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It’s been several weeks since team Q4 won the national Vanguard championship, and the group members have temporarily split up to practice on their own. Upon visiting Card Capital one day Aichi meets a newbie named Takuto who challenges him to a game, but things get complicated when shortly after, Aichi’s royal paladin deck is mysteriously replaced with another, and no one seems to remember Blaster Blade! What’s more, Takuto reveals himself to be the head of a huge corporation and the sponsor of an upcoming competition where top fighters from around the country will battle it out in the arena - and team Q4 is invited. Now, Aichi will once again join forces with Kamui and Misaki in hopes of dominating the Vanguard Asia Circuit and reuniting with Takuto to determine the fate of his beloved deck.

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  • Gold Paladin image

    Episode 1

    Gold Paladin

  • Activate! Limit Break! image

    Episode 2

    Activate! Limit Break!

  • Team Q4 Returns image

    Episode 3

    Team Q4 Returns

  • Challenge from PSY image

    Episode 4

    Challenge from PSY

  • VF Circuit Begins! image

    Episode 5

    VF Circuit Begins!

  • Team Shinobi is Here! image

    Episode 6

    Team Shinobi is Here!

  • The Lion that Exceeds Its Limits image

    Episode 7

    The Lion that Exceeds Its Limits

  • Fortune-Telling Fight image

    Episode 8

    Fortune-Telling Fight

  • Bet on the Goddess! image

    Episode 9

    Bet on the Goddess!

  • Pride of the Elite image

    Episode 10

    Pride of the Elite

  • Genius's Descent image

    Episode 11

    Genius's Descent

  • Snowfield Challenger image

    Episode 12

    Snowfield Challenger

  • Tetsu Appears image

    Episode 13

    Tetsu Appears

  • Feverish Seoul Stage image

    Episode 14

    Feverish Seoul Stage

  • Shocking New Member image

    Episode 15

    Shocking New Member

  • Rematch of the Knights image

    Episode 16

    Rematch of the Knights

  • Hero's Challenge image

    Episode 17

    Hero's Challenge

  • Legendary Fighter image

    Episode 18

    Legendary Fighter

  • Invitation to Everlasting Summer image

    Episode 19

    Invitation to Everlasting Summer

  • Each One's Summer Vacation image

    Episode 20

    Each One's Summer Vacation

  • Handsome Fight! Mitsusada vs. Gouki image

    Episode 21

    Handsome Fight! Mitsusada vs. Gouki

  • Burn! Hong Kong Stage! image

    Episode 22

    Burn! Hong Kong Stage!

  • Strongest Tag Fight! image

    Episode 23

    Strongest Tag Fight!

  • The Weed Soul! image

    Episode 24

    The Weed Soul!

  • Raid! Legendary Armada! image

    Episode 25

    Raid! Legendary Armada!

  • Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom image

    Episode 26

    Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom

  • Q4 vs. Ultra-rare image

    Episode 27

    Q4 vs. Ultra-rare

  • Angels' Dance image

    Episode 28

    Angels' Dance

  • Gathering of Winners image

    Episode 29

    Gathering of Winners

  • Assemble! Japan Stage! image

    Episode 30

    Assemble! Japan Stage!

  • Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight! image

    Episode 31

    Decisive Battle! Bridal Fight!

  • Challenge from the King image

    Episode 32

    Challenge from the King

  • A New Brilliance! image

    Episode 33

    A New Brilliance!

  • The Truth of the Wind image

    Episode 34

    The Truth of the Wind

  • Luminous Lion image

    Episode 35

    Luminous Lion

  • Leon Souryu image

    Episode 36

    Leon Souryu

  • Judgment of the Wind image

    Episode 37

    Judgment of the Wind

  • Light and Nothingness image

    Episode 38

    Light and Nothingness

  • Whereabouts of the Wind image

    Episode 39

    Whereabouts of the Wind

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LadyPsychic's avatar by LadyPsychic on Sep 30, 2015
Score 6.8/10

Story This is the second season/series of Cardfight Vanguard. Compared to the first season, this season embraces the supernatural/fantasy elements alot more.  If you prefered the more realistic feeling that most of the first season had you may be slightly dissapointed, but if you wanted something more "Yu-Gi-Oh"-ish then you may like this season a little bit more.  I... read more

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