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As Sumomo berates Kotoko for not getting into her morning exercises, Hideo leaves for college but manages to leave his wallet behind. After sending Chii out in a schoolgirl outfit to deliver the wallet, the ever-lively Sumomo realizes that something is wrong… Chii has left her panties behind! Now in a fit of panic the two teeny androids must find a way to escape the house and reach Chii before any rogue gusts of wind expose her naked truth.


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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Chobits TV 2002 Original
Chobits: Hibiya and Kotoko Chat DVD Special 2003 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Chobits 2000 TBD
Name Role
Hisashi ABE Character Design
Morio ASAKA Director
CLAMP Original Manga Creator

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Chibits angelsreviews 5/10 Jul 21, 2013
Chibits charvisioku 7/10 Dec 12, 2012
Chibits Symmetrical 10/10 Dec 28, 2010
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To watch (main) Snowberry 29 Jan 2, 2014
Romance Anime izeli74 45 Oct 29, 2013
Anime That I watched triniman15 481 Oct 4, 2013
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Ah! My Goddess TV

Ah! My Goddess TV

Morisato Keiichi has always had bad luck. No matter what he does or how he acts, nothing seems to go his way. His bike frequently breaks down, his classmates take advantage of him, women ignore and scorn him, and on top of all that, he’s only 5'3". In Heaven, when someone’s bad luck and good luck are so heavily out of balance, Belldandy (Goddess First Class, Second Category, Unlimited) of the Goddess Assistance Agency comes to the rescue. Belldandy grants Keiichi one wish to make up for all of his bad luck, but when Keiichi wishes for Belldandy to stay by his side forever... the trouble begins. Can Keiichi keep Belldandy by his side, or will outside elements force her to return to heaven?

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This goes for Chobits as well (although I'd assume most people who watch this have already seen the main series). AMG has a similar feel to Chobits and Chibits and I'd be surprised if you liked one but not the other.

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  • Movie (1 ep x 60 min)
  • 2013

Hal and Kurumi used to be lovers with dreams and aspirations, until one day a tragic plane crash tore them apart forever. To help mend his grieving granddaughter’s heart, an old man sends his android, Q01, to take Hal’s place and help Kurumi move on. But doing so won’t be easy, for Kurumi is resistant, and the android Hal will slowly come to realize the truth about the pair’s relationship...

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Both of these anime involve a human x technology relationship. However, in Hal the android is male and Chibits the android is female, so it's flipped. Both have a good plot, though the circumstances are a bit different.