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The day before summer vacation starts, Daichi who is a high school boy, sees a rainbow on TV in an island. “I’ve seen this rainbow before…” He is suddenly urged to visit this island to find about this rainbow, bits of forgotten memories from the past and his father’s mysterious death. At the island, he encounters a gigantic unknown robot called “Earth Engine”. He is asked by a crew member, “Are you the Captain”? From then on, Daichi is sucked into the space battle against robots from Uranus, “Kiltgung”. When the stars shines brightly in the sky, the battles begin.

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  • PV 3 image

    Episode 0

    PV 3

  • Earthengine Open Fire image

    Episode 1

    Earthengine Open Fire

  • The Name of the Gun Is Livlaster image

    Episode 2

    The Name of the Gun Is Livlaster

  • The Rainbow of Albion image

    Episode 3

    The Rainbow of Albion

  • Assault of the Planetary Gear image

    Episode 4

    Assault of the Planetary Gear

  • Starry Sky's Picture Book image

    Episode 5

    Starry Sky's Picture Book

  • Kivotos Plan image

    Episode 6

    Kivotos Plan

  • The Midsummer's Knights image

    Episode 7

    The Midsummer's Knights

  • Sign From the Dark image

    Episode 8

    Sign From the Dark

  • Magical Girl Akari-chan image

    Episode 9

    Magical Girl Akari-chan

  • On the Windy Planet image

    Episode 10

    On the Windy Planet

  • Through the Window of Setsuna image

    Episode 11

    Through the Window of Setsuna

  • Boys' Battlefield image

    Episode 12

    Boys' Battlefield

  • My Town image

    Episode 13

    My Town

  • A Maiden's Tear That Sparkled Through the Night image

    Episode 14

    A Maiden's Tear That Sparkled Through the Night

  • True Self image

    Episode 15

    True Self

  • Her Flare image

    Episode 16

    Her Flare

  • The Knights of Midsummer image

    Episode 17

    The Knights of Midsummer

  • Onslaught Through the Wilderness image

    Episode 18

    Onslaught Through the Wilderness

  • Your Smile Means Everything image

    Episode 19

    Your Smile Means Everything

  • Satellitejack image

    Episode 20


  • The Meaning of a Captain image

    Episode 21

    The Meaning of a Captain

  • The Operation Summer image

    Episode 22

    The Operation Summer

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream image

    Episode 23

    A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Auberon image

    Episode 24


  • Captain Earth image

    Episode 25

    Captain Earth

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Funkgun's avatar by Funkgun on Aug 25, 2014
Score 4.5/10

Got your Mecha checklist handy? The Mecha is piloted by a boy who could hardly hold a driver’s license.
There is political intrigue of governments and companies that pull strings in the background.
There is a Monster or fight of the week. There is not much you’re going to get out of this title past the standard. It does nothing more than pull off exactly what it set out to do. Make a... read more

thecrimsonclaw's avatar by thecrimsonclaw on Nov 2, 2014
Score 8/10

I, Crimson, have unfortunately been very busy of late. Honors year at University is proving to be filled with lots and lots of writing and research, life seems to be filled with lots of girlfriend time and sleepy time, and in general, there has been a massive wave of both Runescape grinding, and a lack of motivation to write any reviews. I've also been watching all of the Anime of Summer, as well as some old... read more



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