Cherry no Manma

OVA (1 ep x 10 min)
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Kanoko is a young girl who lives with two young men - kind Yuzuru, and slightly perverted Yuki. One day, Kanoko catches Yuki looking at her panties that are hanging on the balcony, only to discover soon after that her new pair of cherry panties have gone missing! Yuki seems to be to blame, but when confronted with the accusation he leaves the apartment in a huff. Will the three continue to be able to live together?

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cherrywolfchan Aug 29, 2010
Score 4/10

A young girl, Kanoko, lives with two guys, Yuzuru and Yuuki. And... that's really it. The anime is only 10 minutes long and the episode is one little plotline of panty stealing... you know it's an 80s to early 90s anime when panty theft is involved!Story - 4/10Maybe I'm judging to harshly. Cherry no Manma is only ten minutes long. Due to that fact, things such as plot suffer greatly. But perhaps this is part of... read more



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