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3.728 out of 5 from 8,162 votes
Rank #1,205

User Stats - Watching

Username Status Eps Rating
ChaosOB Watching 2   4 star rating
CheekoOrisha Watching 3   3.5 star rating
chevy11person Watching     not rated
chiachu Watching 4   not rated
Chibiaddicted Watching 6   not rated
ChibiTsukino Watching 1   3 star rating
ChiefShu Watching 2   not rated
chirulove Watching 5   3 star rating
chisakuralucy Watching 2   not rated
Chocwise Watching     not rated
Choles Watching 8   5 star rating
chrisy21 Watching 2   not rated
chrjackson Watching 9   not rated
Chudz Watching 1   3 star rating
cintoast Watching 10   not rated
cjd12 Watching 5   not rated
claiv Watching 2   not rated
claymore101 Watching 5   3.5 star rating
Cleatus Watching     not rated
CloudedVision Watching 3   5 star rating
cloudosvk Watching     not rated
Clow Watching 2   not rated
Cocksy Watching 12   not rated
CodeCakaChido Watching 5   not rated
colike Watching 10   4.5 star rating
ComeDianT Watching 2   not rated
commieneko Watching 11   3.5 star rating
Conspicuous Watching     not rated
cooldude24 Watching 7   4.5 star rating
coolgirl2468 Watching 2   not rated
CoolStoryBro Watching     not rated
Corben1k Watching 5   3.5 star rating
countrygal1239 Watching 2   not rated
cowboyfromhell4 Watching 2   not rated
Cpkaka Watching 1   not rated
Cr1ms0nSh4d0 Watching 3   not rated
Cr4zy0t4ku Watching 1   not rated
CreekCM Watching     not rated
CrimsonBumFace Watching 8   not rated
Crofesima Watching 8   not rated
Cromell Watching 9   not rated
cruisee Watching 1   3.5 star rating
Ctalon Watching 2   not rated
CurryRaisu Watching 1   not rated
cuteyxme Watching     not rated
CyrixM2 Watching 2   not rated
Daed Watching     not rated
Dagnita Watching     not rated
Daizei Watching 3   not rated
damn Watching     not rated