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Takumi is a reclusive otaku who wants nothing more than to be left alone to play online games and watch anime. He only attends the minimum necessary to pass his classes, and rarely leaves his cramped room except to purchase the newest figurines. One evening, while Takumi is chatting online with his friend "Grim," a stranger called "Shogun" joins the channel and, after "Grim" leaves, posts a series of disturbing photographs depicting a man impaled to a wall with metal stakes. The following day, Takumi is horrified when he wanders into an alley and once again sees Shogun’s images – but this time, the gruesome scene is reality. From then on, Takumi sees the world through a new set of eyes; imaginary delusions meld with reality, and he isn't sure who he can trust. With suspicions and confusion at every turn, Takumi must struggle to determine what's going on - but most importantly, whose eyes are those eyes?

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Dasaru's avatar by Dasaru on Dec 16, 2010
Score: 2.5/10

**WARNING: I am not biased with this rating.** I would just like to clear that up before I start on what may seem like a judgemental rant. I usally rate anime strictly, but I typically give them the benefit of the doubt most of the time. The only reason that I rated this a 2.5 out of 10 was because I had to be fair to this - as much as I hate this. **If you doubt anything that I say about this, then I suggest... read more

xcvb2003's avatar by xcvb2003 on Feb 7, 2014
Score: 6.5/10

It was an okayish kinda goodish anime, know what I mean. 
The main character was kinda interesting seeing as he felt like a normal extra anime and gaming nerd. Wasn't that likeable though. 
The story is what was really interesting and could have been a great thing but the execution was not good. And being a 12 episode anime, it took way tooo long to start things up and then wrapped everything up... read more

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