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Candy Candy Movie

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At twelve years old, Candice White (otherwise known as Candy) is the oldest remaining child at the Poni Orphanage. With her spirits held high, Candy dreams of the day a wonderful family will take her home; and on one fateful day, it seems her dream has come true… or has it? Instead of joining a family, Candy is adopted to be a companion for the snobby daughter of a wealthy household. Now, our young heroine sets off to join her new family and experience the joys of first love and the heartbreak of cruelty. Whatever the case, her life will never be the same!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Candy Candy TV 1976 TBD
Candy Candy: The Call of Spring Movie 1978 TBD
Name Role
Tetsuo IMAZAWA Director
Takeo WATANABE Music
Keiko NAGITA Original Manga Creator
Chiaki IMADA Producer

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Candy Candy Movie sothis 7/10 Aug 7, 2005

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Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart
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Whisper of the Heart is a touching Ghibli slice-of-life story, about a young girl named Shizuku. While riding the train, she notices a fat cat riding alongside her. Following the cat, she finds a shop where she is told an enchanting story of a gold statue named "The Baron". WotH follows Shizuku in her struggles to grow, and her budding love with the shopkeeper's son.

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"Candy Candy" and "Whisper of the Heart" are very similar anime; and although the time and place differs, the main story remains alike. In both, the plot is about youngsters who insensibly fall in love at the end. Both anime are full of adventure; there is a main adventure and small funny events unrelated to it. After all, both anime are a story about how a character finds her true path and place in the world.