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Cat Soup

Alt titles: Nekojiru-sou

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3.495 out of 5 from 3,623 votes
Rank #1,697


Cat Soup is an extremely abstract, abnormal, and at times, disturbing adventure, from the director of Nadesico. This 30 minute OVA follows two kittens through what seems to be the underworld, as they search for one of their lost souls. Along the way, they encounter new (edible) friends, scary situations, and even the end of the world! Will these felines manage to return unscathed? Or more importantly, avoid becoming the main course for dinner? Confusion abounds in this quirky OVA.

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Nekojiru Gekijou TV 1999 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Nekojiru Udon 1990 TBD
Name Role
Tatsuo SATO Director
Nekojiru Original Anime Creator
Yuji MATSUKURA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Cat Soup sothis 9.5/10 Dec 30, 2004
Nekojiru-sou sothis 9.5/10 Dec 30, 2004

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Title Author Score Date
Cat Soup ShionSonozaki 9.5/10 Jul 29, 2013
Nekojiru-sou ShionSonozaki 9.5/10 Jul 29, 2013
Cat Soup Kinnara 10/10 Jan 16, 2012
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Absolute fave animes Ittermat 51 Mar 17, 2014
My top 10 OVAs GZeppeli 10 Mar 13, 2014
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ANIME DAY! nekojiru 0 Nov 30, 11
My head scares me... Superflat 1 Aug 31, 11
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palmtreesruler78 rated the Cat Soup anime 2/5 stars
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Recommendations if you like Cat Soup

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Diary of Tortov Roddle, The

Diary of Tortov Roddle, The
  • Web (6 eps x 3 min)
  • 2003

His name is Tortov Roddle, and he is a traveler from Tortalia. Along with his unusually large companion of a pig, the slender Tortov travels from place to place, always finding a new and beautiful adventure at his destination. From islands carried on the backs of frogs, to delightful cafes, to movie theaters and giant bears, there's a wonderful story to tell in the diary of Tortov Roddle.

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Cat Soup and Diary of Tortov Roddle share a childlike sense of wonder with no dialogue and strange characters and places, though Cat Soup is remarkably more dark and twisted. Still, I felt the same sense of wonder after watching both of these, and would definitely watch them again. If you liked one, you'd surely like the other.


There are some really similar points in these two anime. Tortov's pig looks like the elephant in the circus in Cat Soup, and both anime parties are traveling through strange places that are nothing special to the characters (as they are the characters' normal worlds). Both main characters are almost always calm and have that smart look on their face. The only difference is that in Cat Soup the main animal is mostly cats, and in Tortov Roddle the most common animal is a rabbit. ;p


Here we have two highly individualised abstract shorts, so unique in both design and theme, that any fan of a more artistic and philosophical approach to anime will enjoy. If you have enjoyed one piece, than you will undoubtedly want to seek the other.


What these two animes share, aside from the tendancy to provoke a 'WTF?!' reaction from an audience through the surreal adventures portrayed in both, is an undeniable charm which makes both feel quite so delightful.


The Diary of Tortov Roddle and Cat Soup feature characters wander around a very imaginative world that is really out there. Spoken dialog is non existant in both titles and both will titles might just make you just think what the hell did you just watch. A little warning Cat Soup is bit more twisted than the Diary of Tortov Roddle.


Looks can be deceiving; Cat Soup looks like a muted fable and The Diary of Tortov Riddle looks like boring, pretentious crap. In reality, though, they are two amazing short stories with plenty of similarities. Take the lack of verbal communication and the beautiful visuals dealing with fascinating landscapes for a few examples.

Mind Game

Mind Game
  • Movie (1 ep x 104 min)
  • 2004

Nishi has been in love with Myon since he was 9 years old. They both had feelings for each other, but due to Nishi's cowardice their relationship never became more than friendship. Now, in the present, Nishi is 20 years old and aims to be a great manga artist; but he still loves Myon. After years of being apart they meet again, but she tells him that she's thinking of marrying her boyfriend. Nishi is still a coward so he accepts it and wishes her luck. While they're talking at her older sister's restaurant a pair of yakuza walk in looking for their father. One of the yakuza starts harassing Myon and out of anger Nishi chooses to finally take a stand -- but he is shot and dies. Now, in limbo, he chooses to live again; but will he really live any differently than before?

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6 people agree

Both Mind Game and Cat Soup are must-sees if you enjoy mind-warping experimental animation. The major difference between the two (besides length) is that Mind Game actually has a coherent plot, but both are nonetheless extremely imaginative anime that push the definition of what an "anime" can be.


Both Anime traverse the realm of the Afterlife through bizzar, surrealist imagery. The symbols and situations in both are highly imaginative.


After a brush with Death, the protagonists from Cat Soup and Mind Game go on a bizarre journey through exotic locale(s). Mind Game seems like a grown-up Cat Soup, and (given the greater abundance in dialouge) it's over-arching plot is easier to grasp. The two are styled similarly, though the story and art of Cat Soup are rather more slow-paced. I was very surprised to learn they weren't from the same studio.


Actually if you are looking for a kind of anime the make blow your head this two anime is for you!

Both have the "life" like a principal theme, using a lot of odd scenes without sense... XD


Both have a similar feeling, with afterlife- and death- based story shown in very abstract and mind blowing way. They share a similar Art style - crazy, interesting and disturbing. Both are certainly must-see for mindfuck fans


I somehow find those two similar enough in some aspects, both are worth a shot. Probably because you don t find styles that are taht weird.

Atama Yama

Atama Yama
  • OVA (1 ep x 10 min)
  • 2002

After a miserly man consumes a batch of freshly-fallen cherries (seeds included), he finds himself in a hairy and unfortunate situation - a small cherry tree has sprouted from his balding forehead! With his mountain-like head becoming a tourist attraction, what's a miser to do?


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Both Atama Yama and Cat Soup are one-shot anime with a dark and twisted theme to them. The imagery in each is nothing short of surreal, and the portrayal of the characters' emotions borders on the comical. Both of these are excellent if you like watching anything that makes you think "Oh my god, what WAS that?" :)

Wacky randomness abounds in both of these OVAs. Cat Soup definitely has a considerably darker tone (and no dialogue) while Atama Yama plays out kind of like a folk tale. In any event, I highly enjoyed both of these, and I think you will too.


Both are a magical and surreal outlook on an abstract world revolving solely around one character and the journey or discovery they must make. Truly unique in design and storytelling ability these are a must see for fans of the bizarre.


Looking for something different than what you're used to? How about something totally fantastic that can literally make you dizzy with so many mind-boggling concepts? Interested in watching little kitties take a journey or an old man grow a tree (on his head)? Then look no farther and take a gander at Cat Soup and Atama Yama!


These two short animations are both random and unique. While there is an obvious difference in style, being "different" is what unites these titles. If you have enjoyed one for its whackiness, you will enjoy the other for the same reason.

Angel's Egg

Angel's Egg
  • Movie (1 ep x 75 min)
  • 1985

In a dark and largely abandoned city a little girl wanders in search of something – beneath the folds of her dress she carries a mysterious giant egg. While living on the streets, she encounters a lonesome warrior who has forgotten his past and his purpose and, like the girl, travels aimlessly. Now they journey together, mistrustful of each other whilst sharing in the silence of the city. But who is the little girl? Who is the warrior? And what form of creature lies sleeping inside the egg?

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4 people agree

So, you thought NGE was too straightforward? Lain made too much sense? Cat Soup and Angel's Egg are both exercises in convoluted, overly artistic anime that should entertain you. Both are visually incredible, and both will leave you completely and utterly clueless. And that's nice, sometimes.


Cat Soup and Angel's Egg manage to do what few others can, that is to express an abstract tale through surreal use of animation style and little to no speech to draw in a ‘thinking' audience. Both are must sees for fans of strange but compelling anime that are truly stunning if just to look at.


Cat Soup and Angel's Egg, though very different in subject matter and storyline, both require a suspension of disbelief to be entirely enjoyed. Don't ask "how are they doing that?" or "why!?" ... just go with the flow, and the artwork and every-direction-at-once storylines will pull you in.


Cat Soup is whimsical with a meandering milieu, whereas Angel's Egg takes place in a stable setting and has incredibly dark and edgy overtones. However, if you enjoyed one because it's a visual feast that remains senseless unless you motivate your brain to make it make sense, then definitely try the other.

Bavel no Hon

Bavel no Hon
  • TV Special (1 ep x 5 min)
  • 1996

Two young boys were running late to get to a bus stop one day; and upon their arrival, they discovered a black book that had been left behind. Instead of the usual words inside, opening the book uncovers a world of wonder. A lone tower filled with books stands alone; a giant man-eating fish roams the stormy seas; and a ship sails amidst the waves. This isn’t just another ordinary book!

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well, once you watch oth anime's it's kinda clear they fit together.

Buth have a pecuiliar art style, both are half-abstract.

There's more, but it's something you just can't put your finger on it.


Cat Soup is a bizarre and surreal look into the nightmarish adventures of two young cats; it's morbid and completely messed up. Bavel no Hon is much shorter and less dark, but still is surreal and bizarre at its core.

Both series share a unique design and characters that are thrown into the midst of a very strange adventure.


Two boys (or two cats) are in a weird world, trying search something, survive and get out. Sound interesting? Well, if you're not afraid to watch some not-so-plot-centered titles of quite unique animation styles, Cat Soup and Bavel no Hon might be for you.