Cardfight!! Vanguard

TV (65 eps)
2.668 out of 5 from 1,591 votes
Rank #3,640

Move over, solitaire! Cardfight Vanguard is the card game that all the kids these days are playing. Using carefully prepared decks, players battle it out for fame and glory – the first to receive six damage points loses. After a bully takes Aichi's special card, the boy learns Vanguard to win it back and finds himself inexplicably drawn into the sport. Now determined to prove his skills to himself, as well as to the legendary player Toshiki Kai, Aichi climbs the ranks of Vanguard, making new friends and challenging fierce competitors along the way.

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SinnerFalcon's avatar by SinnerFalcon on Mar 17, 2011
Score: 3/10

Cardfight Vanguard... I just watched some episodes of this anime just to see if it was a decent anime or just another shitty thing to sell Cards or Toys to the Children and guess what... it's the second thing... This anime review was made after watchin the frist 5 episodes of this series   Story: (2/10) Ok, it's a bit stupid to wait for a good plot in an Anime like this, but for god's sake... 5 episodes... read more

Garethp's avatar by Garethp on Jan 28, 2011
Score: 1/10

Story 1/10
The story is of little to no consequence. Some kid gets bullied, gets his favorite card stolen and then uses card fighting to get it back. Suddenly the people who bullied him become his best friends and he's no longer the loser of his class. They especially note this in the second episode where they point out that before he had his card fight, he was a ridiculous loser with no friends and... read more

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