Cardfight!! Vanguard

TV (65 eps)
2.824 of 5 from 2,071 votes
Rank #4,130

Move over, solitaire! Cardfight Vanguard is the card game that all the kids these days are playing. Using carefully prepared decks, players battle it out for fame and glory – the first to receive six damage points loses. After a bully takes Aichi's special card, the boy learns Vanguard to win it back and finds himself inexplicably drawn into the sport. Now determined to prove his skills to himself, as well as to the legendary player Toshiki Kai, Aichi climbs the ranks of Vanguard, making new friends and challenging fierce competitors along the way.

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LadyPsychic's avatar
LadyPsychic Dec 24, 2014
Score 6.8/10

Story: This series is of the "Card Game Battling" genre; so, the plot is fairly preditable (though there are a few interesting curveballs).  Unlike Yugioh (which goes all out with the supernatural/fantasy elements from the get go), Cardfight Vanguard actually starts off fairly grounded and realistic.  I personally like the fact that it starts off humbly and somewhat realistic and gradually... read more

girigirisama's avatar
girigirisama Aug 3, 2016
Score 5/10

Ahh, advertisment. Ever since Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! showed the world (and more impotantly the game industry) how effectively you can promote your product by creating a TV-series about it, there have been more and more shows to follow in their footsteps. And hey, why not? As long as the show is worth watching and isn't a complete bore it's fine, right? That being said, when it comes to card games, the... read more

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