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Taira Capeta has spent his entire young life being a good and dutiful son to his hardworking but impoverished widower father. Only once has his father seen him show any personal wants or needs -- when he saw a model car in a toy shop. Despite his lack of cash, his father has hatched a naïve plan to give Capeta the ultimate gift: his dreams fulfilled. From a modest beginning, Capeta, with the help of his father and his good friends Nobu and Monami, embarks upon an amateur career as a go-kart racer, aiming for the ultimate prize -- graduation into the professional ranks of formula racing. But will his poverty cause his dreams to fail?

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duchessliz Nov 18, 2013
Score 8/10

Story: The plot was just. . .Damn! The anime is split up into three arcs. In the first arc we are introduced to our main character Taira Capeta. He is being raised by his widower father and has basically been taking care of himself. They are poor and so money is tight and he doesn't complain because he knows his father is doing his best (he's such a considerate little kid and wayyy too adult for his age)... read more

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pokopori Oct 17, 2011
Score 8.5/10

Where to start on this one?  Lets go with the basics first. When I watched the first episode of Capeta, I was a little turned off by the animation.  The main character wasn't the usual handsome type.  However, that was something I definitely learned to love.  I ended up completely falling in love with Ca-chan's big eyes and button nose.  His entire look oozed cute, yet dashing in a... read more

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