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Call of the Wild: Howl, Buck

Alt titles: Arano no Sakebi Koe: Howl, Buck

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Buck is a dog who lives a happy life with a human family; though he is only a mongrel, he is wiser and stronger than the average dog. However, Buck’s life changes forever when he’s sold by the family’s gardener – a man he trusted – to become a work dog in the Gold Rush. Betrayed, Buck is forced to pull heavy sleighs away from his loving family. Can he survive in his new role and regain his trust in humans once more?

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Name Role
Seiji KIKUCHI Character Design
Kozo MORISHITA Director
Takeo WATANABE Music

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Main Characters

Buck image Buck


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Silver Fang

Silver Fang

Silver, from the moment he was born, was destined to be a hunting dog. Named for the silver stripe on his body, his fate is sealed when his father is killed by the ferocious bear Akakaboto -- to be the one who kills Akakaboto. From that moment on, he vows to grow up, to become a strong enough dog, to slay the bear who stole his father's life.

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I have to say both are good where Call of the Wild is the realistic one as like as a record of history itself. Silver Fang then again is great with a lot cool moves and a lot plot changes to keep you on your toes. Well, guess Silver Fang is pretty much same as any shounen anime, protagonist characters are just mainly animals.

 Now why you should watch this one? Because both can be considered classics that are made with great effort. The Call of the Wilds doesn't have anything as outstanding as Silver Fang but it doesn't have anything bad either. A realistic work with average plot is not half bad for a change.