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Chihaya Ayase is a famous beauty at her school, but she’s far from a conventional girl. Three years ago in her final year of elementary school, Chihaya and her friend Taichi became infatuated with the card game, Karuta, after connecting with a lonely boy named Arata Wataya. But when the trio graduated from elementary school, they each went their separate ways but shared one common goal: to excel in the game and meet each other at the national championships. Now, Chihaya is attempting to share her passion for the game by creating a competitive Karuta club at school, but when she reunites with Taichi it seems that maybe she’s the only one with the intention of fulfilling their childhood promise...

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flaze's avatar by flaze on Jun 7, 2014
Score: 6/10

Chihayafuru is an average anime. I have nothing significantly bad to say about it, yet at the same time, giving it anything more than a 6 doesn't feel right. Story: The first half of season one is quite predictable (and slow paced) and the second half begins to feel repetitive. At one point, I considered dropping the series because I was so bored. It certainly didn't help that the show fails to maintain a... read more

rike1p's avatar by rike1p on Nov 1, 2011
Score: 10/10

I have noe idea why, but I love this anime. I usually like action animes like Naruto or Fairy tail, or romance anime like Special A, but there is something about this anime. The story is just starting and i have only seen a few episodes, but i can't get enough. There is some romance vibes in this so that is an extra plus, but I will probably watch it anyway. It may seem boring, but TRY IT! It is really worth a... read more

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