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Taku is an ordinary eighth grader who has suddenly found himself in the land of Slaffleaze, a world much different than his own. Here, intelligent animals live like humans, and are ruled by Zalbo, an evil tyrant set on dominating both Slaffleaze and its twin planet Capricorn, the Earth. With the help of Mona, a human/dragon hybrid who is the last of her kind, and a handful of companions, Taku must fight to protect the Earth from Zalbo's incoming invasion fleet before it's too late!

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sothis Jan 2, 2005
Score 7.5/10

Sound a bit generic? Perhaps it is. But although the "boy transported to another world of fantasy" idea might be overdone, it doesn't stop from being an enjoyable watch. There are so many series that came to mind while watching this, including Escaflowne, El Hazard Alternative World, and more. But the main thing I thought of was Final Fantasy 3, or the plot of ANY Final Fantasy. Definitely had a... read more



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