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CCW: Crazy Clay Wrestling

CCW: Crazy Clay Wrestling main image more screenshots
  • Web (1 ep x 6 min)
  • 2007
1.186 out of 5 from 85 votes
Rank #5,505


An orange and a yellow wrestler enter the ring, ready for a no-holds-barred, rousing wrestling match...

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Takena NAGAO Director

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Main Characters

Orange Wrestler image Orange Wrestler heart unheart
No voice actors found.
Yellow Wrestler image Yellow Wrestler heart unheart
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CCW: Crazy Clay Wrestling chii 0 Jan 2, 13

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Battle of Clay

Battle of Clay
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  • 2004

A red ball of clay pushes a newspaper ball down a slope, unaware that his actions will lead to a violent consequence...

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Both of these claymation fights feature the red and yellow blobs. Both are from the twisted mind of Takeno Nagao, and both are rather simplistic. If for some reason, you liked one, you'll probably like the other.

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