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My English can be terrible, as soon as I notice a mistake I should fix it, if you notice an error and let me know I would appreciate it.

The Good Part

  •  it.. has good ecchi?

The Bad Part

  •  Everything is based on the rule of cool (looks cool but doesn't makes too many sense), just badly camouflagued with greek mythology.

Story (Terrible)

This is how this show works, it might sound familiar, pick a random guy with unexplained ideals of justice to be the hero, and give him a girl that just fall in love with him for being awesome in less than a minute, no doubts, she just will fall in love. He defends the world from greek gods which reasons are to destroy the world are... the thing  myths talk about, but in the perspective of this gods and creatures there isn't really a deep though of why they are doing so. He receives powers after he destroy a god because he was the chosen for no special reasons. Powers which works under special conditions. Wich are these conditions? well they are many but they are always triggered when convenient. He also obtains powers from his harem, which is not a really good one since all the girls love seems to be pretty superficial.

So how the battles work, 1)do enemies have different strategies? 2)how do the hero train himself?

Nope, enemies are always the same, Godou use his conditional powers to survive more than winning, just for the pleasure of shock the naive audience, then a girl kiss him and he use the most powerfull power in the show!!!!.... GREEK MYTHOLOGY LESSONS!!!!!! And I am not kidding, he just says: ATHENA USED TO EAT SANDWICHES WHEN SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL! and the enemy will scream in pain. Sometimes he receives a new power, like megaman, but still, he receives in the most convenient moment, And nope, he doesn't train at all, he just act clumsy and says cool ideas about a better world and women will rain on him to give him the power.

That's it, there isn't anything else, although I have to say that I liked the conclusion, it was so, but soooo dumb and predictable that I was actually having a good time watching at how bad it was, but unfortunately that affects the enjoyment section, you still stay with this score.

 Animation (Average)

Well, I didn't like the animals, they just look so silly, other than this I don't find anything bad with the animation, but neither anything good, everything was good-looking but it was pretty much superficial, re-use and re-use of effects, not so many body action, so for which a fighting shonen consist it was pretty lazy, maybe it was saved by the ecchi animations which were good (It's clear to see what was the main focus for the staff who did this.).

Sound (Average)

The biggest reason I was recommend to watch this was the music, it was good in general yes, but it didn't shines in any moment, I was really never driven with the music. The rest is nice really, the same as animation to be honest.

Characters (Bad)

Well, they are not terrible, they are rarely  out of character. But maybe that's because characters are so dull and empty which ends with no real development. Although they know this stereotypes works for the fans and at least they know how to make them likeable and pull out some laughs.

Enjoyment (Bad)

If it wasn't by the position I was watching this after the... 5 minutes the show started I would have drop it. I just laught as many ridiculous things I could find, at the beggining it worked but since the show is bassically the same and the same over and over you already know what is wrong since it never went out. But finish it for the sake of finish it and at the end it was the same but in such a cliche and cheesy way that I was again able to laugh of it. So it really depends on your perspective whether you like it or not, a lot loved it (for the ecchi even without admiting that's the reason) But if you are not into shounen there is no way this will work. So there is almost anything you can save from this show, it will be forgotten pretty soon since many similar with remain appearing. The only thing that I can save is the potential of getting the power from a harem but it would only result good for me if it really go deep in that matter, otherwise it just ends being a silly and lame excuse for ecchi.

 Overall (Bad)

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Contains minor spoilers for episode 1.


First of all, I'm actually quite dissapointed with this anime as it was recommended by several of my friends for being great. Sure, it was entertaining at first, but then it gets really "weird" and the whole thing just spirals down. Several times throughout the series, I would find myself asking, "how the hell did that happen?"

Basically, what I'm ranting about is that it had a very good story to convey but it was just cast aside for what this anime really wants to show: liplocking with a bunch of girls. What should have been an epic battle between gods and a teenaged kid is just watered down. I mean, half of an episode composes of mindless fanservice. I really liked the idea of rogue gods and all of that, but after watching it, it didn't really feel as epic as what the story would've led you to believe.

It gives the impression that the plot exists as a device just to show you explicit scenes. Everything can be solved with tongue-on-tongue action.

Then again, what do I expect from an ecchi anime..... sigh. Thou art something really profound.


Despite the plot or lack thereof, the animation is really good. I liked the attention to detail. The background of the onsen scene in Italy was great. Even the beach scene in the final episode was spot-on .

Character design is good, Erica and Liliana's comparison in outfit is great. I also liked how Godou looked like a fairly normal teenager despite being surrounded by voluptous ladies.


OP and ED was alright for me. Voice acting was good, but I must admit that I'm a complete sucker for Yoko Hikasa's voice so I might be a *bit* biased.

Sounds fit the occassion--whether fight scenes or kissing scenes...


The characters aren't the ones that are complex. What IS complex is how they "change" per se. I still don't understand how Erica Blandelli, in all her tsundere glory, becomes suddenly attached to Godou, removes her tsundere persona, proclaims she loves him, and basically wants nothing more than for him to "marry" her--happen all in a grand total of 10 minutes on the first episode... literally.

I could accept the fact that most of the characters don't grow and develop, but they do, in a really *really* shallow sense. How the anime relays this change leaves much to be desired. Most of the character "development" occurs in a span of a few minutes, leaving whoever is watching utterly confused as to what the HECK happened. 

This development supports what I wrote: all gives way to liplocking---hell to character development and plot!

What's even more annoying is that every girl in Godou's harem spoke to him for 5 minutes and would suddenly give their vow that they would die for him---where does he get these girls? If I would quote a friend: "I WANT ONE!"

Overall: I would recommend this anime to those who want fast entertainment. This is the first time I've ever watched an anime like this (which isn't really saying a lot). The ones who recommended this to me are boys going through really late puberty... you decide what that implies.

It's an ecchi anime, what else was I supposed to expect?

5/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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It's quite entertaining but then 'another cliffhanging ending' I know I can read the light novel but it just isn't my thing. The genre, harem isn't really my fave becuase usually he / she didn't end up with anyone while me wishing he / she with end up with her / him. Again I wish they make a second season for this anime.


8/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Over before it even begins

I almost forgot to write a review on this one so forgettable it was.

A Japanese holidaymaker comes to Rome, meets a few hot Italian chicks and a few Roman gods, fights and defeats one of those gods with ease and gets one of the chicks but stops short at the dirty. This is a summery of the first episode of this series and all I can review as there is nothing to entice me to watch the rest.

Maybe it might improve later on but the opening was so lame I could not stick with it. It checks all the standard boxes for an average action anime. Young clueless male protagonist, check. Lots of young sexually provocative females hoard around the protagonist, check. Bad guy is nearly the only other male, check. Protagonist is incomprehensibly victorious, check. If this is what you are looking for in an anime then I would whole heartily recommend this series.

I personally will forget it in no time.

2/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Honestly, I don't know why this show appealed so much to me. It might be the mythology that is told throughtout each of the battles, or perhaps its the fact that I like just about all the main characters and their personalities. Alongside these two things, I honestly just like the core part of the story, and that is the main lead, Kusanagi Godou being confronted and targeted by many different gods/ goddesses and Campiones. As each fight dawns upon him, he is forced to push himself to the limits and along the way become more able to confront the ever-growing challenges. I greatly hope for and await a potential season 2, especially since there are so many deities left unaccounted for. Well, that and because I just want to see Athena again. =P

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
8/10 overall