Chainsaw Maid

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A maid tidies the house and prepares to 'tend to' the father of the house while his daughter is in the other room, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. A bloodied, frenzied woman screams that 'they're coming!' and promptly falls over dead... and that's when the zombies arrived...

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MVortex's avatar by MVortex on Nov 20, 2011
Score: 8/10

Why such a high review I hear you cry? Well, it's because of one shot, but I'll get back to that later. The story in Chainsaw maid leaves much to be desired, but does at least show that zombies are always blood stained because they vomit their organs before becoming zombies, that clears up a lot of problems. The animation is to be honest, really rather good, although not a smooth ~24fps, it doesn't lack in... read more

Kari5's avatar by Kari5 on Nov 7, 2011
Score: 3/10

Chainsaw maid is a grusome claymation that I really didn't enjoy. It tells a simple story of a group of zombies attacking a father, daughter, and their maid who protects them by killing all the zombies (via chainsaw). I don't like claymation, but it was effective because I was disgusted by the gory kills. Unfortunately, I found them a bit too gross to be enjoyable. Overall, a waste of time. read more

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