Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Alt title: Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo


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Overrated Animeby KR999

Obviously this is my personal opinion based usually in indifference but sometimes bitter distaste. The very nature of a list like this means I am somewhat in the minority so make of it what you will. Notably the top two have alternative versions...

Top Movies 🎬by rachelhand

List of my top movies that are not studio Ghibli or part of a TV series

ALL anime's I've ever watched! :oby KawaiiOtaku01

I'll add as soon as I finish one :3 Both series, OVA's and movies c:

Anime movies I've watched ;>by KawaiiOtaku01

I'll be adding more when I see it, obviously x3

Must Watch Anime's - The greatest plotsby justanotherg4mr

None of these focus on comedy, but instead storyline and characters.