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Call Me Tonight

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1.769 out of 5 from 315 votes
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Rumi Natsumi works as a call girl for Telephone Communication Madonna, but her newest client may be the strangest she's had to chat with; his name is Ryo Sugiura, and he has an unfortunate problem: when he gets turned on, he turns into a monster - literally! Rumi is determined to help Ryu get his condition under control; but when one of Rumi's classmates finds out about their situation, things turn dangerous, fast...


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Name Role
Kumiko TAKAHASHI Character Design
Tatsuya OKAMOTO Director
Norimasa YAMANAKA Music

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Title Author Score Date
Call Me Tonight dalmain 6.3/10 Aug 31, 2013
Call Me Tonight TheStampede01 6/10 Oct 5, 2012
Call Me Tonight Alistoru 0.1/10 Dec 4, 2010
List Title Username Entries Date
Anime With Fanservice RockGodItachi 157 Jun 10, 2013
Anime list JosG 528 Aug 17, 2010
Worst Anime Canal 93 Sep 19, 2009
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In present-day Japan, Toshihiko Momota is member of a secret warrior faction called the Kifuuken. The Kifuuken is dedicated to destroying Shokujinji - humans that turn into man-eating monsters when hunger takes them. However, to fate's chagrin, Momota meets and quickly falls for Yuka, a Shokujinji herself! Will their love be able to overcome Yuka's insatiable appetite for human flesh, or will the couple be destroyed by the bestial tendencies of humanity?

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A bizarre mix of dark humor, sexual themes and graphic monstrosity in both of these animes. The difference is Kemonozume is longer & superior in all aspects.

Level E

Level E

Yukitaka has just left Tokyo, eager to transfer to Kisaragi High where he's been recruited to play baseball. However, upon entering his new apartment, the boy is met by a man with long blonde hair who claims to be… an alien?! After initially scoffing at the notion, Yukitaka discovers that the alien – Ouji – is for real, has amnesia and, what's worse, now wants to live with him in his apartment. The fact that scientists and mysterious guys in black suits are after Ouji becomes the least of Yukitaka's problems as his new guest turns out to be more than a handful to handle!


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If aliens controling humans for a comedic effect but with a dark setting is your thing, check out Level E.

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