • Chi, Rides Out the Danger. image

    Episode 64

    Chi, Rides Out the Danger.

  • Chi, Is Treated. image

    Episode 65

    Chi, Is Treated.

  • Chi, Is Followed. image

    Episode 66

    Chi, Is Followed.

  • Chi, Is Discovered. image

    Episode 67

    Chi, Is Discovered.

  • Chi, Goes Down. image

    Episode 68

    Chi, Goes Down.

  • Chi, Scoops. image

    Episode 69

    Chi, Scoops.

  • Chi, Goes Along. image

    Episode 70

    Chi, Goes Along.

  • Chi, Experiences. image

    Episode 71

    Chi, Experiences.

  • Chi, Looks Up. image

    Episode 72

    Chi, Looks Up.

  • Chi, Becomes Popular. image

    Episode 73

    Chi, Becomes Popular.

  • Chi, Leaps. image

    Episode 74

    Chi, Leaps.

  • Chi, Boasts. image

    Episode 75

    Chi, Boasts.

  • Chi, Falls Over. image

    Episode 76

    Chi, Falls Over.

  • Chi, Crosses the Sea. image

    Episode 77

    Chi, Crosses the Sea.

  • Chi, Rides through Hokkaido. image

    Episode 78

    Chi, Rides through Hokkaido.

  • Chi, Rides a Horse. image

    Episode 79

    Chi, Rides a Horse.

  • Chi, Scares People. image

    Episode 80

    Chi, Scares People.

  • Chi, is Surrounded. image

    Episode 81

    Chi, is Surrounded.

  • Chi, Meets a Cow. image

    Episode 82

    Chi, Meets a Cow.

  • Chi, Sees Stars. image

    Episode 83

    Chi, Sees Stars.

  • Chi, Meets a Northern Fox. image

    Episode 84

    Chi, Meets a Northern Fox.

  • Chi, is Chaperoned. image

    Episode 85

    Chi, is Chaperoned.

  • Chi, Plays in the Yard. image

    Episode 86

    Chi, Plays in the Yard.

  • Chi, is Shown Gratitude. image

    Episode 87

    Chi, is Shown Gratitude.

  • Chi, Goes Together. image

    Episode 88

    Chi, Goes Together.

  • Chi, Gets Tangled. image

    Episode 89

    Chi, Gets Tangled.

  • Chi, Has a Meeting. image

    Episode 90

    Chi, Has a Meeting.

  • Chi, Puts on a Performance. image

    Episode 91

    Chi, Puts on a Performance.

  • Chi, Sows Seeds. image

    Episode 92

    Chi, Sows Seeds.

  • Chi, is Mistaken. image

    Episode 93

    Chi, is Mistaken.

  • Chi, Panics. image

    Episode 94

    Chi, Panics.

  • Chi, is Surrounded. image

    Episode 95

    Chi, is Surrounded.

  • Chi, Stays the Night. image

    Episode 96

    Chi, Stays the Night.

  • Chi, Conveys a Message image

    Episode 97

    Chi, Conveys a Message

  • Chi, Continues image

    Episode 98

    Chi, Continues

  • Chi, Collapses image

    Episode 99

    Chi, Collapses

  • Chi, Reunited image

    Episode 100

    Chi, Reunited

  • Chi, is Happy. image

    Episode 101

    Chi, is Happy.

  • Chi, Renews Her Promise. image

    Episode 102

    Chi, Renews Her Promise.

  • Chi, Runs. image

    Episode 103

    Chi, Runs.

  • Chi, Makes a Family. image

    Episode 104

    Chi, Makes a Family.

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coffeebreath's avatar by coffeebreath on Nov 4, 2010
Score 9/10

One of my favourite quotes goes: "Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious." It can be easy when you get caught up in the philosophical twists and turns of your daily encounters for one decision to become an entire blockade that stops you progressing in your life. You look left and right, you assess the possible outcomes and decide that any decision you make will incur... read more

33333ducky's avatar by 33333ducky on May 14, 2016
Score 7/10

Chi's Sweet Home is a great anime to relax and unwind to. Its very happy and positive, nothing violent so it is perfect for even little kids to watch. The animation is very soft and cute. The characters are likable and the stories are short and sweet. Recommended for children, adults or teens who just want something clean and refreshing. :) read more

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