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Packy and Botasky are members of a private military company, a new form of mercenary system. Somewhere on a desert region, they are on a rescue mission and due to the circumstances they must enter combat immediately.

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AnarchicQ's avatar by AnarchicQ on Jul 20, 2010
Score: 8/10

I've been waiting for this anime ever since I saw the trailer. The trailer actually made me hunt for the manga which I eventually dropped. After about 10 minutes into this 22 minute war story I actually found myself forgetting that they were bunnies and that this was CGI, the characters or story pulled me in so thoroughly. The CGI was amazing, one of... read more

liamb1996's avatar by liamb1996 on Apr 9, 2015
Score: 5/10

Its pointless but entertaining to say the least. The name is enough to get you questioning life, wait until you see it. ITs a representation of the US and Afghan but using Animals and 3DCGI to represent the character. IT'S BUNNIES AND CAMELS SHOOTING EACH OTHER FOR 20 MINUTES. Silly, weird and pointless, with a nice hint of action and 3D makes this a brew of somewhat in the middle of being good and bad. Its... read more

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