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Chi's Sweet Home

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3.949 out of 5 from 2,758 votes
Rank #791


One day, a young kitten was on a walk with her mother and siblings; but soon she became separated from her kin. Struggling to find her way home, the kitten soon ran into a young boy named Yohei and his mother; and out of pity, the duo takes the kitten home with them. Unfortunately they discover that they are unable to keep pets in their home, and thus begin a quest to find her a new place to live. From playing with shoelaces to being washed, the cute kitten named Chi will have fun and get to know her new family – though all she really wants is to make it home to her feline mother.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Chi's Sweet Home: Atarashii Ouchi TV 2009 Sequel
Chi's Sweet Home OVA OVA 2010 Same Franchise

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Chi's Sweet Home 2004 Original Manga
Name Role
Akemi KOBAYASHI Character Design
Mitsuyuki MASUHARA Director
Kanata KONAMI Original Manga Creator
Takashi MURAYAMA Producer
Junji AOKI Producer
Kenichi KOMORI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Chi's Sweet Home Maggie 9/10 May 12, 2013
Chi's Sweet Home llVIU 5/10 Oct 18, 2012
Chi's Sweet Home roriconfan 6/10 Apr 25, 2012
List Title Username Entries Date
Le mom safe anime Akikoshikata 64 Apr 13, 2014
The best Slices of Life masterchica 3 Apr 1, 2014
Rewatch Episodes List Sianeka 23 Feb 24, 2014
pikachupacabra watched Chi's Sweet Home at 104 of 104 episodes
Patri watched Chi's Sweet Home at 104 of 104 episodes
Novaire dropped Chi's Sweet Home at 11 of 104 episodes
grayraven stalled Chi's Sweet Home anime at 26 of 104 episodes
CurtiLoweLove watched Chi's Sweet Home at 104 of 104 episodes

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Nyanpire The Animation

Nyanpire The Animation
  • TV (12 eps x 4 min)
  • 2011

Tiny, abandoned Nyanpire would have died when he was the kitten if not for the help of a kind stranger… a stranger that happened to be a blood-sucking vampire! Bringing the feline back to life with a few drops of his blood, the man then vanished, leaving Nyanpire to fend for himself. Now, the whimsical kitty lives with Misaki as her housecat, and spends every moment of the day figuring out a new way to find or beg for blood, even if it means turning to a friend such as the samurai Masamunya or angel Nyantenshi!

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If you like short episodes about cute kitties, then you'll love both these shows. The plots aren't much, but they are heartwarming just the same.


Both of these anime are about an adorable lost kitten who is saved and given a home to stay. The biggest difference between the two shows is that Chi is a normal kitten in a world without the supernatural, while Nyanpire is a vampire kitten in a world that is filled with supernatural things. Nyanpire the Animation is much like a supernatural version of Chi's Sweet Home.


Nyanpire and Chi's Sweet Home are both super cute cat related animé. Both series have short episodes about the adventures of those little kitties. Chi's Sweet Home is better than Nyanpire though. Chi's Sweet Home has more episodes and at least some sort of plot. Nyanpire is more random, but it's still very cute.I hightly recommend both animé


Do you like cute kittens?

If yes, then both Nyanpire and Chi's Sweet Home will appeal to you. Both are short episodes about cats and their everyday life.


Short, adorable episodes about sweet kittens? If you like one, you will certainly like the other! The main difference?  Chi's Sweet Home is a very simple idea of a what a real kitten's life is like.  Nyanpire is a little more, uh...whacked out, I would say. ;)


lots of cute, warm, fuzzy feelings come from watching these two programs and you will always find yourself with a silly smile on your face

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
  • TV (52 eps x 3 min)
  • 2012

It's a basketball! It's a melon! It's… Poyo the cat?! After drunkenly stumbling across the bulbous, cuddly creature on the street one day, Moe Satou decides to bring the stray home and keep him in the house as a family pet. Whether he's lounging around or bringing snacks to the other strays in the neighborhood, Poyo is always getting into a variety of misadventures with his new owners and friends, including the lovable neighbor cat Kurobe, doting father Shigeru and a host of kittens.

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Besides the obvious similarity in subject matter (pet cats), both shows are short little bites of light fluff that roll the end credits before they become stale. Each show is a cute simple diversion and seem to be the textbook defintion of safe harmless programming. If you're looking for an escape from the robots and the harems, you can't go wrong with either.


Two crazily cute, short episode anime about a family and their adventures with their new household cat. Both are sweet and charming and hilarious all at the same time.


Both are short stories involving two very cute kitties.  This is definitely a feel good series which has a lot of cute moments and just makes you want to go dawwwww


Both have kitties made for viewers to go ga-ga over (so precious! Yes you are! Yes you are!!! Squeee!! x3 ) with cute lil adventures that have really no meaning at all but are still a nice distraction from everyday life. Both are also family friendly, so you can just keep telling yourself that this is "for the children" and you're not just watching this for yourself.


If you like short, cute anime about cats then you'll love both of these series. Poyopoyo is a little more on the bizarre and comical side, but if you like one, then definitely check out the other.


Both Chi's sweet home and Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki tell the everyday adventures of adorable cats in which the cuteness factor is so high it may give nosebleeds... Cat lovers will adore both: Lord knows I do! :3

watch it online now!



A lady lives a quiet life with her two loves: alcohol, and her many cats. She’s had many of the latter over the years including an oft-grumpy Scottish Fold mix and Poko, an orange ball of energy who was abandoned as a kitten and saved to live another day. Whether the kitties are playing with cotton gloves, getting to know each other or causing mischief, they and the lady live happily together.

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4 people agree

Cats doing adorable cute annoying cat like things with their humans along for the ride. Both have short episodes that make you want to marathon them as fast as you can. Chi's sweet home is slightly more light hearted than kuruneko. Check one out if you liked the other.


If you enjoyed the comedy of the relationships between owners and their pet cats in either of these short anime, then you may want to consider watching the other. Both focus on the slightly bizarre behaviours of our feline friends and if you like the slice of life approach to this then you may well enjoy both of these series.


Cats! Who doesn't love them. Both Kuruneko and Chi's Sweet Home have adorable purrers getting into all kinds of funny situations with their owners. The episodes are very short on both shows, making for an easy watch and keeping things interesting. If you enjoyed one of these shows for being about cats, simple as that, I'd definitely recommend watching the other.


Yeah, nothing is more cute than cats doing funs stuff.

Did you dig one? see the other then, what are you waiting for?

Kappa no Kaikata

Kappa no Kaikata

Kappas (Water Imps) and humans have a long history together in Japan, and in today's urbanised world, kappas can be purchased as pets. This is what a young man decides to do, and names his water imp 'Kaatan'. With no prior experience of keeping kappas, the new pet-owner consults a 'How to Raise a Water Imp' manual. He cares for, tames, and trains Kaatan, enjoying the imp's charms and patiently enduring his messes! Whether it's potty training or going out to play with other kappas, there's always an adventure for Kaatan and his new owner.

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If you're looking for a sweet (and short) anime about pets, I recommend Kappa no Kaikata and Chi's Sweet Home. Both are very lighthearted and funny accounts of the daily life of a pet and their owners. Those who liked Kappa no Kaikata or Chi's Sweet Home should watch the other.


Both of these series consist of short and humorous accounts of a pet and their owner. Both animal protagonists are extremely sweet and funny as they adapt to their new environments. If you liked the light-hearted side of one then try the other.


Pets are a wonderful thing. Both these shows show the care and comedy an owner goes through with their pets. Kappa no Kaikata is slightly more strange since it is a kappa where Chi is about an adorable kitty. Both have short episodes and are sure to entertain.



Laura is a typical fifth-grade girl with a not-so-typical pet: Hamtaro! Quirky and curious, Hamtaro quickly makes friends with his fellow "neighbors" after the duo moves to a new town, and a lifetime of adventures begins. Whether it's attending sports festivals, visiting museums in the search for the world’s largest seed or playing matchmaker, the Ham-Ham Friends will stop at nothing to have a good time. When the humans stray, the hamsters come out to play!

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not rated
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2 people agree

Both of these shows are certered on an adorable protagonist. Both have a little animal getting into messes and adventures. You will laugh and get tingly all over from the cutness in both of these shows.


Both has explosive cuteness in every episode. Both are about the main (animal) character's adventures or experiences. Both are adorably animated in a way that makes you smile.