Candidate for Goddess

Alt titles: Pilot Candidate, Megami Kouhosei

TV (12 eps)
2.684 of 5 from 3,255 votes
Rank #3,864

In the distant future, aliens called Victim destroyed all the worlds of humanity except for Zion. In this desperate time, young boys of the space colonies are sent to GOA to learn how to, and compete for the right to, pilot the fighting machines designated as Ingrids. These child pilots are assisted by EX -- a special power, and by female partners who repair the Ingrids. However, to save humanity, exceptional candidates are needed, and two new students, Zero and Hiead, motivated by their desire to succeed and burning rivalry, may be the human race's last hope...

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Jan 30, 2005
Score: 5.5/10

Like Stellvia, Candidate for Goddess is a lighthearted look at kids in space, training to fight a deadly disaster. In Stellvia, it was the upcoming shockwave that would destroy Earth. In Candidate for Goddess, it's invading aliens. Nevertheless, this is my favorite type of series by far, and thus, I was definitely disappointed when the end of Candidate for Goddess rolled around.

The... read more

Feneris's avatar by Feneris on Mar 26, 2011
Score: 2/10

When I started watching this anime my expectations were that it would at least be a good waste of a few hours and that’s it, but even these expectations where to high. The story of an alien race attacking humanity that can only be stopped by mecha is standard and can be done well, this anime however just feels empty. Its characters start of numerous with plenty of opportunity for development and growth... read more

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