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Top 100 Favorite Anime Seriesby Mole

My ever-changing list of my favorite anime. Entries typically represent their sequels the the case of franchises like Monogatari and Aria, but for series like Gunbuster, Macross, and Gundam that have such different entries with each installment I...

What to watch, when entering Anime 'List'by HDeer

List composed from best pieces of anime I have seen so far. It contains the most profound series which are concentrated on versatile scale of characters, deeds of which frequently reseble to usual cast from hollywood fiction. These pieces of art...

My Top 100 Animeby Nunnanation31

These are my favorite 100 anime. I am only including 1 anime per franchise. This does not include special episodes/OVA's of anime series, even if I rated them higher than the original series. Please see my complete anime list in case one of your...

Shows I Ownby BlueAlexander93

All the shows I own on DVD and/or Blu-ray.